a pretty face
missiemonarch | 05.30.2019 | Reports - Beauty Secrets


sissy has recently returned to the site after hardships this year, and wanted to get right to work on assignments!

The first one sissy wanted to work on was the makeup assignment, because s.he has always enjoyed having a pretty face.

sissy went to Sephora at the local mall and got help from the assistant picking out the colors and shades that are best for her. The Assistant was very nice and accommodating!

pretty faceAfter getting home, sissy worked with her Mistress to pick out the best color schemes, and used your tips step by step to create the “sexy” dark look with the blue lipstick and dark eyeliner! The next day is when sissy worked together with her to create the pink look.

Sissy’s favorite thing about makeup is the many different achievable looks! It’s always fun to experiment for different days and different moods. Mistress told sissy to keep up with her makeup whenever possible, so sissy will!

Thank you for running such a good site,


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