sissy’s ordeal (novelette)

sissy's ordeal

“On my fourteenth birthday my mother and I went to my Aunt Cheryls new house. It was my first time to go there, usually I meet my aunt at my house. I had been dressed for the occasion in my pink dress, the one with the very short skirt, pink slip, pink socks, black Mary Janes, and as usual, I had my pink panties on, the ones with the lace in the back. My mother made me wear a collar around my neck so she could attach a leash, and with that, she led me into the house…”

Sissy’s Ordeal: Chapter 1

mandatory panties
Mother said, "Here she is, just like I promised. I do hope you approve of the way I dressed sissy for her special day." ...

Sissy’s Ordeal: Chapter 2

Sissy's Ordeal: Chapter 2
They came and got me finally and we went into the bathroom next. I was shown two containers that were labeled, "Head" and "Mouth". I learned that they contained panties that my new mistresse's had been preparing for me. I ...

Sissy’s Ordeal: Chapter 3

Sissy's Ordeal: Chapter 3
I felt her releasing my bonds and she helped me to stand up. Taking the penis leash, she led me into the bathroom. She removed the panties from my head and mouth, and helped me off with my slip. Standing ...

Sissy’s Ordeal: Chapter 4

I slept fitfully that first night. Dreams came with a hard edge. Women looking at me, holding their underwear in my face. Dressed in leather and satin, they came at me with big penises on them, waving them at me, ...

Sissy’s Ordeal: Chapter 5

Sissy's Ordeal: Chapter 5
First though I was to wash my diaper, and other lingerie we had used. I had to clean the dildos as well. So squatting down in front of the faucet, and with guidance from my Mistresses, I cleaned everything. I ...

Sissy’s Ordeal: Chapter 6

Sissy's Ordeal: Chapter 6
I watched the two women get things together. They put a small potty on the floor in front of me. Mistress Susan then ran and got the pants. After putting them on, she came over in front of me, and ...

Sissy’s Ordeal: Chapter 7

Sissy's Ordeal: Chapter 7
Mistress Susan sat right next to me on the bed, while we talked she put her hand up my skirt and rubbed my penis through my panties. I told her that maybe she could pee on me laying down in ...

Sissy’s Ordeal: Chapter 8

The Amplifier
"Gail, it's your turn to teach sissy about peeing in her bed, help me to tie her over the horse. Stretch your arms further sissy, good, now hook her bracelets Gail. Spread those legs wider sissy, more than that you ...

Sissy’ Ordeal: Chapter 9

Sissy' Ordeal: Chapter 9
"Great, she should be here soon, then we'll do after she cleans the dinner dishes." I dressed, put on fresh make up, and took them some wine. When dinner was about ready I went to Mistress Cheryl's room where she ...

Sissy’s Ordeal: Chapter 10

Sometime during the night Mistress Cheryl came in to my room, put her hand under my nightgown, and attached something to my dildo panties causing the dildo to expand inside my anus. I awoke with a sharp pain. "It's ok ...

Sissy’s Ordeal: Chapter 11

Sissy's Ordeal: Chapter 11
Mother took several pairs of dirty panties from the other women, put them in my purse, and had me carry it to the car. "Sissy, how did you like staying with your aunt?" "They hurt me, but some of it ...
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