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jennifer-14 | 04.25.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Beauty Secrets

Dear Mistresses,

This sissy has had many fears about submitting photos, but Ms. Stewart has convinced me there is nothing to worry about, this sissy believes her and is moving forward in her submission and with her submission. this sissy is not experienced in makeup, but it is practicing. as a sissy we cannot be expected to be as good as real women in makeup application. any feed back will be appreciated. this is what this sissy has attempted, it started with shaving twice once in the direction of the hairs and the second against the growth. what this sissy noticed was how smooth it’s face felt, moisture was then applied to its face. this sissy has gone to many sites to look at video’s, so highlights were used at the forehead, under eyes, bridge of nose, under nose and chin, a darker shade was used around the perimeters of the face and jaw line. blending this in with a sponge evens out the two color. what this sissy has noticed is there is a clean pallet to work with. OMG, this is no easy task, this sissy has so much admiration for real women in being artists with their faces. this sissy applies blusher to the applies of its cheeks. Eyeliner is a mess, use a liquid maybe this sissy should use a pencil, who knows this is one big experiment just don’t want to look like Mimmie on the Drew Cary show. Lip liner and lipstick. well this sissy is done, hope I look good

A pretty Face


  1. lovely description. sister agree watching YouTube is a great place to become more and more well educated. but, sissy also agrees practice, practice, practice. another thing to look at is makeup removal. there are commercial cosmetics and there are “generic” alternatives. great to read up on!

  2. The hardest thing about foundation is finding your correct skin tone – and you did wonderful honey! Some concealer first, in a bit lighter shade than your foundation is a wonderful cover up. Eyeliner pencils are easier to “smudge” – which is a typical look for 2016, but many Ladies are going “retro” and using the liquid eyeliner that was popular in the 50s and 60’s. Just realize it’s a harsher look, and a bit harder to get “just right”. For eye shape, a bit more eyeliner on the outside of the eyes vs. the inner can open them up real wide (which is a fun look!) I know it’s scary, but you did great honey – and I think the next thing is plucking those eyebrows! (I know, I know… but it makes all the difference in the world!) Great job jennifer! 5 princess points for you!

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