sissy francine


The House of Sissify is utterly unique in its beguiling allure to every sissy who ever tried on a pair of panties, just as much as it is to sissy maids, slaves and princesses, advancing their way through trans-formative gender change. Intelligent, enticing and utterly erotic, The House is where sissies, prim, proper, horny or otherwise, can associate freely with their natural community, without fear of the winds of ridicule. Within skirts, whose modest veils leave only the flimsiest of obstacles to exposure, a stiff breeze can leave a girl feeling vulnerable. Within the House, a sissy can afford to relax, surrendering he.r wanton body to the wind. The wind may strengthen, foiling all efforts to cover he.r exposed pelvis. Within The House, the flight of a sissy’s dress can invert he.r skirt without fear of embarrassment. For that alone, The House of Sissify is truly gratifying.

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The House sure feels like home, so glad to be a part of it all!