It was a dark and stormy night…

Dark and Stormy

“That first cup of tea had more than a little brandy in it. There were several feminizing agents and a mild hypnotic drug. That’s how i found out all about you. I called your boss, and told him you were interviewing for a job on the West Coast, and that he’d be hearing from you in the next few days. i found out your likes, dislikes and sizes simply by asking. Then i placed a mild hypnotic suggestion that freed stephanie from where you had been keeping her hidden. When I said your given name just now, the suggestion was removed.”

“You have a choice to make, stephen, ” She went on. “You can go back to your old life today if you wish. Or you can choose to stay and become stephanie permanently.” She paused, as if waiting for this to sink in. “If you go back to your old life, you won’t ever see us again and in time you will look back at this and remember it as a dream. If you choose to stay, however, i will continue your feminization. Eventually, your breasts will grow and your body will become more feminine. i will not allow you to have SRS, however, i want your male equipment to remain functional.”

“billy and I own a small chain of beauty parlors across the Northwest. We were here to visit friends and relatives. You will be required to attend beauty school, and to work at one of the local ones. If you’re very good, and believe me, dear, you will be, i have an opening for an executive secretary/personal assistant. You will live with billy and me in Washington while you train. i will arrange to have your personal belongings packed and brought out.”

“The choice is yours, stephen. Sip your tea and think about it. We leave tomorrow. The clothes you were wearing when we found you are on the dresser, and a darling, new outfit that i would love to see you in is on the closet door. Your truck has been fixed and is in the driveway.” “I’ll be waiting downstairs and will know your answer by the clothes you choose…”

The End

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