let the House take control.

wankerWe know all too well the childish games you sissies play when it comes to your wanking!

Every good sissy should learn self control, and how to not loose her girlishness in the afterglow of such activities. Orgasm is no reason to take off your panties and forget your a sissy! Much to our suspect, it has become very apparent that most of you pathetic sluts actually wank your little clitties on a daily basis! This clearly shows how poorly trained you sissies really are! Obviously, you have yet to be taught that your oversized clitoris is owned by your Superiors even though it is attached (possibly on a temporary basis) to your body.Because you have shown such a selfish attitude of placing your pleasures above those of your Superiors, We require Our Inside sissies to cease all masturbation activities until they find their allowed times posted next to their name on the Approved Masturbation Schedule. Yes. We take your wanking very seriously at the House.The Staff will determine upon review of your application, a more reasonable schedule that does not abuse the property of your Superior.

 Here’s how it works!

You will be reminded of your Approved Masturbation days by feMail, on the day before each occurrence, with one of Our favorite fantasies included from one of your sisters. On your appointed days you are given these special privileges!

  • Access to the sissySex room for cybersissysex activities!
  • Access to the “Lust for Lace” galleries where you can peruse thousands of your favorite panty, lingerie and upskirt pictures!

If you are presently under the care of a Mistress / Master, you must ask their permission to partake in this training exercise. The House of Sissify has no desire to overstep their authority.


Why a Masturbation Schedule?

a childhood remembrance by mommies boy robin

Do you masturbate? We can help!You may be surprised to hear that the only other person to impose restrictions on my masturbation was my Mom. robin never called her Mistress, only Mommie, but she was my Dom for most of my life. We lived together until She passed away ten years ago. So You see robin is a sissy and a mommie’s boy. My Mom was the one who put me on the Fri. and Sun. masturbation schedule. And even though She is no longer here, robin has stuck with her plan up until now. Now robin is very excited to have someone new to obey. This plan all started while robin was still in high school. i had bought a box of Kleenex tissues and put them under my bed. She certainly knew why i needed them. She must have known because robin was jerking off four or five times a day. So when She found it She exploded. “What kind of filthy nasty things are you doing in My house?” robin knows that sounds archaic today, but that was the way people thought back then. It was then that she started handing me a box of tissues every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings and on Sunday mornings.

She’d ask if i had my work all done and then hand me the tissues and tell me to go upstairs for a while, but to bring the box of tissues back to Her when i was done. It was always embarrassing to think that someone knows what you are doing and is also listening to you, but robin loved Her Mom very much and always followed Her rules. Soon the embarrassment and the thought that she might be just outside the door listening added to the excitement. The biggest embarrassment and one robin never got completely over was being forced to return the box and say thank you. After several years She stopped the permission for Monday nights.

Then about two years before She passed away She canceled the Wednesday date also. robin once got the nerve to ask Her to return to the earlier schedule, but Mom merely said that at my age i was doing it enough. After Her death robin went sort of crazy and started jerking off all the while just like a teenager. But after a month or so she decided that out of respect and love for her Mom she would go back to Mom’s plan for her. During all those years it would have been easy to cheat on Her, but i never did. And robin promises that she will never cheat on You either.

Bless You.robin

submit for your privileges

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  1. littlemisssha

    I’d love to get to know vers sissy sisters. I am very open minded and somewhat new to this, but very experienced as well. Connect with me I have all sorts of fun outfits and shoes to show off. Sign me up for this masturbation schedule please.

  2. Nancy James

    I love dressing and showing my best female features. As I am slim and my legs look great, when I wear my very short skirts and high heels my pussy is in the air and sexually inviting.

  3. tammy

    this sissy didn’t even know my clitty should be called a clit. i bought thong panties and masturbated whenever i had a chance, if wife was away 4-5 times a day. now this slut joined Sissify and realizes what a sissy slut she has always wanted to be and is always plugged and pantied on her special days.

  4. sissy Fiona

    I need to be put on a strict schedule , I’m doing it every day , sometimes 2 or 3 times a day , then when I’ve finished , I put my female clothes away , I need to be stopped so that I can spend more time dressed as the woman I am meant to be .

  5. deede

    I need training my poor little sissy clit can not take all the abuse I keep putting it through. I need a strict schedule and something that I can look forward to.

  6. Elaine28

    having become a widower since 2009 i find being the sissy slut i am, dressing 24/7 is the only pleasure i can look forward to.
    trying every avenue open to me to find the man which i can serve and without being force into any service my Master may desire.

  7. leela pink

    this sissy is in bad need of a schedule, as her behaviour is getting in the way of duties. she will be grateful and thank the House for Their guidance.

  8. Martha

    Mistress allows her sissy martha, orgasm pleasure mostly to amuse Mistress and Mistress”s Female friends.Mistress and Friends have came up with some ingenous ways, to watch sissy martha ejaculate. sissy martha may not even hint of this pleasure.Mistress has made this perfectly clear ! sissy martha’s slutty mouth has learned the hard way,that orgasm pleasure is only earned and or Mistress just feel’s , well why not ? ” be quick my little wanabe worthless cunt, but you may only dry hump you”re sleeping pillow ! by the way, you only have 60 seconds” as Mistress stands in front of me snickering because Mistress knows it is impossible. sissy martha’s pillow is downstair’s behind the dungeon’s bathroom, which is sissy martha’s sleeping and changing quarters. sissy martha position”s herself in submission , at the feet of Mistress, thanking Mistress for such a wonderful consideration. when sissy martha is allowed to have a orgasm,, words cannot describe the pleasure, just to say better than the last one!!!!!!!!!

  9. stacy

    i do need to be put on a masturbation schedule. i seem to not be able to keep my hands off my thing. i need to be told when i can pleasure myself. please take controll of my

  10. penny

    i so have to thank the STAFF in the House for all your help :-) this worthless sissy has learened much and am looking to be a more exceptable sissy slave. Our assignments on wanking on ones specialday have helped me very very much . i now have learned to enjoy the moments that i may milk out my special shot of cum ,yum. this worthless sissy has wasted soo much good liquid over the years, as i would mlk it out and then feeling diqusted with my self for being dressed and self satisfing i would cleaan up and remove my fem clothing. The House’s instruction and lession of catching and slowly reacting, realizing that i am so much more special as a fem sissy then a boy/man type , reading our instructions and Staffs thoughts to com down and realize i am truely whom i should be dressed and made up as penny, that i started to savior my boy juices, still dressed and loving it . i have now licked my fingers clean , sucked them loving my special juices and am going out dressed looking for REAL MAN cocks to reward penny for her cock sucking talents. i am soo happy to share with all my sisters and THE HOUSE STAFF that i have been very complimented on my oral talents also . thank you and i want all to know that i am working so hard to accomplish my assignments . i am dreaming of the day when i may be able to move to 24/7 sissy sub for a DOM Mistress and or Master luv all penny

  11. pinkbeeme

    i have went cold sissy since joining yesterday :) and i will wait for a schedule to guide me while i work on all the other aspects i need to measure up.

  12. pinkbeeme

    It is such a real honor to be part of this fabulous bunch of Superiors who know what is best for us. i am sure that through your training i can become the girl i dream to be. i so want to please You and follow directions to the letter.


  13. alizarin55

    One more note about my Aunt.: She was somewhat stern and continued to spank me periodically, though she clearly knew it was a source of great arousal. Once I was helping her clean up the kitchen, and dropped
    some dishes on the floor. She grew stern and told me to clean it up, which I did, while she watched with pink rubber playtex gloves on from washing the dishes. As soon as I had cleaned up the mess, she sat on a kitchen chair and directed me to lay across her stocking clad legs. She pulled down my panties and spanked me with those pink soapy rubber gloves on. I was terribly thrilled and my cock was raging. When she had reddened my bottom with a good 20 swats she told me to stand up facing her, then took my engorged member in her rubber gloved hand and proceeded to masturbate me, directing my cum right onto her bra and cleavage. Naturally I lapped it all up. I was so excited by this, I begged her for many weeks to spank and masturbate me again with those gloves on. I even relinquished the desire to masturbate onto her boots for this unique pleasure, which she provided me. So my aunt eventually came to control my masturbation
    fairly effectively through the use of spanking and pink rubber gloves.
    I wanted to please her with a big spurt of my cum, so would abstain from masturbating just to show her how much I had saved for her, as it pleased her very much when I would unleash multiple spurts of cum, trembling in my stockings, panties and sissy boots in front of her.

  14. alizarin55

    My aunt had spanked me when I was naked once. She had a habit of coming into the bathroom when I was to be taking a shower and surprised me touching something she didn’t want touched. After that I was secretly aroused by her and wanted more spankings. I was fascinated by a pair of white vinyl ankle boots that she frequently wore, and used to
    sneak them out of her bedroom when she came to visit to smell them and masturbate. One day she caught me doing that and spanked me again. A very strong die was cast. She wore girdles and stockings, and was older than my mother. She was also big bosomed. A classic sort of symbol of feminine style and sexuality. When I was older in college, I began to visit her, as I was now living in a dorm near her apartment. In short order, I confessed to her my desires about her footwear and lingerie, and I became my Aunt’s young lover, and weekend slave. When I arrived at her apartment on a Friday evening, she would direct me to her guest bedroom where my outfit for the weekend was laid out on the bed. I generally wore white vinyl knee boots with chunky heels, stockings and a garter, with the skimpiest of panties to cover my erection. I wore this outfit in her apartment as we dined and watched tv together. I was allowed to kiss her boots and masturbate on them, but only after servicing her orally and otherwise throughout my weekend stay. Wearing the boots she had purchased for me aroused me so much that I sometimes would adjourn to her bathroom to secretly masturbate while wearing them. My aunt was a beautiful, sensuous, large woman who knew how to seduce and control me in the most wonderful way.
    The very smell of her boots was like the most powerful aphrodisiac for me. My skimpy panties usually developed a huge wet spot on them just being around her. While we watched tv together on the couch she would often fondle me through my panties, while I would nurse on her
    breasts and pet her between her legs. When she was fully aroused she would
    direct me to remove her panties and ‘kiss me down there”, which meant a long time kneeling between her legs as she held my head and pressed herself repeatedly into my eager mouth and tongue.
    I was her eager sissy boy lover during those wonderful years.

  15. Missy57

    My 3 sisters put me in dresses when i was newborn an my mom went with it .We didnt have much money my dad left us i was younger an got what the others grew out of i dident know tell i got boy stuff to start school.I was so confused I loved the dresses I didnt like the pants at all.My mom would put me in dresses only at home.I would try to be like others but I had 4 females an me at home.I still dont like pants.When I married told my wife she started leting me ware dresses with her an then she added some makeup not a lot ,then 3″ heels,an latter she started me house chores.But lately she would dress me in the works hose,heels,bra,slip,dress,makeup,earings,then she would start me doing chores an then she come up behind me an fondle me I would get distracted I then got a suprices.She went in the other room for a wile an came back an put a dog coller an lish on me handcuffed me spanked me an told me I was bad for not geting my chores done.She then took me to the bed thure me on it tied me spred on it then left the room.I didnt know what to expet.But it got me aroused more then I had ever felt.When she came back she had her way with me then untied me put chakels on my ankles spanked me an told me to fenish my chores an she did me like that all day an night.It made me want to be more for her I feel that I need to be a better sissy slave

  16. Esta

    Trage auch gerade einen PvC Sissymaidlook
    und vertreibe mir die Zeit mit der Hausarbeit
    es ist sehr ungewohnt nur noch im Haus sein zu müssen Penny kennst du das auch ?

  17. Manuel Fries

    ich musste zwei jahre für meine ehemalige Herrin und ihre zwei töchter im Haus bleiben und putzen ,waschen .kochen und bügeln da ich im augenblick nicht kontrolliert werde möchte ich sie bitten mir Diese zu ermöglichen in Demut Esta

  18. Vicky

    I am a travesti who taked decision to go out of “closet” last year. I’m married but she know I dress as a woman from long time ago. Now I’m free and have a my women friends. I have my own beauty adviser, and a personal wardrobe adviser and she wear me with my skirts, jeans, boots, lingerie, and dress me as a good bitch.
    I love the high heels shoes and boots and I love that some of my friends masturbate me dressed in lingerie and high boots. They forced me to left the milk in a glass and drink it all meanwhile my friend Rosane masturbate me again and again telling me I’m the most bitch woman of the world !.

  19. penny

    i love to dress in pvc and seve i had a dom cd mistress that took me to a xxx theater and allowed me to wack while dressed in my pvc mini dresss and leash and coller , putting on a show for atchers was a great turn on but she has moved on leaving hthis worthless sissy high and dry loking for new dom mistress to serve and allow me to playy again

  20. maggied

    It was almost five years into our marriage before my wife came home unexpectedly and discovered my dressing. I had always paid acute attention to cleaning up after myself and hiding my gear as not to arouse suspicion. I felt terribly guilty about my dressing, wanting to confess many times but could never warrant the courage.

    During these early years I was strugging to find myslelf and determine a carreer path and to my dismay often found myself beteween positons. Thankfully my wife was the oppisite quickly discovering her strengths and rapidly moving up the coproarte ladder so economincs was not an issue. As long as I was trying she was determined to support my efforts.

    During these periods of unemployment it was always understood that since I wasn’t working I would be responsible for doing the housework and laundry. This I readily accepted as once my wife left for the office it gave me the opportunity to dress while I worked. When I first started doing this it would excite me to no end and I would often find myself heading off with a box of kleenex but as time went on this happened less and less.

    As a matter of fact dressing like this for housework became such a common routine that I remember once passing by a mirror and being shocked at my reflection. I was so involved in cleaning that I had forgotten that I was dressed. It was as if I had become at peace with myself and it was just who I was and the excitement had vanished.

    What surprised me mostlywas that my need for releif occurred more often and was at its peak when I didn’t have the opportunity to dress. And when I was dressed I tried to squech these thoughts as they were quite embarrasing frequently conjuring up visions in my mind involving partners predominantly of the male species.

    It was only after my little secret was discovered that I faced any type of restrictions. And that occured down the line as my wife decided in her mind that it was time that for me to serious consider transition and she would make the rules. In lieu of masturbation this involved more of being limited to a milking ritual with several little other ritualisic nuances that led to further implications and activities down the line.

  21. sissy bobbi69

    i have been crossdressing since my teens.i do love it and think of it as an art form.wearing femme clothes transforms me into a sexy sissy that has the power of attraction to both sexes.
    at 16 living with my auntie who i worshipped she became my model.i would try on her sexy lingerie,heels and bright red lipstick,in front of a full length mirror and practice a swishy femme walk swaying my hips and buttocks.the friction of aunties silky panty’s against my clitty cock made me swoon with desire.i’d eventually lay down in bed n rub my clitty cock humping a soft pillow petending i was a sissy girly getting fucked for the first time..i discovered auntie had a dildo hidden away and would use this for penetration.it hurt at first but with practice i was able to fill my sissy clitty cunt and climax mmmmmm..it felt delicious.what i didn’t realize was an older,chubby, bald neighbor had been secretly observing me through the window.i had forgotten to close the drapes.yipe!he knocked on the door and introduced himself.i wasn’t crossdressed at the time but did notice the large bulge in his pants as he explained what he wanted or would tell auntie everythiing.what could i do?also i was somewhat excited that he desired me as a sissy femme slut..he demanded i touch n suck his cock as a show of good faith.it was big n tasty and he came in my mouth.to tell the truth he wasn’t my first.i had done some of the guys in school.on his 2nd visit i was dressed as he wanted.slutty.he fondled me french kissing by pushing his big tongue down my mouth.his hands fondled my clitty cock as he rubbed his huge thick cock against me.that made me sooo hot.soon he had my legs apart and was lubing my boipussy hole with his fingers.i swooned n let him have his way with me.when he came inside of me i could feel his hot load fill my pussyhole mmmmmmm.it made me climax on his belly.he was a skillful lover and made me feel like his sissy bitch.he brought sexy femme clothes for me and i looked forward to his many visits.i still remember him well as my first sissy admirer.bobbi69

  22. Jennifer Black

    One summer I needed to get a job just to help me through university, there weren’t many around at the time but I kept looking through the local paper. Then there was one! working in the restaurant waiting at tables, the snag was it mentioned a waitress but I thought this was sex discrimination so I applied and got an interview. Getting there the woman manager, said we were expecting a girl with long legs as you wrote! But its true just that I’m a boy! Well she said the uniform, is very special, a tight black mini dress, white pinny, and white knickers with lace edging and of course black stockings held up by suspenders plus super high heeled shoes, so are you sure you want this job? Well yes, I need the money.OK, undress now, “What in front of you?” “Yes”, so I did, reluctantly taking everything off, then she said put the shoes on first, so I did then she made me walk around the office completely naked apart from the shoes with a very stiff part of me showing. “Hmm” she murmered, this is a good idea! next I was dress up in the complete uniform, with the hem of the skirt just covering my knickers if I stood upright, but if I bent over all is shown! Time now to meet the other girls!!!!! well very nice but it didn’t take long before there were exploring hands up my legs into my knickers. To cut a long story short,that summer went by quickly, and I now have amuch better wardrobe of clothes!!

    1. penny

      wow jen you were and i hope still the luckest sissy ! gosh i would give the world to have an opportunity like you have been treated to .here is your resteraunt and do they need any more help ? i may not look as good in waitressing uniform , but would make a great maid to clean up for all and I love to kneel and wax flors love penny

  23. dave

    I’m Married and love to wear womens clothing. My wife doesn’t know and thats the way it has to be.I obviously need a schedule because i Masturbate daily while wearing panties or pantyhose and reading stories about other sissies.I often leave my panties on when i’m done as they feel so great.I go out wearing pantyhose and panties and bend down in stores and let them show at the back. I hope that one day some lady will notice. I have also been tempted to tell a lady that is walking towards me that i am wearing panties. I have also been tempted to ask a sales clerk if she thought that a ceratin panty or pantyhose would fit me.My wish is to someday meet a dominant lady in a discreet location and obey her.Till then i would appreciate if you were to set me up on a schedulefor masturbating.
    Thank you Maam

  24. sissy bobbi

    your story was sad but beautiful.
    i love wearing panties,heels,wig,lipstick around the house while doing chores.it also turns my wife on having a sissy husband obeying her every whim.
    i’m only allowed to touch myself when gratifying her desires.she likes to sit on my face n watch me masturbate.

  25. sissy penny

    when my wife was alive she contracted MS and as she got worse, she allowed me to masturbate as she could not have grown up sex. every saturday night i had to stand in front of her and masturbate. i had to tell her what i was thinking about, and when i came, she insisted i come into a glass, and then drink it!sadly she is no longer on this earth, but i still wear her panties! and i only play wankies on a saturday night!

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