reflect upon your inner girlishness

sissy quizWho do you see gazing back at you?

Your House of Sissify brings you sissy quizzes to examine your personality, proficiency, and progress. Come now girls, pay attention! sit up! backs straight! and take our quizes to discover your inner girlishness.

What kind of sissy are you?

spreader-squareEver wondered if you’re a sissymaid or a pantyslut? Or perhaps even a sissyslave? The House can find out so much about our girls, by just a few questions! If you’ve ever wondered what features of the House might apply to you? Take this quiz!

You know you’re a schoolgirl when….?

Of course you like the short plaid skirts, and the bobbysocks – but do you really know why you’re a schoolgirl looking to be taught by a strong Mistress?

What’s your panty personality?

Did you know a girls choice in panties reflects the deepest aspects of her personality? Take this quiz to find out what type of panties will best express your girlishness!


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