princess ari
sissyari | 05.02.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence


Dear Superior Staff,

This sissy has been shaving for many years now and still finds it very feminizing shaving keeps this constantly in the mindset that s.he is not the man that most assume. S.he feels that s.he has learned that shaving till this sissy is Soft and silky are essential to being a sissy and Superiors don’t want to see a nasty hairy boi, They want a silky smooth little sissy girl. After all wearing lacey silky lingerie is the reason to shave! As are all things in a sissies mind, never forget, everything sissy does is for the benefit of he.r Superior.

This sissy learned that shaving makes a gurl feel so feminine and girly and would continuously keep feeling he.r girly self for days, by rubbing he.r skin against itself, until he hair starts growing back.

There are so many pleasures a sissy is allowed but the greatest is drawing a bath with lavender and vanilla oils and shaving till smooth. This feeling is very important for a sissy, and this sissy realizes this now after testing this detailed assignment there is so much importance of sissy shaving! Plus Shaved legs feels just ever so wonderful, especially with Stockings and Pantyhose.

Thank you sure superiors for allowing this sissy complete this assignment for you Superiors.

-princess ari


  1. Dear princess ari, Curtsies to Madame Stewart and the House Superiors for your training and discussion of shaving etiquette. this sissy read and learned. sisterly thank you for your assignment and for the idea of the lavender and vanilla oils. The shoes are adorable, especially at the end of your silky and cute legs.

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