It was a dark and stormy night…

Dark and Stormy

i poured myself a cup of coffee, wishing i had a cigarette to go with it, and read the message over and over. Did i have a choice? Probably. But this was the fantasy i’d been dreaming of for a very long time. i decided to go with it. i ate an English muffin and started a warm bubble bath.

i picked up a barrette from the vanity and as i put my hair up i noticed two shiny balls attached to my ear lobes. She had pierced my ears! i stared at the mirror in disbelief. How was i going to explain that? But somehow my fears evaporated as quickly as i realized them. They were pretty, and i liked the way they made me feel – feminine, soft, warm all over…i’d worry about it later, now it was time to start getting ready.

Soaking in the fragrant bubble bath was pure heaven. i thought i’d never felt so worry-free and comfortable. Not only physically, but mentally – everything seemed perfect – and instead of analyzing it and looking for problems, (my usual way), i just flowed with it. i felt perfectly at peace. As i soaked and shaved and washed my hair i couldn’t shake the feeling of belonging – of somehow fulfilling a destiny.

i toweled off, found a short satin dressing gown and began to lotion up. i couldn’t believe the pleasure i received from this simple act. It was as if my body was glowing – shooting sparks and beams of femininity. i picked out a smooth, pink, under-wired bra with a cute little bow on the front, and a matching spandex thong, carefully tucking myself in the process. As i rolled the sheer thigh-highs up my soft, smooth legs i thought i was about to cry. It felt too good! i was much too content. But once again the feelings of doubt passed quickly.

i applied my make-up as best i could, i had had some previous practice, and picked out a short lacy pink dress that showed off what little cleavage i had. The outline of my bra and panties were just visible beneath it’s soft caress. When i tied the ribbon in the back it looked as if i had a waistline. As i rummaged around in the closet for shoes i found a shoulder-length auburn wig, styled softly off to one side. The addition of a pair of 4″ pink pumps completed the new me.

i picked out some matching nail polish and a nail file and sat in front of the laptop. my nails were pretty rough, but in no time i was ready for polish. As i waited for my right hand to dry, i pushed “Enter”. The words broke apart and began to re-assemble again.

“The time is 2:30 pm Hi stephanie! I hope you’re feeling fine about now. you’re expected to be downstairs at 5 pm promptly. Until then you are welcome to follow the links at the bottom of the screen or watch some TV. If you would like to rest, there is an alarm set to go off about 4:30 to give you time to primp before coming downstairs. Enjoy the afternoon, my sweet sissy stephanie – we have much to do tonight…. Ms Kyssi.”

i poured myself another coffee, finished my nails, and sat on the edge of the bed. The remote for the TV was conveniently left on the nightstand. With a push of a button it came to life. A movie was already in progress, and i settled in to watch.

The camera zoomed onto a pair of handcuffs, attached to the wall with a pair of pretty red-nailed hands held fast to them. As it panned back i could tell that the grrl was naked except for a collar, and her lovely breasts swayed ever so slightly. her nipples were hard and excited. As it pulled back even more, i noticed a rope attached to the floor on one end, and fastened to a harness with a cock and a pair of balls at the other. Seconds later a masked woman, dressed in black PVC entered the room. She grabbed the grrl’s breasts roughly in a gloved hand and produced a paddle from a belt that She wore.

“You must show more respect when I have company you little slut” and with that She began methodically paddling Her captive. The grrl counted each stroke a-loud and thanked her Mistress for each stroke. Tears were streaming down her face before the Mistress let up. As She left, the Mistress said “you can hang there for a while, you little whore, until I decide what additional punishment you will require.” The camera zoomed in on her tear- streaked face and followed her body down to a pair of fire-red buns, and pulled back.

“That’s enough of that!” i said out loud, and switched the TV off. “i wouldn’t want to end up like that…” Curious, i went back to the computer and clicked one of the links. “Inside” popped immediately on the screen with the familiar “high-heel” logo that i’d seen before. In the password box was my log-in name, and a “saved” password. i hit “Enter”.

“How could She know about this?” i thought to myself as i navigated the familiar page. i clicked on “Talk-to-me”. A pop-up note appeared on the screen stating that i may watch the room, but that Ms Kyssi had temporarily removed my chatting privileges. i clicked okay, and looked at the chat screen. A couple of the girls were discussing some new purchases and a planned trip. i clicked “Home”. i was getting tired; the thought of lying down for a few minutes was overpowering. i made my way to the bed and was sleeping before my head landed on the pillow.

“Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!” The not-so-gentle voice of the alarm woke me with a start. i got up, shut it off, and went to the vanity. Not too much damage, thank god. i freshened my make-up, combed my wig and smiled at my image in the mirror. “i’m a pretty sissy” just kept running through my head.

At two minutes to five, i heard a metallic click from the door. i tentatively tried the knob; it was open. Peeking out into the hall, i noticed lights and a staircase, behind me was darkness. Floating down the carpeted stairs seemed more than natural to me, and as i reached the bottom i heard heavy breathing and moaning. i turned the corner to see Ms Kyssi lying on the couch with a man pumping away at Her with his rock-hard cock. i turned quickly attempting to make a hasty retreat back up the stairs.

“Hi stephanie, right on time. i want you to watch this, dear. Come closer.” i did as i was told and as i neared the couch it was evident that they were both about to explode. Amidst flush faces, screaming and grunting, they both reached powerful orgasms. i timidly stood next to them with my hands folded in front of me.

“On you knees, stephanie, like a good little sissy.” Ms Kyssi commanded. i did so with no hesitation. My face was within inches of their sex, and i’m quite sure i didn’t need the blush that i was wearing. He slowly pulled out of Her, still hard and covered with slick juices. “Well, what are you waiting for stephanie, clean him up!”

i brought my face next to his manhood, looked up at him as if he were a god, and began licking and gently sucking on him. Swallowing whatever sweet love nectar i could. “stephanie, i want you to meet billi, he is My slut and you belong to him as well as Me.” When he was cleansed, i looked up and asked “Would You like me to continue, billi?”

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sissy jimmie gave a testimonial well over a year ago about how wonderful The House is. It has become so much more that the refuge sissy called it. The House has become a home for sissy. sissy loves making new… Read more “princess jimmie”

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