Madame Stewart

This sissy is with You now for off and on 3-4 years and slowly but surely she gets Your program and discovers her true nature. In the beginning she was just a sissy on occasion and at “certain” times. But now she goes to Your site every night. This sissy is looking forward every day to log on to The House. It does feel like home now.

And she is almost always satisfied with being a sissy and only has contact over email on occasion with another sissy. She used to be so frustrated when she had to follow orders from Women at the office. She felt her masculinity was threatend. How funny.. . After having now internalized her sissieness she relishes the orders from her female Superiors.

She totally likes to please them and is thrilled when the Superior Women have a good word for her. Since this sissy goes almost every night to Your site, she is more and more accustomed to feeling less then a Women and less then a real Man. She does understand that she can not compare herself with Women and real Man, since she is a sissy.

But she has now pride in her sissieness and feels truly comfortable with the thought of being a sissy for the rest of her life, never again have a relationship not based on Dominance of the Female or Dominant Male. Its sad sometimes for her but it’s better to realize ones nature. She can not satisfy a Women as a real Man can, physically as well as mentally she is only suited for serving and obeying order form her Superiors. This sissy wants to express her gratitude to You and just let You know how successful Your program is for this sissy

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kelli ann

my Wife has ordered me to write You again and tell You how much She enjoys Your site and the ideas it has given Her. She says She never realized how nice it would be to have a sissy maid/slut… Read more “kelli ann”