Walk three steps behind the Mistress, serve the tea, kneel head down hands in lap,  Be where you are expected to be, and do as the Goddess commands quietly and with a smile..



Reflection and Understanding

This lesson gives a very interesting perspective and instruction on Servitude ...
Mistress Likes Cunnilingus

Never need Her to ask

If a Woman has to ask for favors, the sissy has failed her Mistresses and all of the inside girls ...

Servitude as a Foundation of Respect

The number one goal of this sissy and all sissys is to serve their Mistresses and Masters with total obedience and respect ...
The Tao of sissyhood

The Tao of sissyhood

This sissy is always trying to make sure that the Women in her life are respected and catered for including making their days better ...
shoes of service

Fixing faulty wiring

As her Superior’s have so astutely pointed out, the sissy brain needs to be rewired desperately ...
Serve and Learn

Serve and Learn

By reading these assignment carefully, this sissy understands that spiritual and physical slavery is very important for a sissy ...
pink shoes

First Steps of Servitude

This sissy has just recently entered the House and has been studying the Zen of Servitude assignment and implementing it in h.er day to day life and finally feels ready to make a report on h.er studies. This sissy has ...

Learning to be a real sissy

As this sissy begins her journey to becoming a true girl, she first needed to learn some key points about serving as a real sissy ...
shoe shopping

Journey of Womanhood

This sissy is so happy to finally be taking the correct steps toward the journey of Womanhood!! ...

Punishment… real vs fun

Punishment. Many sissies crave it and the attention that comes with it. This sissy however, has learned that being a brat as a cry for attention does not justify punishment ...

Praise the feminine, serve with femininity

Acting in true feminine fashion is this sissies goal in life - and to serve Womankind and a Mistress is my function ...
sissy Redemption

sissy Redemption

This is my first submission but i've read the etiquette rules and hopefully have it all down. Reading about being a submissive pet and pleasing my mistress got me a little riled up but I restrained. To the questions of ...

Importance of Servitude

This sissy is very happy to learn about serving Mistress better ...
submitted to her rightful place

submitted to her rightful place

It is a lesson this sissy shall never forget ...
Appreciation of the Superior Gender

Appreciation of the Superior Gender

Proper service to a Superior is at the heart of being a true and successful sissy and is vital to understand and display in all facets of a sissy's life ...
A sissy serves her Superior

The submission of rissa

The basic part of being a sissy is being subservient, and so being subservient is the most important part of being a sissy! ...
Worship thy Superior

Worship thy Superior

sissy terrina is the one who is lucky to be under the Authority of The House of Sissify, and have a Superior to care for ...
Maid Service

Submissive mentality

Even though this sissy cannot do some things s.he can further and be he.r sissy self quietly, gently, and submissively ...
Realization of a Different Kind of Loving

Realization of a Different Kind of Loving

This girl was not meant to sweep a Woman into his arms. Rather she was meant to fall at Her feet and offer Her a different kind of loving ...
assume the position

Strict Attention to Detail

Its the small details like that which keep a sissy's mind focused on her station in life ...


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It is year 2018. now. Day by day, we are passing. Many lifes, many souls. Many passionate clicks of the heels and sighting of the moon. In that, despite the murkiness, shine on the sky. Oh! What a great treasure this collection of reports is. Although a struggle on the surface it is absolutely amazing and beautiful monument to life. we all will never meet, but the beauty that is or might be, somewhere in our endeavors and ideals is more than just a part of ourselves. Thank you so very much. Have a nice day and (do) curtsy to… Read more »