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Madame Stewart

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“Sissify.com means “strict behaviour modification for sissies”. Wonderfully, they relieve any guilt you may be feeling, by taking full responsibility for your feminization. There’s a “sissy of the month” a monthly homework assignment for all (this month:shaving), links, “a gallery of sissies”, and an “ask the mistress” section. I really like this site. There seems to be some sort of application process required for full access (involving confession of your secret desires) It doesn’t mention a fee, but I’d be very surprised if there wasn’t one. Still, it’s a pretty nifty site.”

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sissy francine

The House of Sissify is utterly unique in its beguiling allure to every sissy who ever tried on a pair of panties, just as much as it is to sissy maids, slaves and princesses, advancing their way through trans-formative gender… Read more “sissy francine”