princess philippa

princess philippa

princess philippa

Madame Stewart's princess pet!

Princess philippa has become a gorgeous & radiant collared sissy, and recently swore her devotion to her dominant Mistress. Doesn't she look divine in red and pink for Valentines? So much so you would never know her road to femininity was a little bumpy.
Her poor Superior initially struggled to get our Princess to discard her ugly male urges and devote herself full-time to becoming a sissy. Now she is broken in and accepts her sissy role with the pleasure it deserves; but why am I telling you this? When you can see all this from the glint of satisfaction in her eye. Well done Princess philippa - You rightly deserve the crown and are a fitting example to our other girls in the House.

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This sissy just wanted You to know that although s.he has never been involved in an educational experience so personal, this is exactly what s.he needs. You and your Staff must be geniuses. When s.he stumbled into the Sissify site… Read more “robyn”

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