Place and Worship

Walk three steps behind the Mistress. Serve the tea. Kneel head down - hands in lap.
Be where you are expected to be, and do as the Goddess commands quietly -  and always with a smile!

It’s no longer about jasmine

This simple-minded sissy knows she must start by acknowledging she is required to set aside he.r controlling male ego and learn to listen ...

sissy becca starts he.r journey

This sissy has completed he.r first assignment regarding the Proper Correspondence Etiquette while both in and out of  The House ...

Embracing the Feminine Within: A Personal Journey towards Submission and Transcendence Begins

The shift towards becoming a diligent servant is a growing understanding, and this sissy is starting to feel a connection to Superiors' desires ...
Computer Etiquette

The Importance of Knowing One’s Role

Proper Correspondence Etiquette is a subtle yet incredibly effective tool in enforcing the sissy's role in the world and in relation to her Superiors ...
Flamingo Panties

sissy has a lot to learn

From what this sissy understands the expectation is that s.he is meant to present herself both live and online in a way that is respectful, kind, and feminine, while avoiding becoming self centered or irritated as those are qualities that ...
Dear Superiors

A Reflection on this sissy’s Transformation through Humility and Respect

As this sissy delved deeper into the guide, humility emerged as an underpinning value – it isn't merely a trait to acquire but a continuous practice, goal, and cornerstone of self-transformation ...
sophies ass

How a Sissy Communicates

Thank you from the bottom of this sissy’s heart for this chance to prove how submissive she is and improve how polite she can be! ...

Changing one’s mindset

She will always be vigilant and try her best to make sure that she adheres to all that is taught about being a sissy ...

Peace in Servitude

Nothing says that a sissy is ready and willing to do anything to make their Better happy than body language, and applying that body language at all times is key in reminding this sissy of her place ...
Computer Etiquette

A little sissy’s first report

All in all s.he has learned not just how s.he should communicate, but also he.r role in he.r new community and what is to be expected of he.r: subservience ...
Art of Self Humiliation

The art of self humiliation

"A performance is like a piece of music. It has dynamics, rhythm, and tempo." and just like music, a letter to a Superior would have its own properties ...

Humble Humanity

S.he will try her very best to obey her Superiors to the best of abilities and opportunities. This girl understands S.he needs to learn her place in this life, and embrace the opportunities given to her ...

The Zen of Servitude throughout the 5 senses

"Some live a life of service, while others live to enjoy the service of others." ...
that butt!

Proper Etiquette Makes A Proper Sissy

What Proper Correspondence Etiquette is trying to teach is how, even in our writings, us girls need to learn subservience and recognize Our Superiors are above us at all times - even when the masculine ego might try to tell ...

this girl’s Correspondence Etiquette

This girl just started training and has studied the House's Proper Correspondence Etiquette and promises that s.he will abide by it: s.he will always express humility, never yell, apply proper case showing respect to Superiors, s.he will be considerate ...
Obedient sissy

Obedient sissy

This sissy now understands that she is not equal to any woman and must put her needs first so as a constant reminder she has been wearing her panties at all time ...

The little things

sissy jenn made sure her Superior was well taken care of by anticipating what she needed and taking care of that need at times before She asked ...

Goals to achieve excellent etiquette

This girls wants her feminine side to take control and erase all the bad habits and general toxicity that being a fake man has brought out ...

Learning her place

This sissy is happy to learn a valuable lesson from the first assignment. s.he understands the importance of how proper correspondence etiquette can nurture thinking ...

Good Girls have Good Writing

Reading over the rules of correspondence etiquette made this girl very grateful for the effort her Superiors have put into her guidance and instruction ...
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This sissy is sooooooooooo glad to be in the community. she is learning so much and hopes to get much more training to be a better sissy slut, she loves to submit and please and talk with her sisters.

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