tucked in panties
michelle-w | 06.16.2019 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

This report describes sissy michelle’s Assignment Report on Tucking. sissy michelle is very much aware that tucking is an important part of her transformation into an acceptable sissy girl. the male organ, hereafter referred to as her sissy clitty, is very unsightly because it breaks the beautiful smoothness of the female or sissy groin. sissy michelle very much wants to pass as female when she goes out in public dressed. so, the appearance of her sissy clitty bulging out and wreaking the attractive lines of her pretty dress or outfit could attract unwanted, un-requested attention when she does goes out in public. in short, her sissy clitty is a nuisance and an embarrassment to sissy michelle! so, she must contain and reduce its size!

Towards containment and reduction of the appearance of her sissy clitty, sissy michelle purchased a skin colored gaff. before she puts the gaff on she first inserts a plug into her anal hole. she then puts on the gaff, which is very tight, and then reaches behind herself grasping and strongly pulling her sissy clitty back towards her buttocks. at the same time, she pushes her testes, known hereafter as her sissy ovaries, back into their original pre-birth positions within her lower anatomy. she check around the parameter of the gaff to ensure their is no leakage of skin or the sissy ovaries. if done properly, all is held firmly in the the confinement of the gaff. lastly, sissy michelle puts on a pair of pretty panties. the combination of plug, tucked, and pantied is a wonderful reminder to michelle that she is a sissy.

sissy michelle is very pleased with the female/sissy smoothness of her groin. she also finds the lack of bulge between her thighs to be very airy and comfortable, and that it helps her keep her thighs and legs closer together when she practices her female/sissy walk.

michelle hopes the Madame and Mistresses of the House are pleased with her efforts and her report.

Respectfully submitted



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