Servitude is in the mind.. yet its foundation (or lack thereof) shows through all,  in everything you do.

Are you without a Mistress at this time?
Are you under House rule?
Do you wish that your Superior would participate in your training?

The letters that you have sent to the House say overwhelmingly “yes”. They say that you need to get deeper inside yourself. They say that you need to learn the core of what is intended from the House curriculum.

Servitude begins in the inner state of a sissy’s mind. This means that you can practice the most important and essential part of being a sissy with or without your Superiors guidance!

Yes girls…… you can do this at home, and still “pussyfoot” around your Superior!

It is always most favorable for a sissy to have a Mistress or Master that can help in the annihilation of the sissies personal freedom, (as you all well know). The good news is that even if you find that you are with someone who does not openly condone your sissy needs, you can still practice this most essential part privately while introducing your Superior to the benefits of your becoming.

If a sissy practices her feminine poise at all times…. she will often find that much of what she desired from her Mistress is naturally granted. Even when the Superior is not openly encouraging feminization/sissification!

Servitude is the goal, the essence of any sissy’s life. Complete and total annihilation of thoughts, feelings, and desires for anyone or anything other than your Mistress/Master. Humiliation and consistency is the means of becoming firmly established in the knowledge of your rightful position as a submissive pet. To be a true, worthy submissive sissy slut, we must re-wire the very brain functioning that was required of you in your youth. As a result of these many years behind you, (you are over 18 now, right?) it will take constant remembrance, and some stern reminders, before you are fully ready and worthy to be used as a presentable property.

serveIf one professes to be a sissy and yet cannot submit his actions to his Superior he is little more than an imposter, a wannabee, a pawn to his own inflated ego, feeling that somehow if he manages to feminize himself he will be even greater. Yes. You better read that again. This kind of sissy is nothing more than an egotistical male mocking the superiority of Women. Not only is he not a sissy but he is not even a man. Truly he is deplorable and worthy of little more than contempt.

A state of subjection to an owner or a master.
Lack of personal freedom, as to act as one chooses

Right here. Right now.

A sissy must take the time to learn and teach herself how to be a better servant. Becoming accomplished at those tasks required of her. The ones right at hand. Taking that extra step to do more. These can be such simple things as:

  • learning to cook well
  • keeping your Mistresses house in proper order
  • cleanliness
  • giving your Mistress massage
  • learning to be a proper hostess for parties (dressed or not in your serving attire)
  • becoming skilled at the fine art of cunnilingus and fellatio.

Yes dear, all of these things can be practiced with or without the knowledge of your Superior!


Keeping up Appearances

A sissy must present herself in a proper and becoming fashion at all times. Whether sitting, standing, kneeling, walking, talking, serving or being punished……a sissy’s demeanor is of paramount concern. While you are in any of these postures it is completely unacceptable (unless instructed otherwise by your Mistress/Master) to talk, chew gum, smoke, laugh, bite nails or in other ways fidget.

For instance: When addressing your Mistress do you always remember to curtsy? Have you been practicing your curtsy until you can do so in a graceful, fluid way? There are certain things that even the House must assume you know.

You must remember throughout each moment to subjugate your psyche as well as your body if you are to become the proper sissy slave you enrolled to become.


Quality Replacement

Eradicate from your behavior the male “qualities” (and we do use that term loosely) and adopt the feminine, sissy behaviours stated in the table below:






Self Centered


In – Charge






Self Effacing






Mandatory Panties!

Although it is only appropriate to use your sissy name while presenting as her, it is required that you wear your panties at all times (unless specifically otherwise instructed by your Superior). In this way you will be reminded of your status. Whether you are in a board meeting or building a house, you are not the male you are presenting yourself as…. but instead a panty clad little sissy under the constant control of your Mistress and the House!


While you are walking down the hall, (regardless of what role you are playing) Are you remembering to walk like a sissy? Are you remembering to take small steps, to glide as you walk? Are you keeping your spine erect, your pelvis loose so it can sway every so smoothly from side to side, drawing subtle attention to your panty covered bottom?

When you walk, do not stride! (it is a quality reserved for those men you may someday be servicing) This is not a presentation that is acceptable for you. While standing, stand erect. Back straight, knees and ankles together head slightly bowed, eyes cast down, hands at your sides or folded in front of you covering your pointless sex organs. Practice with a book on your head dear. And yes…. in your 5″ heels.


When dropping to a kneeling position, DO NOT move one knee at a time. This is terribly ungraceful and presents the chance of showing your panties while you are moving. Instead bend both knees together and gently and gracefully lower yourself to the ground. Once on your knee’s; kneel with your back straight, your head slightly bowed, hands folded in front of you, and remember to keep your eyes cast slightly down at all times unless otherwise instructed.


Sitting it a posture that you must perfect. It is also something you can practice throughout the day whether in your Mistresses presence or not. When sitting NEVER sit with your legs apart, or with one ankle resting on the knee of the opposing leg. These are positions that men sit in, they are NOT acceptable for you ever again. When sitting gently and gracefully set your bottom onto the seat you have chosen. Keep your ankles and knees tightly together, tuck your feet slightly under, keep your back straight, head slightly bowed, eyes lowered, hands folded in your lap. (Are you getting this yet?) Be sure to have smoothed your skirt before settling down.


Remember, your Superior would not be punishing you if She did not derive pleasure from it. For you to submit to Her, is to offer Her your body, for Her chosen purpose and pleasure.

To be submissive to your Superiors wishes is to serve. Whether it be to open your mouth and not resist as she ball gags you…. or to accept a spanking without resistance. In all of your actions ask yourself again and again . “What would She like from me?” Whatever that is, it is what you should be offering. If She has to ask honey…. It’s just too late.

Women Studies

As a sissy it is most important for you to study and respect Women. Women are your Superiors, your Teachers.

Treat all women with the respect that their birthright fully demands. This does not mean that you should treat all Women you meet in your every day life as your Mistress, but it does mean that you should practice taking time to treat them with respect, showing your admiration for them in ways that they would like.

For instance if you are wishing to give a woman who works in your company something to show your appreciation of her; keep in mind what “She ” would like. Perhaps a day off with pay would be far more appreciated than a vase of flowers. The more you can attempt to think like a Woman, the better you will be at reading Our minds.


Since for much of your life you have foolishly treated women in a demeaning fashion, you must immediately change this behavior on all fronts. Each day you are to ask yourself these questions:

  1. Have i served a woman today?
  2. Have i placed a Womans needs above my own this day?
  3. Have i identified and done some act (no matter how small) that has further defined myself as the sissy servant i am?

If not stop NOW, and go and do it!redtape

“Obsequious is the operative word for a sissy.
Never give an opinion unless asked.
Always anticipate any Woman’s needs or desires for assistance….”
Mz. Rebekka

Now get to work girls.
Your reports are due in our mailbox ASAP!

Ready to start your training?

Submit your application today!


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  1. Amber

    This is amazing and gives me a goal to achieve.
    i’ve hinted to my Wife about being Her maid and She jokingly agreed.
    When She gets back from vacation i will en devour to see if She really wants to do it.
    KInda test the waters to see if She’s really into it.
    Thanks so much for this!
    It’s an inspiration!!!

  2. marci


    I have a feeling, to be a proper sissy, this article will need to be read many times over. It will be a tough road starting out but this support seems capable and effective at placing sissies in their round hole. Today, the sissy task was to help a male friend by cleaning his kitchen. The sissification was to pretend he was going off to work as his house wife stayed home and managed the household. It was a great first lesson in doing things for others and getting in the feminine mind.

  3. jessiesissy

    This was a great lesson for this sissy to learn and great timing for it.
    I made the decision just today to throw away any undergarments that weren’t panties. I will be in them full time from now on to prove my place and role here.
    I will also begin walking the walk and talking the talk.
    Please keep reminding us of our place of servitude as we kneel and grovel at your feet for the training that we need.

    Thank you so much,

  4. adriana

    The Zen of Servitude:

    Dear Superiors,

    In reading the Zen of Servitude this sissy has thought about each section and will describe s.he goals for each.

    Keeping up Appearances:

    With time and focus this sissy will always be mindful of how s.he will walk, talk, sit, kneel, and stand. Practicing everyday should help and allow to succumb faster and become more reliable for Superiors. Even now this sissy is correcting posture for sitting to get the feel of how it should feel so that it will become natural to be in each state. The ability to curtsy is already something that is easy, but it’s rare that it’s been asked. So looking at curtsying before each door or person will help become a regular part of life.

    Quality replacement:

    This may be the easiest as all of the qualities are already possessed. Though it does not mean that they are perfect. There is always room for improvement, hopefully The Superiors can help shape those qualities up a bit more than they already are.

    Mandatory panties:

    this sissy has one pair of panties and another on the way, took a minute to go change into those panties to grow accustomed to wearing them every day and every night. This will be the best part, enveloping the body with lace, satin or whatever The Superiors desire for wear.

    Women Studies:

    Women are superior in every sense, always have and always will be. Looking up to women is all this sissy has ever done from mother to the Mistresses and Goddesses to the Superiors, always treating them with respect and being honest with them. Always trying to please Each of Them in Their own way. Being malleable to Their Wills and Wishes. This Sissy will always strive to learn from s.he Superiors.


    If there needs to be redemption that will be the plan, after a punishment redemption will have started. Every day the same three questions will float in the head. (1. Has this sissy served a woman today?, 2. Has s.he put Women’s needs above it’s own? 3. Has there been an act or gesture that’s been done today that has helped define the sissy servant more?) if not those three questions will be completed somehow someway for The Superiors.

    Overall the rewriting of the brain and ideas will be simple to help get to the place where serving Superiors is second nature and that The Superiors are happy with the sissy

  5. brittany

    the zen of servitude
    Dear Superiors

    this sissy started practicing her poise, and re-writing her brain functioning to become worthy of becoming presentable property.

    right here. right now.
    this sissy is very excited to take extra steps to please her Superiors. this sissy loves to cook and clean.

    keeping up appearances
    this sissy well be working on her postures day and night, and staying on top of her appearance.

    quality replacement
    this sissy dreams is to become as feminine as she can. she had no problem forgetting about the male ego.

    mandatory panties!
    this sissy does this every day to remind her self that she is truly a sissy.

    this sissy well be practicing with a book on her head.

    this sissy well be putting a full effort into her posture.

    this sissy relies that her Superior wouldn’t be punishing this sissy if She did not derive pleasure. This sissy well always be thinking “What would She like from this sissy?”

    women studies
    this sissy absolutely respect Women. This sissy well attempt to think like a Woman to better please her Superiors.

    this sissy well further defined herself as a sissy servant. this sissy well put women needs before herself.

    with passion and devotion,
    sissy brittany88

  6. sexy sadie

    Tis sissy does not yet have a mistress, but looks so forward to having one and following all her instructions to the letter of the law!
    I look forward to wearing sissy panties 24/7
    I look forward to wearing make-up (lipstick, foundation, blusher, mascara, eye-liner and eye shadow) as much as possible, work and mrs allowing
    I’m so looking forward as to being instructed as to how to behave going forward
    Many thanks My Mistress

  7. locked sissy

    This locked sissy learns more every day about the behavior and demanour of such superior women. It’s so nice to see how women move, how they sit, gesticulate and speak. To learn all this, this sissy needs a strict female hand and the help of the house. Please help this sissy become a submissive, obedient and useable sissy in this society. Please rigorously punish any wrongdoing of this sissy.

  8. rosebud

    True submissives highly respect and esteem members of the Superior Sex. rosebud needs to improve its submissive attitude. One action that it has taken is to stop viewing pornography that shows the private parts of Women, that presents Them as a sexual object, or that denigrates or humiliates Them in any way. Trying to improve rosebud’s proper submissiveness outweighs any loss in male sexual enjoyment.

  9. worthless


    To every Superior in this house, the Zen of Servitude is a wonderful guide line to always follow in every day life outside of the home or inside.

    this s.he sissy annie always wear’s her panties, all the time. she has never worn anything else. when sitting at her desk or in a chair at someone’s house her legs are always closed with her feet be they in heels or normal shoes are tucked back inward. annie is always tucked and plugged. s.he doesn’t believe in being any other way unless the Superior she serve’s say’s so. in the past when annie served her Mistress, s.he wasn’t allowed to speak out loud and that is just fine with this sissy. annie’s mouth is only good for 2 thing’s ; gag’s and real dinky’s. annie knows this is not funny, yet she does have a sense of humor. s.he loves to please and will continue too learn and please her Superior’s of this House.

    Today while out running errand’s annie came across an elderly woman walking down the side of the road, she looked cold. there was no reason for this to be happening, so annie pulled her truck around and offered her a ride to her destination. she excepted and this caring and thoughtful sissy got her to where she was going. annie has always done many thing’s for women through out her life and will continue to do so. she was raised to Respect and Admire women of all race’s/color. annie may very well be a Wanker, but she is a very Respectful one. annie does know her place and that is Always kneeling before her Mistress with palms facing up and eyes down. it is never and will never be about this sissy, sissy excepts and loves this very much.

  10. nicole

    Good evening,

    This sissy is in dire need of training. She is very submissive and eager to please her mistress. Though she doesn’t have a mistress she is wearing panties every day and caged every evening, She longs for the day my mistress comes along and takes control.

    Nicole Star

  11. marcia

    Dear Superiors,

    This sissy is currently married in a Loving FLR. Being a obedient and submissive servant is an everyday affair. However, sissy is not allowed panties at home. In order to better embrace servitude, sissy will continue to learn the many principles of being a humble servant. Please enlighten sissy how best to persuade her Goddess wife to allow panties at home.

  12. suzy

    To all superiors and trainers.
    sissy suzy is sorry that s.he is doesn’t have a Superior to serve.
    sissy knows she is not a male who deserves to cum,but s.he knows what her mouth is for.
    sissy suzy feels empty without training.
    Mistress’s or masters pleasure is what should be my aim.
    I find the training on this site helps me to get out of myself and into my sissy self.
    suzy will promise to to train.
    I am a sissy, I am a sissy (my chant )
    I feel like this is a safe place to be me.
    suzy thanks the administration for everything.
    ? love and worship sissy suzy ?

  13. stephanie

    I am a very new inside girl in the House and the Zen of Servitude is my first assignment. I am excited to start learning what I need to do to accomplish my dream of becoming a sissy maid for an authoritative Mistress. I know I must work to perfect my mincing walk, limp wrist presentation and, perhaps most importantly, a graceful curtsey.

  14. sissyb

    This sissy has been wearing frilly and lacy panties for a long. This sissy also has had a desire to be a sissy for many years. May this training fulfill her dreams of becoming a real full time sissy. Also this sissy practices her walking every time she goes out, getting those hips to swing. This sissy adores Women as they are beautiful souls. If anyone deserves to be a wonderful this sissy slave does, as this sissy will obey and submit to my Mistress(es) every wish.



  15. BritneyJane

    Dear Superiors
    This sissy thanks you like so much for allowing her to study the ‘Zen of Servitude’ assignment. Golly gosh that made like so much sense!

    This sissy realised how naive and guilty she is of thinking that being a sissy is just about looking hot and fabulous. Sissy realised how silly and selfish she is and that she needs to totally focus on being a better more obsequious minion for her alpha superiors, which is critical to her finding her proper place.

    Sissy will be enthusiastically putting this assignment into practice in her everyday life and humbly looks forward to practicing the essential skills of servitude and subservience.

    Thank you so much to the clever Superiors for opening this sissy’s eyes and steering her down a better more productive path.


    ?Britney Jane?

  16. svetlana

    Report Subject: The Zen of Servitude

    Thank you so much for this lesson on the Zen of Servitude, sissy svetlana did not have any trouble understanding what s.he is expected to do, but has some panties and shoes to buy to comply with Mistress assignment, s.he can then get to practice them walks in her 7inch heels without tearing up the carpet or falling over, sissy will be out shopping this week to find something Mistress might like me to wear, these duties resonated a lot with sissy svetlana given that her boss at work is a woman.

    When svetlana gets her panties she will throw away all her boys/men’s boxer shorts and get down to completing her report for this assignment for Mistress.

    Sissy svetlana is frilled about this stage of her development already but understandably nervous because s.he knows now a line has to be crossed before being taken seriously by Mistress to become complete submissive sissy.

    svetlana has taken this on board, and makes reference again to the house training paragraph noted here: “If one professes to be a sissy and yet cannot submit his actions to his Superior he is little more than an imposter, a wannabee, a pawn to his own inflated ego, feeling that somehow if he manages to feminize himself he will be even greater. Yes. You better read that again. This kind of sissy is nothing more than an egotistical male mocking the superiority of Women. Not only is he not a sissy but he is not even a man. Truly he is deplorable and worthy of little more than contempt.”

    svetlana will have failed and will be truly lost if this kind of ridicule is placed on me by Mistress, the thought of being anything like the above scares the wits out of me.

    svetlana estimates two weeks before submitting a photo report to the House of Sissify, my sincere apology it will not be sooner, but will focus on the other aspects of the assignment until then.

    Yours always ,
    sissy svetlana

    Username: svetlana

  17. Mariele

    Dear Mistress and otherwise superior in this house!
    Thank You for The Zen of Servitude!
    This girl havent only been reading the Zen offentliga Servitude but also foundation a pleasure in reading the well formulated comments. What this girl understood from the assignments is tjat it all starts in your mind, thinking as the submissive service minded girl You are in all humility. What this girl has done for women today, she hasent any Mistress, is to invite a women friend om finner next week. This girl also found joy in giving compliments which can give some joy for her getting it. This girls neighborne lady hade colored her hair so this girl told her how fantastic she looked. This little girl of course always wear panties, is there anything röse she could wear? Don’t know if this gives me some extra points but it’s always a pleasure to be here and get assignments and listen to all My sisters!

  18. sissy goldi

    To; All Superiors
    From: a sissy slave who longs to please, obey,be selfless and practice The Zen of Servitude

    This sissy has no doubt that Females are hands down, the Superior sex. This means i will treat all females in a kind,gentle and open manner. my Superiors deserve this sissy’s respect, obedience, and total deferment of all personal pleasure. As s.he dresses each day it is a wonderful honor to wear panties, garterbelt and hose under my clothing. Although this sissy will never be more than a Female want to be, s.he takes joy in her feme walk, sitting and deportment.
    The very fact that s.he is allowed to smell fresh, with a shaved body and softer skin is an honor for he.r and tribute to the essence of a Female way of life. This sissy personally feels that a totally shave sissy clit area humbles he.r, as a sissy’s needs, loves and deserves the humiliation of no choice regarding he.r crotch hair; a totally, freshly body as a sign of ego surrender !!!
    When walking, standing or sitting the rules regarding proper deportment should become normal and a routine way of living. No sissy can ever approach the Superior Female, he.r purpose is service, devotion, compliance and obedience with any request and a grateful and humble heart.

  19. alexandra

    Thank you so much for the Zen of Servitude. It was truly transformative. The ultimate message that came to me and resonated so thoroughly was the need to respect and worship my Superior at all times. She is unaware of my transformation but my submission will be absolutely thrilling and will make me a much better girl. A am very enthusiastic about entering into a life of complete surrender and service!
    My natural instinct has been to assert my former male qualities. I will devote myself to sharing emotion, always being self effacing, generous, reliant and obedient. I especially embrace becoming soft and smoot. To that end, the excellent pointers on walking, posture, sitting, kneeling aqnd most definitely panties were most helpful and extremely welcome.

    I enthusiastically will accept any punishment from my Superior with delight. All women deserve my complete respect and admiration. As to my Superior, she will have complete control of my life. I love the feeling and can’t wait to redeem myself every minute of every day.
    Thank you so much!!
    All of my love,

  20. Michelle

    Dear Superiors,
    This sissy has longed for a Mistress to serve. This sissy has a Female that s.he follows without question.
    This sissy wishes to serve a Superior with the same unfsltering loyalty that s.he dors everyday fof he.r boss.
    The list for this sissy is almost all adopted.
    With much servitude,

  21. Missy52

    This sissy wants to thank you. I want you to know that my lovely wife embraces my being a sissy and I am very grateful for that and realize how lucky I am. Will you please include her when I am asked to wear certain things, and to be commanded, punished and humiliated by her? Thank you for everything.

    With Reverence,

  22. alexis sissy

    Dear Superiors,
    This sissy appreciates the knowledge shared with the Zen of Servitude. This sissy is aware of all the new practices needed to become more femme and respecting all Women. This sissy knows she is going to need the help of her Superiors to perfect all these new practices. This sissy can not do it all herself.
    Thank you

  23. servensuffer

    Dear Superiors,
    Thank you so much for the Zen of Servitude. This sissy found it wonderfully broad in its coverage of sissy servitude and will come back and read it often and with great attention. This sissy is like a leaf in the wind without a Mistress. Thank You for this chance to return to my natural mindset. Please let me know what I may do to please You, my Superiors.
    With gratitude,

    username: servensuffer

  24. sissy barbie

    Dear Mistresses
    This sissy has found that s.he has so much work ahead of he.r and that without your guidance and complete training s.he will never become the real perfect sissy and for that sissy barbie would like to thank you a thousand times for being so much better and fantastic than s.he could even hope to be
    Curtsys and kisses

  25. billielove

    This sissy had a problem of fearing that being older than most sissies s.he would have difficulty during this long programme but my Superior assured me in the most wise and useful way that my greater experience will stand this sissy in good stead. S.he has much experience of wearing special clothes wearing panties every day and bras most days to keep my 40c breasts presented at their best. s.he does, however have much to learn before s.he can be emboldened enough to venture out in the public domain with that wonderful confidence s.he so admires in the superior ladies. S.he is striving to match that confidence and is prepared to suffer whatever pain is necessary to achieve it.

  26. cindy

    Good morning Mistress i have so much to learn but i am getting there slowly my posture is absolute i loves sitting on my knees waiting for a order to be given and i loves it wen my silky Panties are rubbing against my cheeks when working it remindes Me of who i am and not what i am i hope that one day i will be the true sissy and be a live in sissy Maid

  27. valeria

    This slave sissy has so much to learn . This sissy will improve in seratude in all areas. She has so much work ahead but will work day and night to perfect her seritude and to know the importance of it .

  28. sissymika

    curtsy….Mistresses…After studying the “The Zen of Servitude” I realize just how selfish and self centered this sissy is. And how this sissies male ego is still dominating her every day life and getting in the way of progress as a true sissy maid. I’m committed to making the changes necessary to root out that false masculine persona and begin to seriously cultivate all the qualities of a good and proper sissy. This sissy knows this will not be easy and will require training, correction, more training and more correction but in the end it will be worth it. Today I will start by taking responsibility for a clean house and tonight I will begin in earnest to pleasure my superior wife by long and intense cunnilingus …this sissy know that this is only a very small start but sissies need to start some where. Mistresses..thank you for this site and the opportunity to realize my short comings as a man and the opportunity to realize my more appropriate role as a true sissy.

    love sissy mika

  29. kelly

    This sissy is going to start practicing sitting, walking, and talking like a woman. This sissy has grown up with all women and s.he has great respect for women yet, s.he can still improve on actions towards women. This sissy has rejoined The House and looks forward to attracting the attention of a Mistress and feminizing actions, speech, and appearance.

  30. princess sissy

    This slut loves to be an obedient and serving. I am a lot older, 70, than most of your beautiful girls and certainly nowhere in the league of being pretty.This slut has been trained over decades to be a sissy. Taking hormones almost 18 years ago resulted in a more feminine body and a clitty that is extremely difficult to get hard for even a few seconds while cumming. Cum is very watery and small in quantity. My Mistress for the two years this was being done to help me be more of a true sissy wanted me to be basically unable to function as a man and to use what is now my clitty as a woman her clit. She and others before her and after made sure my sissy pussy is well and permanently stretched so it is easy to insert fingers, dildos, butt plugs, strap ons etc. It does close up but is prone to some slight leakage. My clitty has a similar problem from years of urethra expancion and catheters which were done on me. I love to share my experince and I promise no embellishment, just the truth about things I have done over many years.

  31. sissies sissie

    Servitude was the perfect assignment to start with sissie has learned that her work is cut out for her, she must always keep in mind to cast off her evil was from her past and willing adopt the new and better life of a sissie here for the purpose of serving her Mistress or Master with their best interest and desires
    always the main concern. sissie must always be very careful how she presents herself at all times sitting properly, standing, walking, not speaking unless asked to speak, how she dresses, her appearance is very important and always to be sure she has her panties on no matter what she is doing. There is much work ahead, and sissie is making a true commitment to becoming a great serving and servicing sissie always giving of herself totally to her Mistress or Masters desires.

  32. slave josephine

    slave has been practicing a subtle method of servitude towards the superior female for quite some time. Though slaves position at work does not have him in a masculine position, slave does report to a superior female and slave relishes that fact. slave always serves his wife in any manner possible. From an outwardly public perspective, slave is always being submissive to the superior females he encounters. Additionally, slave always strives to maintain a feminine demeanor at all times.

  33. bobbiegirl

    this sissy bobbiegirl has much to thank my Superiors for on this first assignment; posture, sitting, walking, how sissy must place her legs at certain times, all things this sissy was not aware of but is now taking on board and enjoying it. This, as well as the other lessons that i am carrying out is really important to help shape sissygirl’s destiny. Thank You. Thank You so much.

  34. petra bear

    Petra is so pleased to get her first assignment . She finally has proper guidance on how to be the perfect sissy. This sissy is so grateful to the Superiors for their help in the pursuit of pure submissive servitude. Sissy Petra has been shopping and is so excited about the months ahead. XoXo

  35. leslee

    This sissy lives alone and doesn’t see many girls at he.r job. Luckily s.he has a neighbor that is like, OMG, the Best! This sissy hopes he.r behavior will be good enough that s.he can write a wonderful report for The House soon.

  36. Christina2

    This sissy has a lot to work on. Primarily all the feminine behaviors that were described. She is practicing walking, sitting, and talking how she is supposed to. She will start wearing her panties everyday and has taken notes on everything she needs to work on. She is very thankful for how descriptive this article was and is taking it to heart. Finally, she would be grateful of any feed back

  37. lindsey

    Curtsey: To be of Service; Threw a party for a Man at my house the other night. sissy must admit she could have done better… Cooking consisted of bbq hamburgers, alcohol, chips.. It was fun serving a Man and His friends..they ate, drank, laughed.. A Woman who came to the party suggested He go to a local bar to meet Her and Her friends….they left. After the party winded down a bit, He wanted to go to the bar.. Being too drunk, He couldn’t drive, so i drove him. Once at the bar a table of mixed couples were there & i found myself sitting next to a Woman who seemed interested in me. My friend knows i’m a sissy. He told the entire table that i enjoy wearing Womens clothing and that i’ve been out in public dressed as a Woman. Every face at the table was staring at me in amazement.. Didn’t know what to do—so i licked the tip of my finger, pressed it against my ass & said “That’s right, because i’m so fucking hot! (Tssssss). The table erupted in laughter! But—out of the corner of my eye i saw every person look at me and i could see the thoughts going their head. (Sit pretty and smile) i said to myself.. Afterward i drove Him home and made Him a nice egg burrito & He stayed in one of my spare rooms. When He woke up, i offered coffee and would not let Him help clean up anything. The house was a wreck, but…the life of a sissy maid! Not much use in trying to hide my male self to my hometown anymore. It’s fairly common knowledge that i’m a little sissy. i’m poked fun at in both private and public settings now..

    1. Mr. M

      It sounds like you have your head in the right space, however, I’d like to offer some advice on how I believe you could have handled that situation better.
      Your friend clearly was getting pleasure in your humiliation, and had you really wanted to be of service to him, you might have kept quiet altogether. No jokes to play off who you really are sweetie. Second, while your friend was asleep, and you were no doubt imagining how good He would feel if you were servicing him, you should have been making that house clean, as opposed to waiting for him to wake up. Just some thoughts for improvement, my dear.

      1. lindsey

        Curtsey: Thank You Madame Stewart. Feel like i missed an opportunity or failed to serve a Real Man properly. Next time i will allow myself to be fully humiliated so all will know what a sissy i am. Thank You again, Lindsey

  38. kellie

    |I’m having a difficult time keeping my legs together under the computer table because my heels are 4″ I have 5″ as well, but I cant seem to fit my legs under the table …if I kind of slide sideways I can sort of make it…I cant find a bigger table. Any suggestions ?

  39. kelly

    This sissy has read the servitude lesson and knows that s.he needs to practice many of the daily actions such as sitting, walking, and bending down. Your sissy will be practicing every day in the hopes s.he will be able to start acting more girly. Your sissy has had practice already putting women above herself as s.he has grown up with women, but s.he will keep putting the needs of women above herself to keep up with this practice.

  40. helen puppy

    This sissy needs to work on aggression. S.he will spend most of he.r time as a male, and s.he wears panties and lingerie, but s.he must become more passive and observant of projecting feminism in he.r actions rather than keeping he.r femininity to he.rself under her clothes. This sissy is embarrassed to realize how s.he dresses is not how s.he acts, and she must adopt a more continuous femininity.

  41. becky cummings

    This sissy fully realises already that she has lots to learn from the House. Lots has already been learned from this lesson and sissy becky promises to now always wear her panties no matter what she is doing. I shall also be considering the question “Has this sissy today carried out some task to better improve a Superiors day or pleased a Superior in some way. This sissy shall also be seeking out some 5” heels for everyday wear having learned that a much nicer wiggle is achieved this way. Thank you for teaching this lesson so well. x

  42. bukakkesissy

    My Dearest Madame, this sissy made sure to watch a couple of youtube videos on how to properly curtsy. S.he is excited to become classy and reformed, much love to you and your service to Humanity! this sissy melts in anticipation of he.r dreams someday cumming true. this sissy hates all the wrong things men have do to women. this sissy will keep striving for excellency and already has a love for the study of feminist literature. this sissy is so happy! but this sissy knows that s.he must remain properly poised and ready to make sure women are having their needs met.

    My Beloved Madame, this sissy was thinking that sissy’s can take the pressure off of our Superiors by using our sissy holes to please pathetic men so that they may not disturb the Woman the deserve only the most refined of the male species?

    p.s. this sissy may need lots of work and be a little trouble but s.he has a big heart!

  43. joanne summers

    Dear Mistresses,

    This sissy thoroughly enjoyed this opening lesson, s.he has made but a beginning to develop an Attitude of Servitude. s.he must further practice serving Superiors in order to feminize spirit which will flow into mind and eventually body. s.he will focus on doing this throughout the day in thoughts, words and deeds. Through living way into correct feminine thinking masculine self will disappear and true submissive feminine nature will emerge .

    This sissy used to have contempt prior to investigating feminine self and couldn’t accept h.erself for who s.he truly was which lead to a lot of confusion in life. Acceptance is the key along with honesty, openmindedness and willingness to change. i still have to work through a lot of guilt but the rewards will be more than i ever dreamed possible as my journey progresses. This sissy now anxiously looks forward to growing in submission and feminization by incorporating these lessons into daily life.

    humbly, joanne

  44. subbyrhi

    Servitude and becoming the best sissy-slut slave i can become is the main goal in my life and i am so very excited to be joining this group and to learn everything that i can 🙂
    Thank You so much for accepting me 🙂
    <3 <3

  45. diane2008

    So excited to join today. Immediately went and put on a favorite sexy pink panty from my wife’s chest. Also put on some sexy black thigh hi’s. Love the feel. Especially nice while reviewing this wonderful site.

  46. princess jimmie

    Mistress, this sissy is first and foremost very submissive. Sissy believes one can be submissive and not be a sissy but one cannot be a sissy and not be submissive. While not dressing up always as a sissy sissy is totally a submissive that loves to serve a Dominant Lady. Sissy does, however, only wear panties at all times whether at work or at home. Panties are purchased from MeUndies and are in all colors and are all bikinis. Panties are always a size smaller than required so that they creep up into sissy’s pussy thereby serving as a constant reminder of sissy’s true nature. Lessons sissy took from this session is the importance of posture, how one sits or walks. Also, the importance of adopting a softer personna, being reliant, passive, emotional, giving, and obedient. As an executive sissy learned that she is to show extra respect toward the Women at the company. Thank You for this web site. sissy will strive to be one of the girls on




  47. Sissy-Priscilla

    today sissy-priscilla has been fortunate to have had and completed a full days duties and servitude with the utmost respect to my Lady Deborah at all times,including the fact that i have requested permission and am allowed to type this to the House.
    Due to only being allowed out of the Milking Parlour/Punishment Room today due to failure to produce correct amounts on yesterdays milking schedule, my 1st action was to curtsey thanking Lady Deborah to allow my release in order to commence my daily duties and servitude too Her and ask my dress for the day. Ordered initially to strip and shower all my horrendous mess from my 24hrs of milking, i did so before dressing in my finest pink ruffled silky panties, white waist training corset adjusted to pull 3 inches by Lady Deborah, seemed stockings triple checked for straight lines at back, my beautiful and oh so pretty white petticoats and my gorgeous pink short maids uniform with my satin pink 5 inch heeled shoes.
    Presenting for inspection this sissy-maid is pleased to say there were no punishment points. so was then allowed to go and hand wash all my underwear from the previous day, but only after 1st hand washing and hanging out to dry 2 days of my Lady Deborah’s finest brassieres, panties, garter belts and silk stockings. As they were being hung on the rotary line (1st time in garden dressed as sissy-maid) Lady Deborah gave me the treat of changing my remote plugs sensation strength from 3 to 6 and i gave a nice shrill shreak for Her approval for which i was told “Good Girl but don’t slow down !”
    On completion and returning inside, immediately giving a curtsey i was requested to attend (an order to kneel with raised skirt over panties for inspection) which i did and had my plug twisted and pushed forwards twice making me feel very submissive and tingly. Under orders i then cooked and prepared 2 x poached eggs, each on its own star shaped piece of toast with plum tomato, obviously washing and tidying as i went and was then allowed some corner time whist my Lady ate.
    at 1030hrs i then commenced usual daily tasking’s cleaning and dusting all ornaments and picture frames, polished all shelves and counter tops then hoovered complete bungalow, changing and making Lady Deborah’s bed to complete.
    Following this I made a Cottage pie with Marquis Potatoes, Petite Pois and lamb gravy for Lady Deborah’s lunch and after cleaning kitchen have now been allowed me time in my own quarters.( purpose prepared room in attic)
    I requested very politely to now write this report and will then await any further orders or requests from Lady Deborah before she leaves this evening to go to her own and proper home.Where She says Her children are not nearly as tiresome , problematic and deserving and needing as much correction, discipline and constant direction to attend and give Her pleasure in life as myself. That part is not of any meaning to me though Ladies,Madame’s & Mistresses of the House as honestly i am and do always try or rather do do my very hardest in everything for Lady Deborah and will try much much harder on Wednesday for my next 20mls milking session/day.
    Curtsey & Kisses for you all
    sissy-maid priscilla

  48. Sissy Diann

    This girl wants to learn to be the perfect Sissy would love to be able to serve under someone and wait on them hand and foot one whatever they desire I need a lot of training that’s why I’m here I am very disobedient too much. And they do not punish me what to do

  49. desiree

    With Your Permission Mistress’? (he.r opinion!) It is totally the sissy’s responsibility to “always” Obey and Submit to the Mistress’ Commands, wishes, thoughts and desires! the sissy has no right to express he.r wants or desire, at any time, toward The Mistress! The sissy must, at all times be humbled and receptive to The Mistress! s.he must always “be of service!” The sissy should always be receptive to The Mistress’ wishes, prior to The Mistress actually thinking of what She Wants! For many of us sissy’s that believe that we are seeking The Mistress; we must remember that; all we can do is “put ourselves out into this sad would” for The Mistress to “find Us” ! this sissy will never, ever have a Mistress! The Mistress will forever, once s.he has been found this sissy; will have an honest, trustworthy, respectful, faithful and loyal, and dependable sissy that will worship The Mistress as the Supreme Goddess, Her Majesty, Her Highness; or whichever title the sissy requires to express YOUR COMMITMENT to The Mistress that will use the sissy as They see fit; and if your are lucky…forever!

  50. ameera

    Love it here and am learning to adhere to the training assignments. Never submitted any reports, but will in the future. I truly love it here and am blessed that this lowly sissy was accepted y Ms. Stewart some time ago.

    Most Gracious Curtsies,

  51. lindsey

    Hello, just reading the Zen of Servitude has relighted my girlish essence and i am so happy to be here. This week, lived en femme 24/7. As the week went on, felt more courageous and wore light makeup, eyeliner, lipstick, panties, bra to work. Inside a house full of Women, i put my best sissy walk, talk and servitude attitude forward. Instantly read by these Women, i found myself in the living room. Being as girlish as possible i politely had to interview the Owner of the home and as Her several questions. Many looks, stares, snickers and outright laughter from these Powerful Women. i felt so humbled and submissive–it was wonderfully emasculating.

  52. grace

    This statement is the Paramount of a good slave. As a sissy has to be obedient, respectful, loyal, trustful and Love Owner, at all. SERVITUDE is the main inner atitude this sissy has to have in h.ers mind and soul.

    The main difficult to approach this inner state is to have the power and the courage to accept the “annihilation of the sissies personal freedom”.
    This is very difficult to a former man avoid all the conditional state of mind that was learned by social, psycological and atitudinal education received since the day he was born.
    But, all human being, sissies as well, has the free will to transform it in obedience to Owner. So, obedience in all aspects of life, listening and realizing that the Owner Wishes and Demands are the Voice to lead life for everything.
    It was, at first, an incredible fight between the man’s conditioning stuff and the new life as a sissy slave. But persistence, discipline, humiliation, punishments and a new path to follow almost obsessively can lead the sissy to a happy Paradise of being a property of a Superior avoiding own will, except to serve accordingly to Owner Wishes, Desires and Demands.
    That is the main objective of new life. It has to be approached with attentive and continuos quality improvement. That’s why a new educational focus based on the Feminine State of Mind and Attitudes have to be achieved.
    So, a state of a total surrender to the sissy’s Owner and Guide without any limitations, is the main goal to a good sissy in training.

  53. krstymarks


    Good evening readers,

    sissy has had a fairly successful 36 hours of mentally checking into the role s.he has challenged herself with. sissy has been wearing panties almost non-stop around the house and at work and has continued to perfect her gliding effect when walking. sissy even caught herself chuckle when she forget she was doing this in front of superior males while at the work place this afternoon. sissy has also taken a position to focus and serve two female co-workers, one a direct report and the other a lateral position to my own. sissy has been consistently asking what sissy can do to make their days, evenings, lunch-breaks more enjoyable and pleasurable. Offering coffee runs, lunch trips and all around trying to become one of the “girls”. Already sissy has become more docile in meetings and less argumentative and accepts male opinions easier and more readily. sissy would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Staff at Sissify for checking me back into reality and taking the time to show/remind me of my place. It was not forgotten, but perhaps lightly covered for some time due to work. I am back on track and looking forward to the continued encouragement of my sissy maid”dom”.

    Sincerely, krsty marks

    1. katielynne

      sissy thanks you for your post. it gives sissy encouragement and desire to continue sissifying herself.

      sissy would also like to thank the House for allowing all of this to be possible.

  54. connie

    Curtsies to Ms. Stewart,

    Love it here and am learning to adhere to the training assignments. Never submitted any reports, but will in the future. I truly love it here and am blessed that this lowly sissy was accepted y Ms. Stewart some time ago.

    Most Gracious Curtsies,
    sissy connie

  55. janet sissy

    Dear Mistress

    This sissy has enjoyed studying the Zen of servitude and shall keep reading it to remind her always of her place. she has always since about 2014 when she first shaved her body kept doing so. There is no feeling like being clean shaven , especially when wearing panty hose this sissy slut loves to rub her legs in pantyhose it feels so smooth and clean.
    This sissy slut wishes she could run a hot bath and shave her body like instructions state however she is in a truck most of the time and can only shower at the truck stops so she uses hair remover , dry shaving or wet in the shower and using a ladies shaver she shall try to use a motel so she can bath more often.
    This sissy slut makes it a point to go out of her way to assist and admire her Betters making a point of giving complements to the beauties that makes this sissy so jealous she knows true women are by far her Betters and she wishes only to serve Them
    This sissy slave is working very hard on her walk and is finding that it makes her feel more fem and thus finds herself making other gestures more like a sissy should like standing with her hip out and using more gestures while talking it is all so exciting she can’t wait to find a mistress to serve
    This sissy slut has thrown out all of her disgusting men’s underwear and has replaced them with wonderful silky and pretty panties and she finds them to be so comfortable that she wonders why anyone would wear mens underwear.
    To conclude this letter this sissy is very happy to follow the advice of all her Superiors which she feels are very brave to have come to the point that They have without the comfort of anything like The House of Sissy and promises to be the very best sissy slut slave that she can be by learning everything she can from her Mistresses

    Your humble sissy

  56. sissymaid383

    curtsey today I read my assignment and have been doing some already for a period of time, as of keeping completely shaved and wearing panties and bras always. I have sent off for a little chastity device for women I’m going to try when it comes in, I will send pic when it arrives, sissy hasn’t been circumcised and have a little clit sissy tried best to get castrated when sissy had prostate problem but doc was against that, sissy is still trying to find way to lose the package been on pm for about 6 months. thank you Superior’s for training this worthless sissy slut. curtsey sissymaid383

  57. gina

    I have cleaned my flat from top to bottom.
    I strive to be the very best sissy maid I can be.
    I wear a clean pair of sissy panties every day.
    I adore, women and. Treat them with reverence at every opportunity
    I humbly submit this report.

  58. princess jonna


    sissy jonna has found wise to read The Zen of Servitude now and then. Even s.he understands what servitude really is, to read that is important to reminder Then s.he knows ecaxtly every minute how to act. Also as a sissy s.he likes to fulfill everything correctly.
    This zen of servitude is guiding sissies well.

    sissy jonna curteys all the Superiors

  59. paula

    This sissyslut agrees totally above-mentioned instructions, servitude attitude is most important to develop herself to a proper sissymaid.
    This sissyslut also considers that especially The Women must be honoured respected and to be submissive to and to serve Them by all means that she can and to obey them obediently, because this sissyslut is afeminist and regards women as more dignified than men and also regards that women should be more in the leading positions of society . This would show the way to a better society for all, because typical feminine personal traits make them better leaders; They are better listeners than men, They have as rule better undrstanding to their employees, They are capable to perform multiple tasks simultaneusly and in many countries Women have nowadays higher education level than nen.
    This sissyslut dreams to be a sissymaid in her Mistresses House, in her lingerie, boots with 2 inch heels on, frenchmaid uniform on, nails reddened, makeup applied to her face, yellow andcurly wig on her head.
    Her Misttress has made her a weekly calendar including the tasks that this sissyslut is obliged to perform. It consists of vacuum-cleaning all rooms, wiping the dust, cleaning the toilet-seat inside and outside and the wc room all over, polishing the wc ceramic tile-
    walls. Wiping the washroom walls and kitchen levels with a rag, washing the laundry and thereafter taking it out to washingline to dry.
    Then this sissy goes to grocery shop for buying the days meal substances keeping in mind her Mistressess food sense of taste.
    When this sissymaid gets home it´s time to cook lunch to herMisstess, defray dishes on the board and then ask most politely if she may disturb her Mistress and if her Mistress allows calls her to table.
    This sissy never eats simultaneusly with her Mistress but waits very patiently untill her Mistress is ready and untill then eats what has left uneatable from her Misstress.
    Thereafter this sissy clears the table off and washes the dishes manually.
    Aftter this sissymaid has got all the chore of the day done she goes to sleeping room , undresses her frenchmaid uniform, boots with high heels, stockings , suspender belt, satin corset, bras, panties and wig.
    Then this sissy removes all makeup with a makeup remover,
    Therafer this sissy goes to washing room and puts water run rom the tap to bathtub and makes a warm relaxing foam water.
    Threafter she plops into the water and begins to enjoy herself.
    After taking a long bath, this sissy dries herself with towelans shaves her bodyhair all over and applies moisturusing cream on her boby and then goes to her bed on satin bedshet.
    Because her Mistress has rewarded her today by a special permission of wanking her oversized clit she prepares by picking up a condom from her dresser.
    Then she goes to her bed with back against the bed and legs so apart wirh knees a little raised in a so feminine manner as she can.
    Then this sissyslut puts condom on her oversized clit, put split on her fingers and takes a graspon her clit by forefinger and thunb.
    Then she gently rubs her clit untill she bursts into orgasm.
    Thereafter this sisyslut sucks all the sisyjuice from the condom because she has allready ben trained to love it and that a proper sissyslut must leaern to sarishfy Real Man orally and suck His cock skilfully and ask permission to swallowHis sperm, and if she gets it , she must be very grareful.

  60. girly legz

    Sissy Slut Girlylegz is thrilled her Sissy Maid outfit has arrived . Readyto please and serve in her Sissy outfit. I have shaved my legs and am completely smooth and girly. Today i have divested my self of all male underwear. Nothing but fem wear for this slut .

  61. natasha sissy

    Dear Mistress,
    NatashaSissy has carefuly read and understood all the points explaines in the Zen of Servitude. Even though s.he is biggining and has little experience, this sissy would like to thank the Superiors for allowing he.r the chance to learn about all these beautiful things. This sissy has already started to apply these teachings. Aside from wearing panties daily and cooking and cleanning, this sissy is now proudly practicing walking, sitting, kneelingand is working hard on redemption.
    Thank you Superiors

  62. jennac


    sissy jenna has long sought a proper Mistress to guide he.r into femininity, with no luck so far. s.he has found nearly every other kind of Mistress and made friendly contact with these goddesses but none have had the interest in guiding sissy jenna farther into femininity, though one has offered to help in this unlucky sissies search and promised to direct any such Mistress she finds willing to further sissy jenna’s education and transformation.

    sissy jenna is sorry for not having a mistress to lead he.r into femininity, and progress alone is slow, and she sometimes stalls in her progress, but she does the best she can given he.r handicap of not being born a goddess although sissy jenna wishes to someday join the lesser ranks of womanhood.

    humbly yours sissy jenna

  63. maya

    Dear Mistresses.
    This sissy maya. I have read and understood analyzed the servitude . I have understood that my Mistresse they are my life my inspiration my reason for being. I promise to be perfect for her and subjected completely. I was alone in the world and lost. Now I found my guide and I completely hands to it. I start the moment your raw instructions. I’ll be there for my sisters and especially not their shame faires. I have failed in my masculinity. I will not failed in my femininity. I need you to guide me and save my life . Maya your subject .

  64. Jennifernine

    Jennifer has done away with all male undergarments and now wears soft panties all the time and even most days pantyhose under her male clothes ,much easier to do now after being on hormones for as long as sissy has been ,have been in high heels every evening learning to walk sit and move more ladylike even working on her curtsey , working on make up and loosing weight .

  65. miss borealis

    The sissy understands what is expected of her.

    She has begun practicing her walk, kneeling comes natural and sitting should be no problem. She will begin to adopt her new qualities immediately.

  66. caren holtrop

    I may be a bit out of the ordinary. I have a long career of submissiveness (see profile) , have served a substantial amount of Mistresses (6 in total for about 30 years) and my current Mistress has deemed it necessary to “freshen up” on my feminine skills, routines and attitude. Some of the advice in the house is a bit out of range. I have breast implants since quite a number years, and my castration (scrotum and testes) are hindering my ability to relief myself.
    Nevertheless. Most chapters read like a dream, bring me back to the necessary, the essential and remind me about some of the thinks that have suffered under the routine of living like a woman for such a long period of time. I enjoy every bit of it and my Mistress has allowed (more than that?) to go back to the routine of periods……very feminine and so nice, adding to the completion of the life we are all leading….and enjoying.
    Can’t wait to read everything, the rest and maybe again and again.

  67. korina

    Dear mistress
    This sissy has been shaving total body wearing panties, and outfits around house for wife/mistress for a while now since I work from home. This sissy does get punished for not completing chores or not doing them better and always have been trained to respect and cater to women. This sissy does need practice in courtesy and walking but I get better daily. Thanks for the helpful information.

  68. sissy sarasilk

    sissy sarasilk is extremely grateful for her assignment. sissy sarasilk will start studying the Zen of servitude as soon as she is done expressing how grateful she is. Mistress thank you so much
    sissy sarasilk is performing a Curtsey for her Mistress.
    sissy sarasilk will practice for curtsies and promises the next one and the one after that will be better thank you so much Mistress

  69. patricia

    Dear Mistress,

    Today i shaved my complete body from the neck down. I started wearing panties the whole day.
    Whenever possible i practise walking in my 5inch heels.
    Doing all this convinces me that i want to be a sissy and that i need to continue my training.



  70. slut sheila

    Dear Mistress

    This slut has submissively read he.r first lesson The Zen of Servitude. s.he now realizes that this will be a long but also beautiful and ultimately satisfying path. Thank you especially for the 8 Feminine qualities to adapt, namely, being passive, emotional, self effacing, giving, reliant, obedient, soft and lastly, smooth. s.he feels these are guiding principles for which this slut Can try to aspire.

    Slut Sheila

  71. princess jonna

    Dear Mistress,
    Sissy jonna has now studied The Zen of Servitude and has understood that Superiors must be served 24/7, to please them by placing their needs above all. Also sissy’s behaviour must show obience all the time as well as everyting must do by woman like way. I accept all this, it’s my way to live – I am happy now.

  72. alyssa caitlin

    this sissy curtsy’s to Mistress and The House Superiors.
    this sissy has read the zen of servitude and understands responsibilities and duties as a sissy. this sissy commits h.erself to the study and training that is required of all sissies.
    this sissy gives thanks to The Board and House and All Superiors for this opportunity to become the sissy that s.he was born to be and serve superiors.

    sissy alyssacaitlin

  73. annetteb

    Dear Mistress, i have read this first assignment and now i know more than ever how much i want to be a sissy. i have been practicing these arts in crude form for so long and now i would be so deeply honored to recognized as the acolyte that i am, hoping i am worthy with your kind guidance. As the silly incompetent beginner i am, fluttery and full of desire to serve, can you provide guidance about how to reach the next step.

    1. Madame Stewart

      You’re on your way honey. Follow the Assignments laid out in your Welcome Letter for the foundational requirements of sissyhood, submit your Reports – and most of all respect your Superiors and be good and kind to your sisters!

  74. caress

    Dear Mistress,

    Having now read the Zen of Servitude, this sissy is committed to learn and live every aspect of it in her daily life. And though still unworthy, this sissy feels great joy in the promise of fulfilling her training, of becoming a totally submissive sissy servant to my Mistress. Thank You so much!

    sissy caress

  75. billie w

    Hello Mistress, I have just joined because I am in need of instruction and of discipline. In my former life I held much responsibility and domain over my juniors and look back upon it with some dismay. I don’t think I was cruel ever indeed and did harbour desires for one or two of my fellows but never carried it through. I have long been dressing in fem underclothes and two years ago went into hormone treatments. My breasts have developed well and I do feel very feminine and sissy. I want to kneel in worship of my mistress, do bow to be demands and to submit to all that she asks from me. I want to take care of her as a proper slave should. But in this I need instruction. I am worthless unless My mistress can find a need of me. Please help me to be a good little girl.

  76. rlbfour

    This is Colette, a naughty and somewhat insolent and sloppy sissy maid who regularly finds herself in trouble with her mistress.Once when she was employed in a household with several other servants, she ruined her mistresses’s lingerie wardrobe, her bras, her panties, and her lounge robes. Her mistress pulled her by the pink ribbon on her clitty to the downstairs foyer and in the the presence of the other servants and strapped to a spanking bench and with a butt plug in her pussy gave her a severe strapping asking her to apologize after each stroke.

  77. julieann

    sissy julieann is new and does not have a Mistress as of yet. sissy julieann understands she has much to learn and looks forward to serving a Mistress and completing any tasks Mistress demands. sissy julieann loves women and can only hope to have the honor to serve and be trained by a demanding MIstress. sissy julieann just wants to earn the honor to be in panties for the rest of her life. sissy julieann understands Mistress may lend her out as she wishes to please any man Mistress desires. Although sissy julieann has never been with a man, sissy knows Mistress will train julieann so she can become the best cocksucker in my Mistress stable of sissies. My only goal is to serve my Mistress and become the best sissy julieann can be.

  78. jennifer

    Dear Mistresses/Board Members,

    please accept this humble sissies desire and need to participate in the your training program. for too long this sissy has denied its true desires and feared the impact surrendering itself might have. this sissy realizes the fear it feels is just that, it is self imposed. sissies like myself need to trust more and realize that the Mistresses who comprise the Board, are working to improve a sissies life. a sissy like myself, has to remember it was this sissy who searched for a site seeking assistance in transforming itself into a better sissy, understanding that a sissy must drop all pretenses it is something other than a sissy is a necessity in moving forward. a good sissy follows directions without question, this sissy wants to be a good sissy and it will follow the directions in the House of Sissify.
    thank you for considering my promise and commitment to the Mistresses in the House of Sissify.

  79. katie

    House of Sissify
    i curtsy to all Mistresses, and Women on the board.
    i also have read, and understand my responsibilities as a sissy.
    Women have and always will be above me, and the Mistress is above all. i love the feeling of servitude. i kneel before you Mistress with both knees bend at the same time, panties never showing. Hand’s placed in front folded, eyes down.
    i’m a sissy slut who’s here to serve. i’ve read we must some times suck cock, Is this true Mistress?

    sissy katie

  80. lesliesissy

    Sissy Leslie has denied the reality of being a sissy for too many years. After discovering the ability to open my sissy mind to Hypnotic Recordings and Videos that reinforce my inner mind to allow my outer mind the pure pleasure and gratification of Submitting, Surrendering, Worshiping, Serving, and Obeying the Superior Woman for which I was born . This sissy has a burning desire to be the best sissy I can possibly be and am eager to devote my mind, soul, and body forever. Having such wonderful heartfelt desires I now feel more and more feminine everyday. I love that now my entire smooth and silky body feels so erotic to me and wearing my lovely panties, garters and nylons permanently and lingerie and sexy girly outfits is just to pleasurable to describe. I am wishing that it would be ok and proper to ask a Mistress’ approval for sissy to have another sissy as her lover as it is now constant the desire to share sissy sexual feelings…..I am very grateful and humbled to become a resident of and Thank You for establishing my new Sissify Home ….Obediently Yours Sissy Leslie

  81. sissy jilly

    Hello mistress. This sissy is here to be a better sissy and to better serve women and men in anyways possible. But this sissy does need help tho. Is the any mistress that will take this sissy under her wing help this sissy better serve.

    Love Sissyjim3

  82. chantall

    Dear Lady, Chantal also Sissy from Germany wants to be a good girl and all mistresses and masters serve as befits a well behaved girl cock. Chantall is already making its 24/7 delicate panties, stockings and nylons and often feels so good about it. What Chantall but still have to learn is the absolute subjection and to be able to fully serve submissive unit. Therefore Chantall is here and would like to thank very for inclusion in this wonderful house with her divine mistresses.
    Hug, kisses and a Knicks

  83. sissy yvette

    sissy Yvette, enjoys serving real man and woman, I’m trying to be a real good sissy.
    Sitting up straight and walking like a sissy al the time even in public.
    Love my sexy panties.
    This sissy wants to come out one day, can any one help?
    lots of kisses sissy Yvette

  84. ana rosa

    This humble sissi Ana Rosa just starting walking and sitting properly and so happy to do that all day long as work looking at the floor and admired all the real wonen I met I am here in a servant attitude

  85. stacy

    At long last I have finally succumbed to my feelings. Every day, I just fantasise about becoming a cock sucking whore. Women are without doubt the superior sex, and from this day forward I have taken a major step forward in becoming totally subservient and dedicated to the female form. Is there anyone out there who can truly show me the error of my ways and allow me to become a true slut who will train me, educate me and allow me to become the person I have always desired?

  86. sissysammi

    This sissi sammi, is also new to the site, sHe is highly skilled in all forms of oral pleasure. sHe enjoys serving her superior wife even though She is not aware of this sissi’s true deep down desires to serve Her as a femboi. sHe would be happy to serve and train with other Superior women or Men.
    Hugs and kisses
    sissi sammi

  87. rosey

    As a new member in the house this sissy would like to say hi to everyone. sissy read zen servitude and s.he loves to cook and bake. (sissy would love to exchange recipes) sissy also loves to give massages and cleaning it makes sissy’s partner love more. This web site is great because it lets sissy to be self. Thanks Mistress

  88. peggy sue sissy

    Dear Mistress. Peggy sue sissy planted the corn& beans. she work all day in yard getting every thing done for wife be make her happy. Cleaning house start thing in morning. Washing clothes & cleaning shoe’s. The whole time tugged & plugged. It does keep you in your place. She hoping to hear from the house soon because she hasn’t been masterbating but she going to I think

    Love your Peggy sue sissy Thank you for listening.

  89. sweet penny

    I have a drawer full of panties that I wear everyday/ I have no Mistress; but wish for a coach/trainer Mistress to teach me to serve Her and my Wife. Wife does let me wear nighties to bed. I dearly would love to be a better for both.

  90. serenity


    i have just joined, hello all, i have no pantys and no Mistress to serve, but i do have manners do and have always helped females been of a polite and helpful manner, i look forward to meeting you all.

  91. jenny

    This sissy girl does not yet have a Mistress to service. Sissy Melanie looks forward to practicing being a good servant while waiting to meet someone and loves that panties are mandatory from now on.

  92. mattiegirl

    sissy mattiegirl just loves this site its so perfect for me and my Mistress . sissy matiegiirl has read the above and asks wahat if my Mistress does not make or mind if i wear panties is matiegirl to wear them?

  93. slavecaitlyn

    slavecaitlyn has known for years her compulsion to be in servitude to Women , but just now has an expanded knowledge and understanding of the actions, demeanor sand posturing that define slavecaitlyns existence as a sissy devoted to servitude. slavecaitlyn can only be a sissy by definition- no more and no less; take away any one element of a sissy’s existence ( wearing panties daily, walking appropriately, giving away all desires and wants for herself, etc…) then by definition, slavecaitlyn could not and would not be a sissy. Thank You Mistress of the House for the opportunity to learn, practice, grow and reprogram herself into what the universe had long since decided.;)

  94. Alicia

    Obsequious is an synonymous with absolute deferment of an Sissy pleasure derived while executing this slit’s main duties. This micro penis has it’s size for a definite reason- transformation, at the direction of a yet to be assigned Mistress.

  95. little shirley

    I desire to become a proper Sissy, but I am conflicted. I adore women and wish to serve them. I am still stoic and self-centered, but I am committed to changing these traits to become more emotional and self effacing. Satin, nylon, tricot, chifon, silk and lace are what I belong in. I wear beautiful panties 24/7 and desire to wear my baby dolls every night, but I do not want to offend my less than 100% supportive wife. I long to work around the house in a beautiful maids outfit. There is no possibility that my wife would become my Mistress, but I have to strive to make her my secret Mistress. Even so I may feel like I am only a shell of a Sissy. However, perseverance is the operative word.

  96. Lisag

    this sissy finds this page a wonderful description of what s.he will now practice and strive to achieve. He.r only question of concern is wearing panties when it will become obvious to he.r superior wife and daughters before s.he has explained to them why she must wear panties. ~bites her lip and respectfully lowers her head feeling her face flush in embarrassment~ may s.he avoid wearing panties in such a family situation until she has come ‘out’ ? This house sissy thanks the Mistress(es) in advance for their wonderful response

    1. jenny

      This sissy wishes s.he could serve under a Mistress with all of he.r heart. This sissy appreciates all the time Yourself and all The Superiors at The House provide in transforming sissies such as myself into proper sissies like this sissy wishes s.he could be.

Something to share sweetie?