Congratulations princesses!

Your kind and benevolent Staff has reviewed you submission(s) to the House, and after careful and exhaustive examination of your photos, attitude and submission - we have found you worthy of Our highest honor!

Nothing to take lightly, becoming a House princess requires that extra effort, that extra bit of girlish behaviour to strike Our eye. It’s an important responsibility as well, for you now represent the House, and set an example to all the new girls that need that “sissified sister” they will find in you.

Do you have what it takes to become a Princess on Parade? Tell Us about your the princess points you have gathered, the assignments you have mastered, and show Us how sexy you are!

princess kittycupcakes
princess kittycupcakes
Princess kitty represents the fun loving sissy We would hope to send to Superiors around the world! ...
princess alexandra
princess alexandra
Seeing alexandra become a princess has been like watching the chrysalis from which the most beautiful butterfly emerges ...
Princess on Parade
princess evaline
Playful! Sassy! Princess evaline pops into Spring with a girlish bounce every Sissify girl should have! Such enthusiasm! We feel ...
princess ari
princess ari
ari has been a sissy for almost ever! she started at the young age of 8 with pantyhose and those ...
princess chrissy
princess chrissy
Princess chrissy has not only been doing her Assignments with great success, but she has dedicated her service to her ...
princess kaori
princess kaori
Our very own lolita princess sissy! ...
princess jenni
Like a fine wine - the training and attention to detail makes it even better not only for her, but ...
princess philippa
princess philippa
Madame Stewart's Special Princess! Princess philippa has become a gorgeous & radiant collared sissy, and recently swore her devotion to ...
Princess on Parade!
princess rachelle
How does a sissy properly serve? With all her thoughts. With all her actions. With all her intent ...
princess jonna
princess jonna
Meeting her Mistress and dedicating her life to serving Her has made jonna the Princess she is today ...
Princess Queerina
Princess queerina
There is nothing in life that pathetic queerina loves more than dressing up in ridiculous OTT drag sissy outfits and ...
Ready to start your training?

Submit your application today!



Once again I would like to deeply thank all the Staff of Sissify for just being there for me and others like me. As I am more or less confined to my house (physical problems), and this service is one of… Read more “justina”

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