andreas special day
andrea65 | 04.25.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

This sissy started her special masturbation day ritual with a nice bubble bath. She systematically shaved her legs and rest of body hair(although not much there to start with). She then proceeded to get dressed in her white thigh highs,panties,and bra,topped off with her 6 inch white high heels. Sissy then retrieved her dildo so she could suck on it while masturbating to keep her focus on the fact she is a sissy and just masturbating to empty her cum load. Then this sissy got on the bed,as this would be where sissy need to be to perform her sissy duties to a real man and proceede to lie on her back in preparation for her cum draining assignment. Then this sissy began stroking her sissy clit with just thumb and fore finger as recommended,after her sissy clit became hard whe increased the pace of stroking,squeezing on down stroke to enhance movement and stimulation of the sissyclit.

This sissy didnt really last too long before she spilled her sissy cum load into a small cup. After that came the most important part of the ritual,consuming her fluids. This sissy accomplished this by depositing some of the cum on the head of the dildo and licked and sucked it off. This accomplished a couple of objectives, primarily sissy consumed all of her cum after several application to dildo, secondly it helped put this sissy back into mindset that she was a sissy first and foremost by sucking and licking the dildo and also helped to practice technique of pleasing a real cock.

By the end of the process this sissy was glowing with accomplishment and totally in mindset of a cocksucking sissy slut. It can only get more intense and better as this sissy progresses into intermediate masturbation, this sissy is so excited to move to that stage of training.


  1. Excellent! I think your technique of acquiring the taste of jism is an excellent start, perfect for elementary. It’s time to move to intermediate honey – and fully acquire the taste for a Real Man. I look forward to your next report.

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