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Are you ready for some serious self-reflection? Your House brings you the sissy quiz to examine your personality, proficiency, and progress.

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What kind of sissy are you?

spreader-squareEver wondered if you’re a sissymaid or a pantyslut? Or perhaps even a sissyslave? The House can find out so much about our girls, by just a few questions! If you’ve ever wondered what features of the House might apply to you? Take this quiz!

What’s your panty personality?

panty personalityDid you know a girls choice in panties reflects the deepest aspects of her personality? The panties you choose tell so much about who you are. Take this quiz to find out what type of panties will best express your girlishness!

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  1. Becky Adams

    Today I started my second visit from Aunt Flo…PMS started Sunday and lasted to today when a Fleet suppository triggered the spotting. Nipple clips every time I have to pee keeps the pressure and pain levels at the required sensitivity level…the lack of caffine during PMS coupled with lots of cheese made the Fleet essential…now three days and nights of pads are ahead. Wish me luck….I cannot ovulate until 14 days after Aunt Flo’s arrival which means I have to wait to either the 23rd or the 26th to get relief

  2. graham

    well to-day my my lady friend ask if i would help her friend at her dress store i said yes i can not sew that are right she just want you to wear them while she make a dress i went to her store there were all kind of dresses panties and bras she said hello you here to help i said yes miss what would you like me to do well first take your clothes off down to your panties and bra i did as told then she walk over look at me i see this going to be fun then she walk behind me undid my bra and put a leather bra on me then i heard it lock on there that better the only way it come off if i unlock it i ask why she lock it on its a bra that make your breasts grow and shape out then the panties were ripe off and the same kind was put on and lock then a dress you will wear this for to-day and every day i put new one on you till you leave here in five month well after five month i look more girly then a male my miss came and toke one look at me well she look lovey i just love the way her breasts are and ass just then she unlock my dress and bra my miss just look at my tits and said she has lovey tits that any women or man would love to have to suck just then i walk over to her and put my hand on her head and move it to my tit she open her mouth and suck my tit yes miss i am your slave girl and my body belong to you please miss make me your slave bitch

  3. graham

    now that i am Diana sissy wife she hire me out to her friend Bittey here you go girl you have my bitch for a week here her butt plug keep it in her ass and she be will do anything you want now here her dress this will show off her lovey pussy ass and this blouse and push up bra you want to see her tits while she clean house well after a week with her i had my ear pierce and a tatto that read i am a sissy wife slave

  4. graham

    to-day DAINA put me in a red corsets and thight it up there you wear that for a while it will help you look more like a women now and soon you have lovey big tits just then she bend me over and shove a butt plug in there we got to keep take pussy ass ready for my strap-on dido well five month went by and i have tits and i love them i even had a man said you have great tits i would love to suck them i told him you would i walk over to him and open my blouse and he told me very nice he put his hand on them and play with my nipples as he was playing i reach out and touch his cock do you want to suck my cock yes sir i do i undone his pants and pull out his cock and i suck him off then he left i went home and told my master she said i know what you did and i am proud of my sissy girl now come and suck my cock becuse you need to know how to pleasea man i said yes master

  5. graham

    well now i become a sissy maid to my wife friends male and female like to-day i had to clean house for two female when i got there i was put in a push up black bra and g string panties they told me we like to look at are maid tits and ass while they work just then they put a collar on my neck with a leash now on my knees and washing the floor then i felt a hand on my ass look dina what a lovey ass are bitch has yes what it be like to take that ass and shove a dido up there well why dont we found out just then my panties was ripe off and some cream put on my ass then dina shove her dido cock up my ass what a thight ass she got soon i was backing up to her and beg her to knot to stop i wont bitch you get use to this and beg for it she was right i beg her to give me her cock after they were done i saw told you be back soon now after three month i become they full time bitch

  6. douglas t. gugel aka tinypp sissy aka sissy lynn starr

    I am the most sissiest lil weakling pansy cuckold crybaby adult baby gurl ever ! I wear adult baby gurl dresses , panties & diapers & diaper cover & full adult baby gurl outfits 24/7 !!!! I’ve been forced to by my stepmother & all women I’ve known my whole life in diapers , panties & adult baby gurl outfits ! I’ve also been teased my whole life for being such a totall lil weakling sissy crybaby wimp but mostly for having the tiniest lil pnkyfinger 2inch mini microboner & tiny lil mini testes ! I’m less than 1inch when limp & Ihave real breasts & a big fat round plump womans shaped big huge butt , hips & thighs !!! I’ve been beat up by women & men & just about everyone because Icannot fight because I’m a wimp & a totall crybaby weakling ! I’m so scared of real men Iwet & mess in my panties & diapers whenever real men are near me Iget so scared & frightened & cry ! Thank you , sincerely , douglas t. Gugel aka tinypp sissy aka sissy lynn starr 206 941-0005 or, tinyppsissy@rocketmail.com

  7. Kristi

    Dear House Mistresses: i really enjoyed the Sissy Quiz. i have on my pretty pink panties. i am getting ready to put on my black short nightie with red and pink poke dots. i am a little under the weather and tired because i just took some cold medicine. Soon it will be time for me to get under my covers and just lie there by myself a girl. Then i will be back at things tomorrow training to become an even better sissy. Some time in the near future i have to get ready for a visit from aunt flow. i am 55 and never had my first period yet. It sounds exciting but i am not so sure how i will like it. Good night to you all.

  8. graham

    well its been three years now that i become a sissy wife i now have 44c breasts and i have two masters my wife has a boy friend and one day he came over when my wife was out i ask him in the house he told me that i look lovey in that maid i bow and thank him my blouse was open a bit and he saw my red bra and he smile ask him if he want a coffee he said yes i want and got him his coffee as i put the coffee down and my blouse came open he put his hands up to hold me that i wouldnt fall but his hand now was on my breasts i did not move he play with them he ask me how about taking your bra off i said yes sir i reach around unhook my bra you have lovey tits just then my wife came in what have we here he told her she was going to fall and i just help her up when her blouse came open and i told he if i could help her do it up but i got carry away and remove her bra that when you came in do you like what you see yes you know she my wife your wife and she love to have it that way now i got to change why dont you have some fun with her and when i get back she better be down to he panties well he had me just with panties when my master came down only in a house coat she walk over to me and told mw on my kness i know what that mean i open her house coat and put her rubber cock in my mouth she said look dear see how my sissy wife suck i bet you would like your cock suck to why yes just then he pull out his cock and my master told him to take my panties off and shove that cock in my pussy ass he just did that what a tight ass she has now i was sucking one cock and had another in me well he let out a yell what the hell she has a cock too yes you see dear this was my my room mate i cuaght him wearing my panties and i made him my sissy wife and to-day his was the first time a man had her now you can go or stay you mean if i stay she do as i ask yes she will be are bitch then i will stay good but there one rule when you at home you must wear panties well after a year not was he in panties but a bra and dress now she has two sissy girl bithes

  9. sissy bun

    yes i knew i was a sissy when i first brought a pair of panties the sale lady ask if they were for my girl i told her no they for me well she said you come with me she toke to the back of the store and told me to get my pants off i did as told then she had me a red thong panties i put them on then a red bra she toke some pitures and told me in need help in the store and you will be my helper then she went out and came back with a low cut dress and i put it on and she zip it up i work all day as a girl i even heard other lady ask her who the petty girl she told them that i was her male sissy girl they said a man in women clothes no she told could you tell if she was not a girl no were couldnt then she not a man dress in drag i am going to make her a sissy bitch well after five long month i got breasts 44c cups and i now i become her sissy bitch to her and her friends

  10. katie Lynn mitchell

    I am a tg male and I have allways worn nothing next to my skin but silk and lace.its empowering and totally liberateing.i to would like to meet a mistress that could refine and totally transform me into the sissy/gurlie goddess I know I can be.im single and have no demands on me at all soooo im ready.

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