Place and Worship

Walk three steps behind the Mistress. Serve the tea. Kneel head down - hands in lap.
Be where you are expected to be, and do as the Goddess commands quietly -  and always with a smile!
Good sissy

A good sissy

Curtsy. Thank You Superiors for this assignment. This assignment had a lot of principals of a 1950’s housewife. Back in those days they had the right idea, just the wrong gender. Everyone know the Female is Superior and the male ...

How to treat your Superiors

The sissy should always come from a place of respect and always put their Superiors needs first and foremost. Speaking in the third person is always best when addressing as to help with showing the sissy who the Superior really ...
Computer Etiquette

This sissies 1st submission

This sissy enjoyed reading and implementing the proper etiquette tools for submission. This sissy has practiced some of the methods of obedience when it comes to this sissies Superior Being, Womyn. This sissy continues to rid h.erself of the abhorrent ...

Proper sissy Behavior and Etiquette

Proper correspondence etiquette for aspiring sissy's is both mandatory and essential within the House of Sissify. Through diligent repetition a mindset of humility is developed helping this sissy to become more useful, valuable, dedicated, kind and considerate of others. As ...

How a sissy should address her Superiors

The Assignment, “Proper Correspondence Etiquette” discusses the importance of humility in the mind of a sissy, and to help this sissy cultivate a humble and submissive mindset. The honorable Superiors emphasize that humility is not just a starting point, but ...

Sissy Learns Etiquette

This sissy learned that proper etiquette is a very important step in becoming more girly. Practicing humility teaches he.r to listen and learn from others instead of always trying to make everything about he.rself. Being disrespectful to others (especially he.r ...

A Proper Sissy Dialogue

This sissy's introduction to training was the Proper Correspondence Etiquette assignment. This assignment taught her how to write and behave properly and in a way that is satisfactory to her Superiors. These skills will be fundamental to this sissy's education ...

First Step, A Journey is Beginning

Learning about Correspondence Etiquette, thoughts now gravitate toward being more kind. A simple concept, but kindness is often absent. To begin my journey to be more kind, humility is a key. To seek the well-being of others, to set aside ...

kali’s etiquette training

This new sissy, kali, has learned about the importance of humility and understanding how kali needs to speak in order to have her voice heard. Proper communication is how kali can show her respect to her Superiors, other members of ...
Proper Correspondence Etiquette

altruism and humiliation

Dear Madam/Mistress, Ammy has aligned with proper ethical background of the House and hereby is sending her thoughts and report. S.he has been very dominant and egoistic yucky male minded before which s.he gave it up now. S.he is now ...

Proper Correspondence Etiquette Submission

Through this Assignment she has learned that humility can bring patience and obedience to her Misstress as she will not be humiliated when her Misstress gives her a task, she has learned that yelling will get her no where and ...
Serve your Superior!

Ready to serve

blondesophie is ready to learn from the best of the best Superiors in the House of Sissify. s.he will always be respectful, eager and willing to serve and take whatever punishments and rewards that her Superiors wish to impose. blondesophie ...

servitude will empower you with a positive attitude

Serving my Mistress is its own reward.There is no better feeling of happiness knowing my Mistress is satisfied we my services.This sissy is blessed to have a Mistress who is slowly training her pet.Every session this sissy has to incorporate ...

True servitude comes from within – appearance is window dressing

(curtsey) Although phoenix has only been a member for a few days, phoenix wishes to submit an initial assignment. phoenix has much to learn and does this with great humility and a degree of trepidation. phoenix is prepared to accept ...
How to be Proper

How to be Proper

This sissy was very excited to start her journey here by learning about etiquette. This sissy learned a lot in this assignment and will do her best to please her Mistress’ or Master’s. This sissy will never send an unsolicited ...
Computer Etiquette

katie’s Etiquette

This slut will need time and practice to speak and write in a more peaceful and submissive manner and this slut is hoping the Mistresses will be patient and help guide her toward alignment with the proper conduct ...
slut collar

Don’t you get it?

Practice will make perfect. Try harder, do better and don’t you get it yet? Just say yes ...
A sissy serves her Superior

She is on her way

Every day and night this girl is listening inside her inner self and will start to do things better, for example cleaning the house or become a better cook for her Superior ...

Ask not what Mistress can do for a sissy, ask what a sissy can do for Mistress

taliah is completely submitted to Women. her only purpose in life is to serve Them and s.he will never contradict Them. This sissy lives to serve Women and simplify Their lives ...
Proper etiquette shows respect

Proper etiquette shows respect

sissy has learned to show respect and her place by using the correct etiquette while talking and writing. sissy will not yell and only use the right case when addressing Superiors. sissy will only address herself as sissy when talking ...
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