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Let the House Take Control.

We know all too well the childish games you sissies play when it comes to your wanking!

you're a wankerEvery good sissy should learn self control, and how to not loose her girlishness in the afterglow of such activities. Orgasm is no reason to take off your panties and forget your a sissy! Much to our suspect, it has become very apparent that most of you pathetic sluts actually wank your little clitties on a daily basis! This clearly shows how poorly trained you sissies really are! Obviously, you have yet to be taught that your oversized clitoris is owned by your Superiors even though it is attached (possibly on a temporary basis) to your body.Because you have shown such a selfish attitude of placing your pleasures above those of your Superiors, We require Our Inside sissies to cease all masturbatory activities until they find their allowed times posted next to their name on their profile under “Special Days”. Yes. We take your wanking very seriously at the House. The Staff will determine upon review of your application, a more reasonable schedule that does not abuse the property of your Superior.

A few words about Chastity Devices.

chastity hurtsAre you wearing a chastity device that is self imposed? If so, surrender your key to the House immediately!

  1. Chastity devices are for punishment.
  2. Chastity devices are for the Superiors enjoyment in disciplinary actions.
  3. They cannot be relied on as your first line against childish wanking!
  4. Chastity devices make it difficult for you to tuck, and tucking is important for a girlish figure.
  5. Why give an impression with a self imposed, ridiculous little crown on your girlish dinky? Aren’t you pathetic enough? The House would rather have these useless and pathetic appendages removed –  or at least forgotten about, than “crowned” with a contraption creating even more focus on it!

And most importantly:
You are here to train to be a good sissy. This requires Willpower, and Trust if We are to offer references for placement. Chastity and it’s relief through approved Masturbation is a mind control technique the House uses for important training, and We do not want it circumvented by simple devices that are easy to purchase, self imposed and create pride in wearing. Got it? Now put it away!

 Here’s how it works!

You will be reminded of your Approved Masturbation days by feMail, on the day before each occurrence, with one of Our favorite fantasies included from one of your sisters. On your appointed days you are given these special privileges!

  • Access to the sissySex room for cybersissysex activities!
  • Access to the “Lust for Lace” galleries where you can peruse thousands of your favorite panty, lingerie and upskirt pictures!

If you are presently under the care of a Mistress / Master, you must ask their permission to partake in this training exercise. The House of Sissify has no desire to overstep their authority.



Why a Masturbation Schedule?

a childhood remembrance by mommies boy robin

Do you masturbate? We can help!You may be surprised to hear that the only other person to impose restrictions on my masturbation was my Mom. robin never called her Mistress, only Mommie, but she was my Dom for most of my life. We lived together until She passed away ten years ago. So You see robin is a sissy and a mommie’s boy. My Mom was the one who put me on the Fri. and Sun. masturbation schedule. And even though She is no longer here, robin has stuck with her plan up until now. Now robin is very excited to have someone new to obey. This plan all started while robin was still in high school. i had bought a box of Kleenex tissues and put them under my bed. She certainly knew why i needed them. She must have known because robin was jerking off four or five times a day. So when She found it She exploded. “What kind of filthy nasty things are you doing in My house?” robin knows that sounds archaic today, but that was the way people thought back then. It was then that she started handing me a box of tissues every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings and on Sunday mornings.

She’d ask if i had my work all done and then hand me the tissues and tell me to go upstairs for a while, but to bring the box of tissues back to Her when i was done. It was always embarrassing to think that someone knows what you are doing and is also listening to you, but robin loved Her Mom very much and always followed Her rules. Soon the embarrassment and the thought that she might be just outside the door listening added to the excitement. The biggest embarrassment and one robin never got completely over was being forced to return the box and say thank you. After several years She stopped the permission for Monday nights.

Then about two years before She passed away She canceled the Wednesday date also. robin once got the nerve to ask Her to return to the earlier schedule, but Mom merely said that at my age i was doing it enough. After Her death robin went sort of crazy and started jerking off all the while just like a teenager. But after a month or so she decided that out of respect and love for her Mom she would go back to Mom’s plan for her. During all those years it would have been easy to cheat on Her, but i never did. And robin promises that she will never cheat on You either.

Bless You.robin

submit for your privileges

Have you not submitted your Profile yet? It’s necessary for this Assignment, so start there!

Only Inside girls can view this form!
Ready to start your training?

Submit your application today!

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The sissy is thankful for special day. Superior has required that the sissy wear only black lace bra and panties, while s.he masterbates into a glass. If the sissy pleases her, the sissy may drink the cum. superior demands that the sissy only masterbate on special days as required by the House, and only as the Superior demands. The sissy is trembling in anticipation, that some time today s.he will please superior.

respectfully bobbi

sissy misti

This sissy received he.r special days. Thank you Mistress for this happy news.

sissy tara belle

Yay misti! Special days are the best!!!!

We all love you sweetie!!
sissy tara belle

sissy tara belle

My Dearest Superiors, fellow sissy sisters, and panty bois, Thank You my dear Superiors for being so concerned with this and other sissys’ clitty-stick rubbing activities. This sissy wonders if the House is concerned with what types of material a sissy uses while engaged in he.r regulated masturbation activities during he.r special days. This sissy currently has subscriptions to Adult Time, Pornhub, Kink, Pure Taboo, New Sensations, Reality Kings, and Brazzers. And, yes, this sissy realizes that s.he is a chronic wanker and is grateful for the House taking control! Still, are some (or all) of these sites not good… Read more »

sissy tara belle

My Dearest Superiors, fellow sissy sisters, and panty bois, Thank You my dear Superiors for taking the chore upon Yourself to help this foolish little chronically wanking sissy with he.r clitty-rubbing problem. This sissy has been rubbing indiscriminately for decades, sometimes up to 6 times per day, with no direction or guidance. This sissy has submitted a formal request to he.r Superiors to obtain a masturbation schedule to help this sissy to become a good little submissive to A/all of those that need use of he.r services or body. This sweet little sissy feels like he.r begging for relief could… Read more »

locked sissy

locked sissy today received happily from the house her special day. My special days were scheduled on twice a month. I was so happy that the house allowed me to do this. Unfortunately, my Mistress is against it and was very angry, so this idea was immediately cancelled and I remain locked in my sissy cage.


sissy sarahjane received her special day which is Saturday. s.he is now thinking about baths, shaving , makeup , and panty &bra set to wear to keep her in the most feminine state of mind


I would like to thank the Staff for allowing me 1 masturbate day per week . I will be looking forward to every Saturday , unless instructed otherwise . Weekends are when this Sissy comes out of the closet . I stay dressed in my outfits the entire weekend and even have taken many Mondays off . I know their is only one place for soiled Panties , in my mouth …. Thank you , Sissy Jackie .


sissy daisy would like to thank all her Superiors for taking the time to consider her application for special days and appreciates the Superiors decision.

If there is anything sissy daisy can do to show her gratidude she will do it.

Thank you Superiors,
sissy daisy.

gina luv

Sissy was approved for bi monthly a couple weeks ago and cant wait for her special day! Such anticipation!


sissy received her schedule today and was happy to see today was on it as chastity is difficult for me because I would masturbate almost every day. As difficult as it will be sissy will try very hard to hold to the schedule and become the good sissy I want to be. Have tossed out my chastity device