An Evening With Master

An Evening with Master
Follow our sissy francine as she learns to serve her Master, finds her boundaries and crosses them, and eventually becomes reconstructed as the sissy slave she had always dreamed of becoming.

1 – The Homecoming

Evening with Master
It is early evening and I am dressed in a cute french maid outfit awaiting the return of my beloved Master. The aroma of food cooking in the kitchen fills the room as I kneel before the front door ...

2a – Old Friends, New Masters

An Evening with Master
The following day began as did all the others. I was awakened by the shrill buzzer of the alarm clock at precisely 5:30 AM. I wearily lowered my feet to the floor and stepped over to the nearby cast iron ...

2b – Serving Master Jack and Gloria

Dominance and submission
"We will have coffee and brandy in the living room. Bring it immediately. You may clean-up later after our guests have left. Now get moving, bitch!" ...

2c – Serving Master and Mistress Jennifer

An Evening with Master
by francine Serving Master and Mistress Jennifer It was several hours later before the silence in my room was broken by the shrill buzzer, indicating that my Master wished me to come to his bedroom. Checking my appearance in the ...

3a – pretty sissy jewelry

3a - pretty sissy jewelry
"Well my little sissy slut, today is the day that you are to be permanently ‘fixed’, ending, once and for all, any pretext that you may have about being a man. How does that make you feel?" ...

3b – sissy breast jewelry on display

Evening with Master
“Now lets take a look at those cute little breasts that you are starting to develop, francine”, I heard the Doctor say as I felt his hands cupping and squeezing them to my intense embarrassment ...

4a – sissy francine is sold to Master Samuel

Evening with Master
For the next 6 months after the operation the lives of my Master and myself followed the same pattern as it did before the cursed frenum loop was installed ...

4b – The Bonding Ceremony

Evening with Master
by francine The Bonding Ceremony So now, if Master Samuel will join me on the platform to await the presence of his new bride slave we will let the bondage festivities begin." As soon as she said this, the door ...

5a – The Academy

An Evening with Master
The Academy was founded almost ten years ago by myself and 22 like minded individuals. Each of us were dominant in nature and had a rather sadistic temperament ...

5b – The Breaking of sissy francine

5b - The Breaking of sissy francine
Once out of the room, francine was roughly blindfolded and carried down to a caged area located in the basement area of The Academy. Dumped on the floor, she was immediately surrounded by guards and trainers who grabbed and pawed ...

5c – The Reconstruction of sissy francine

Reconstruction of sissy francine
by sissy francine The Reconstruction of sissy francine The beginning of what might be termed 'francine's reconstruction phase' began during the 180th hour of her training program. It started in her cell immediately after an extended sleep period. A female ...

5d – Return to Master Samuel

Evening with Master
francine was led back to the barren cell in which she had suffered so much pain and humiliations. It still reeked of filth and there appeared to be even more stains on the mattress and pillow laying on the damp ...
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patty jane

This submissive sissy congratulates you on this fabulous website. s.he admits that at first i was wary and looking to see where it was another rip-off – as most of us are used to. However, your fantastic – with all… Read more “patty jane”

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