jennibel | 11.23.2018 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

This sissy has been using nail polish for quite some years, but found he.r efforts were quickly tarnished by chipped polish that looked terrible. Thanks to the House’s exacting methods, practiced dilligently over several weeks, jennibel’s nails can now look pretty for at least a week (and then s.he simply must try on a new colour!)

This sissy learned that haste was he.r enemy, and conscientious application of the House’s process yielded wonderful results, and regular practice quickly resulted in he.r spending much less time each week on he.r nails. Cleaning he.r nails thoroughly and using a base coat provides a lasting foundation for he.r polish to adhere to. By trimming and shaping he.r nails before application s.he not only kept he.r nails looking tidy, but avoided catching any sharp edges on things causing nail damage.

jennibel also learned that two thin coats of polish, with proper drying time given yields much better results than trying to rush with a thicker single coat; a single thick coat not only looks less finished, but is much easier to damage – and once damaged the damage spreads much more catastrophically!

Additionally this sissy seldom put the effort into applying a top coat, but s.he has learned that a top coat, with occasional reapplications gives both longer life and addiitonal shine.

jennibel nail goodiesIt seemed a little excessive to jennibel to get a whole nail kit to keep he.r nails looking pretty but once s.he bought one s.he felt compelled to use it and the result speak for themselves. Now she enjoys how feminine she feels in a pretty dress, pushing back he.r cuticles and using he.r glass nail file before selecting and applying a new colour.

This sissy may not be perfect with he.r nails just yet, but s.he decided it was time to write this report when a colleague at work pulled he.r to one side and asked he.r for tips on doing Her nails. This sissy was modest at first, surely She was just humouring poor jennibel. But when She showed jennibel Her nails jennibel realized s.he might be able to help. jennibel went for a coffee with the Superior and had a very girlish talk about nail polish routines!



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