It was a dark and stormy night…

Dark and Stormy

“No, stephanie, i’ve had enough for now.” “Thank You, billi.” “Now you may clean Me as well, dear,” Ms Kyssi said. “Thank You, Mistress.” i began slowly licking first around Her sacred sex, and gently circling nearer. There seemed to be an endless supply of love juices coming from Her, and i savored every drop. i ran my tongue slowly from the top of Her anus to Her womanly clit, stopping to relish the sweet musk. Her breath quickened, She grabbed me by the back of my neck and pushed my face harder into Her wet sex. Then She was bucking and screaming. i kept my neck and shoulders loose and rode with Her until She pushed me away.

“That was wonderful, stephanie. i guess that membership at the House has taught you a thing or two. We will be having dinner in the dining room and you will be serving. Dinner is on the stove and in the oven. Set two place settings, dear.” “Yes, Ms Kyssi, ” i replied without even thinking, and i started toward the kitchen. “…and stephanie….?” “Yes, Ms Kyssi?” “Clean yourself up and fix your make-up first…” “Yes Ma’am”.

The lacy apron that was hanging in the kitchen looked adorable over my pink dress. i served Them london broil with baked potato, mixed vegetables and red wine. The house smelled delicious, you could almost taste the juicy london broil and the buttery potatoes. Of course, i was not allowed to join Them.

“stephanie, we will take our coffee in the living room”, Mistress said as She was finishing. “Coffee, Mistress?” i asked coyly. “you did remember to make coffee, didn’t you stephanie?” Ms Kyssi asked rather harshly. Turning, She said, “she has to learn, billi. “There’s only one thing she’ll understand, but it’s her first night, Mistress…”

“No, billi. We can’t start spoiling her already. stephaine! Come here now!” “Yes, Mistress, i’ll brew some…” She held up a finger to Her mouth, and motioned me toward the table. As billi stood, i felt my knees getting weak. “Bend over the table, stephanie…do it now!” i could smell the paraffin from the table candles as he roughly pulled up my dress. he was unbuckling his belt. “you’ll thank me for this, stephanie, understand?” “Yes, Mistress.”

The first blow came without warning, a sharp burn across my tender ass. i almost yelled in surprise, but managed to bite it back. After a slight pause there was another and it stung worse then the first. Then billi began raining them down on me, mercilessly. i lost count at thirty. my ass was burning and screaming at me. Tears were running down my cheeks. Then he stopped when Mistress ordered him to.

i had collapsed onto the table sobbing. Suddenly there was another stinging blow. “Thank You, Mistress Kyssi and billi, for taking the time to punish this worthless slut.” “you’re welcome, stephanie,” billi said. “You know, Ms Kyssi, there’s something about a nice red ass that i just can’t resist.” Mistress nodded Her head and winked at him.

i heard billi’s pants drop to the floor. The butt plug that i had inserted earlier was pulled out, and i felt the head of his cock pressing to gain entrance. The sensation intensified, and when He gave a final push he was in me completely. It felt as if someone had pushed the business end of a baseball bat up into me.

“Ooh, nice and tight.” “billi – show her what it means to be taken, you little slut”, Mistress smirked. There was no hesitation. he began slamming into me, deep, fast and hard. his cock felt as if were trying to get to the white tablecloth beneath me. It hurt like hell! my tessies had fallen out of my thong and were crushed against the table edge with each of his thrusts. i began to breathe and match his rhythm; the pain ebbed away and was replaced by an excitement i’d never felt. i wanted him inside me; i wanted him to fuck me harder, faster. i felt like a tightrope wire that was about to snap. There were tremors inside of me, each growing more powerful than the last. i felt my ass gripping at his cock, trying to pull it deeper within me.

Suddenly, my whole body seemed to spasm. i was flooded with a warm and violent sense of cumming. It wasn’t like ejaculating; it was from the middle of me, from my guts, from his beautiful cock pounding away at me. “Look, billi, the little slut is cumming, she likes this too much…” There were several harder thrusts, and i felt his cock grow bigger, and then we were both cumming. he shot his load of precious love juice deep into me, and i continued to spasm in ecstasy. his cock began to grow soft, and i felt him slowly pull it out. i could feel his cum running out of me and down my stockings.

“Go clean yourself up, and get out of My sight!” Mistress screamed at me. i could hardly move, let alone talk. billi helped me off the table and onto my feet. my legs were all shivers and made out of rubber. He got me to the stairs just as Mistress said: “Go on now, stephanie. Clean yourself up and change. I’ll bring you some tea in a little bit.”

i grabbed the railing for support, and pulled myself up one stair at a time. i got to my bathroom just in time to throw up what little food there was still in my stomach. i slipped out of my heels, took off my clothes, and peeled off my cum stained panties. Reaching into the tub, i managed somehow to turn the water on, flip up the shower catch, and step in. i never realized the pretty auburn wig i was wearing wasn’t my own hair…

i cleaned up the best i could, slipped into the satin robe i had worn earlier and collapsed on the bed. i don’t know how long i lay there, praying for sleep to take me, but when it finally did Ms Kyssi awakened me. “stephanie, dear, how are you feeling?” “Kind of nauseous, Mistress.” She sat me up; my ass was on fire again. “Drink this, you’ll feel much better.” It was more of the tea She had brought me the other night, spicy, warm. my stomach settled almost immediately. “I see you forgot to take your wig off, dear, ” She said as She pulled the combs out of my hair. “We’ll have to deal with that tomorrow…”

A loud “thump” woke me from a rather pleasant dream… Satin surrounded me; the sheets, comforter and the pretty floral chemise i was wearing. i could feel my breasts slowly swinging back and forth. A large callused hand reached around and massaged one of them. My nipples were so hard i could see them through the thin, smooth material. Someone was fucking me, and his rough body hair was rubbing my smooth ass cheeks raw: but i didn’t care. i was in heaven…fully developed breasts and a hard cock inside of me. His breath was hot and heavy on the back of my neck. i wanted to cum….

It was all replaced in a flash by the guestroom, lit by dawn’s first embers. i rolled over and tried to get back into the dream, but to no avail. The door clicked, and soft wispy footsteps seemed to lead right to me. “Good morning, stephanie.” It was Ms Kyssi, with more of Her famous tea – even as the smell filled the room i yearned for it.

“How do we feel this morning, dear?” “Very sore, Mistress, and restless.” “Do you remember that you ruined your wig last night?” “Yes, Mistress, i remember You telling me about it. May i have some tea, please? It smells so good.” “Not just yet, little lady. you have to learn that you must take care of your sissy things.” “Yes, Mistress. How may i do penance?” “you will wear this under your clothes today. you will not be able to take it off without My permission. Do you understand?” “Yes, Mistress. This foolish slut must make amends.”

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This sissy is sooooooooooo glad to be in the community. she is learning so much and hopes to get much more training to be a better sissy slut, she loves to submit and please and talk with her sisters.

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