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When I first came across this site I thought it was really unique and exciting. Then I got to thinking, would people find this site as interesting as I did? I think the answer is yes. I know we have women readers who love the idea of their man in sexy frilly panties and I know there are men out there who have secret fantasies of wearing something forbidden. So here it is – I’ve decided to go ahead and review this site. Life is more fun when you are adventurous.

The House of Sissify is a nicely done site.

It is erupting with all kinds of useful information, This site’s main focus is on male feminization and, to an extent, female domination. As I looked at the galleries of all the beautiful sissies, I found myself becoming quite moist at the thought of dressing my man up in lace panties and stockings. The House of Sissify lets one know that it’s OK to get
in touch with your feminine side. Their statement is this, “Ladies…. We are here to help you administer the discipline that your panty wimp requires. Often copied, but never equaled, We are a full service information and educational institution, providing the tools and personalized guidance to sissify, feminize, transition or otherwise create that little girl your princess is waiting to become.” As a dominant female, I like their concept.

The site is more than just galleries, though it has quite an extensive collection of images.They offer graded essays
with photos, wanking schedules with the creative “wank-o-matic”, stories, chat rooms and substantial amounts of information. If one goes to this site with an open mind, one could walk away with new fantasies and desires.

There is nothing wrong with exploring something different. Ladies, wouldn’t you like to see your man wearing your favorite pair of panties? Guys, wouldn’t you like it to be ok to delve into that non-masculine side? The answer of course, is yes. So be adventurous, grab your favorite pair of frilly undies , and cruise on by.

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sissy krissy

i think this is the best site on the internet and it is an invaluable resource for all sissys. it is an honor to support this site.