princess kittycupcakes

princess kittycupcakes

princess kittycupcakes
Princess kittycupcakes has been summed up with one word by many at the House. Cuddly. Yes! she is not only sexy, fun, sissified and demure - she has been voted most cuddly sissy by her sisters and Superiors! Just look for yourself!

Princess kittycupcakes has been with the House for just a few years - but look at all those badges this girl has earned! Not only a sissified cutie, she works hard on her girlish Training. Helpful, sweet and so good to her sisters and Superiors, she helps the House at every opportunity. Assisting the Staff with new features, offering raffles and give aways for girly goodies, making cute videos and always offering an open hug for the new girls.

To say We're proud of kittycupcakes, is to understate Our love for her. Princess kitty represents the fun loving sissy We would hope to send to Superiors around the world!


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sissy krystal

I’m a newbie, but have observed for a while.Came here to gain the confidence to live full time as a sissy and talking to the girls and exploring the site have already given me a steroid sized boost. I’m going… Read more “sissy krystal”

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