evahouchin | 08.09.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

This have been under service to Superior Women almost constantly since January 2012.

This sissy’s duties were mainly domestic and s.he has developed a very submissive and obedient nature. Currently, this sissy’s Mistress demands service for between 3 and 5 hours per week being a complete cleaning of her home. This sissy believe that s.he has learned to follow instructions very well.

This sissy accepts punishment with a meek and mild demeanour even when one one occasion Mistress drew blood with her sharp nails.

This sissy wear panties every day under he.r male clothes and dress in female attire whenever possible. When shopping on weekends this sissy also wears a bra under he.r male clothes.

This sissy swims almost daily at a local beach during summer. S.he always wears women’s bikini bottoms and finds them extremely comfortable. This sissy will often add a women’s rashi, suitably flowery. On occasions this sissy will wear a women’s one piece suit but adds a rashi so as not to look too conspicuous.

This sissy buys womens magazines – fashion and health and fitness. S.he is currently working on building a bigger bum through exercise. This sissy always exercises in female sports gear.

Sissy always shows proper respect to females and consider that s.he has more female friends than male. Always remaining in the friend zone.

This sissy’s close female colleague is being mentored to take over he.r role and this sissy is gradually easing into the assistant role. This sissy already runs out to buy her coffee. (A male colleague has joking referred to me as her”bitch. Little does he know!!)
Whenever permitted this sissy seeks out female company to observe and hopefully emulate he.r Superiors



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