princess chrissy

princess chrissy

princess chrissy
Princesses are coronated for many reasons - but Our favorite is when We watch them blossom by their training and participation here at the House.

Princess chrissy has not only been doing her Assignments with great success, but chrissy has dedicated her service to her Superior which has brought great fortune in her life. She is accepted and nurtured by her family and that warms Our hearts to no end!

Bringing girls into their best is what We are here for, and chrissy represents exactly that. We're so proud of her!

chrissy was shocked, surprised, humbled and honored when Madame Stewart hinted that this sissy might make a good princess for The House! What a wonderful honor. This sissy has had a long journey of feminization, many many years of hiding in secret and being embarrassed and at times ashamed. However, sissy found such a wonderful, supportive community in The House that has helped her blossom and flourish. Thanks to Madame Stewart and all the Superiors of The House for the training assignments, guidance, education, accountability, and encouragement! And thanks to all chrissy's sisters for the community, support, love, and encouragement! And special thanks to sissy's Superior SO and Sister for accepting her, supporting her, and helping her achieve new levels of girlishness. chrissy only hopes she can live up to the honor of being selected as one of the House of Sissify's 2021 princesses. Love You/you all so so much! Can't wait to see where this journey continues and to give back to The House and sissy's sisters. Mwuah!
princess chrissy

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sissy maureen

The House of Sissify is the best site that this sissy has found. she has spent hours in it just reading and learning. This sissy humbly thanks all the Sissify Staff

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