princess alexandra

princess alexandra

Sissies may come for the training, but they stay for the community. princess alexandra is one of the reasons why, as she is a treasure to the girls at the House.

Glamour. It's such an important part of being girly, and alexandra has embraced the wonderful world of femininity like no other. We are so proud of her transformation! With each step in her training, her expression, her social support and her outings -  it's been like watching the chrysalis from which the most beautiful butterfly emerges. She's beautiful! Loving! Feminine. You must see.
"This sissy has always been feminine and nurturing of all of her Superiors and sisters.  she has always enjoyed the sensuous feeling of soft feminine clothing, the feel of long hair on her back, the jangle of jewelry on her hands and around her neck, the vision of her painted fingernails and the pleasure of being fully made up.   This girl remains, however, most humble and fully aware that she knows next to nothing about how to properly serve her Superiors and all Women.  she is most grateful for the guidance of the House and the support of all of her sisters.  she will gladly offer support, advice and love to any of her sisters that might turn to this humble sissy for her help."
princess alexandra

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Thank You, House, for being there so that us closet “sissies” have an avenue to express ourselves. This service is invaluable to us sissies so that we may express our sexuality.

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