ellie is smooth
cornhawk | 06.21.2019 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

ellie has now gone about to shave her legs. ellie has not done this in a long time so she grabs some bath oils with a girlish perfume. she gets some classical music going with candles so she can sit I the bath and she can let herself soak. ellie sits in the bath soaking thinking bout her clitty how nice it is. she almost goes to rub it but remember it’s not her special day. she has aimed for about 10 min now so she gets out her razor with a nice perfume shaving cream and starts to shave. One strip down and she feels the smoothness of the spot and feel excited. she then starts to hurry to get the smoothness and surprisingly she doesn’t cut herself. With both legs shaved smooth she starts rubbing lotion into them. ellie now feels silky smooth and ready for her purple panties.


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