The Third Daughter

by: miss finch
The story I have to tell began back when I was 13 years old. You might find it hard to believe--I know I do, and I lived every minute of it. Let me give you some background first.
I grew up as a normal, if rambunctious boy, living the life of any adolescent. We lived in a nice home, in a good part of town. My mother was a nurse, my father was a Plastic Surgeon. I had two older sisters, Suzanne and Beverly; we had a dog named Milton and a goldfish named Rover. I went to a private school and got reasonable grades. All that changed when I turned eleven.

What changed everything was my father. He ran off with a 25 year-old patient, leaving my mother with a secretly drained bank account, bills, and the three of us to raise. Mother was very bitter, and I suppose it didn't help her frame of mind that I had been named Robert Jr. and already was looking like my dad and acting like him too. Still, I never would have expected what was to become of me.

For the next two years, things were to stay about the same. Mother worked overtime to keep things together, and my sisters helped her out with the housework. I did the outdoor chores, but I had to be bullied into them. I had gotten a little wild since my dad left and I was entering puberty. It was almost impossible to control me, and my mind was always on girls. That was to be my undoing.

With two sisters in the house, I was always catching glimpses of them when they were not completely dressed. I guess they thought that I didn't notice, or was too young to be getting off on what I saw. They found out that they were wrong on a Friday morning in January.

School was out for the day due to a snowstorm the night before, and it occurred to me that I could get a cheap thrill by hiding in my sisters storage closet and watching them dress through the key hole. So I snuck in before they woke up (I often left the house earlier than they did) and settled down to wait. When I heard the alarm go off, I glued my eye to the hole and looked for the show.

At first, I had a great time. They had gotten up, peed, and came back to get dressed. I saw all of them as they took off their nighties and started dressing. I was so excited by their firm round breasts and the fluffy down triangles of their womanhood that soon my little prick was hard as rock, and I couldn't stop myself from rubbing it with my hand. My rubbings became frantic when Suzanne stood in front of the mirror and pinched her nipples until they stood up. Suddenly there was this loud crashing noise--I had hit something with an elbow. My sisters gave out a little shriek and the door flew open. I saw my oldest sister Beverly, her face twisted in disgust as she looked down at my little hard-on. "OK you pervert, get out of there this instant! Wait till mother hears about this one!"

Despite my pleas, I was dragged down to the dinette where my mother was eating breakfast. After hearing the story, she said the words that would forever alter my life. "So, Robert Jr., you like to watch girls dress do you? Well, since you like it so much, we will let you get a closer look! For the next month, you will dress in your sister's old clothes whenever you are home, which will be whenever you are not at school. Your sisters will teach you to wear makeup and act like a girl, and you will do everything they tell you to or I will give you the thrashing of your life! (Mother had taken a birch rod to my behind before, but she had never been this angry.) I was so afraid, that I promised to behave.

Sue and Bev took me straight back upstairs and sat me down on the bed. They took out their old clothes and looked through them, setting out all the ones that would fit me, all the while chattering about their new "ladies maid". Mother came upstairs with some other things that she said they might need, including a wig and a corset that had belonged to her mother, who was a very small woman. Mother also brought our video camera upstairs, setting it up to catch the whole room.

Sue asked, "What should we call our new maid, Mother?" "I think that Roberta will do nicely--it will remind me of his rotten father." "Oh, Mother! This will be so much fun!"

The Third Daughter In short order, I was dressed for my new role. I was wearing a pair of lace panties and frilly petticoats, under a pink skirt with a lace hem. They had put the corset on me and laced it so tightly that I could barely breath. "Get used to it Roberta, you will wear it at all times to maintain that girlish figure!" This comment brought on a round of giggles, a sound that I would come to associate with one of my sisters "great ideas". I was wearing a stuffed training bra, and a pink silk blouse with puffed sleeves. The wig was long, with brown hair that curled as ringlets over my shoulders. They plucked out a few eyebrow hairs, not enough to be missed when I was Robert, but which rounded my features when I was Roberta. They made me pay strict attention as they gave me a full makeup job. I would have to do this each afternoon when I got home from school. When they were done, they sat back to admire their handiwork.

"Oh Mother, isn't she lovely? "Yes, she makes a better girl than I thought she would. Nobody would even guess that she is really a he! Look at yourself Roberta, aren't you a lovely girl?"

I looked in the mirror and saw that I was indeed a lovely girl. I was almost as pretty as my sisters! I was humiliated at their laughter.

"Tell me Roberta, don't you think that you make a pretty little girl? Answer me!"

"Yes mother--I, uh, I make a pretty little girl." "Look at the camera Roberta."

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Thank you very much for everything. The house allowed me to feel like a real woman and to accept my nature as a submissive girl and happy to be so

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