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Worshipping Mistress’ Feet

jsmithcici | 07.20.2017 | Uncategorized

Nothing makes this sissy happier than to sit at Mistress’ feet and worship Her feet. Recently Mistress has been expecting sissy to massage Her feet using a nice lotion. sissy loves to take off Her shoes and Her socks and just kiss and lick Her feet. Mistress allows sissy to do this for quite a time and sissy thinks She is enjoying it. sissy not only massages Her feet but also Her calves. Mistress is getting to where She expects this every day. Typically sissy is sitting at Her feet while She watches t.v. Mistress will move Her feet and direct sissy where to rub. It was interesting in reading about foot worship in this assignment that many of the things it said to do sissy was already doing. sissy was already licking between each of Her toes. sissy was already using sissy’s knuckles to massage the bottom of Her feet.

Mistress is out of town for a few days. sissy has shopped for pedicure supplies today. sissy has acquired something that Mistress can soak Her feet in while it moves the water like a spa to relax Her feet. sissy has also bought the supplies that will allow sissy to trim Her nails, tend to Her cuticles, and remove dead skin. sissy also bought a variety of nail polish, both the base and the final, and have them organized in Mistress’ bedroom to make it easier for Her to choose Her favorite for that day.

sissy told Mistress what she had done and Mistress was pleased. Mistress comes home Monday night and she said that sissy is expected to become Her pedicure pansy the minute She arrives.

sissy loves all the Assignments of the House. These assignments are helping sissy to become a better servant to Mistress. Mistress recently commented that She was finding fewer reasons to scold and correct sissy. sissy owes all this to the Superiors and sisters of The House.

Finally, Mistress told sissy that if sissy got good enough at giving pedicures and manicures that She might have me working weekends at a nail salon.




  1. Madame Stewart

    That you Mistress was finding less and less reasons to scold you – and She’s ready to put you to work as a ManiPedi expert – well, We can’t ask for much more than that sweetie. Excellent report honey.

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