The 3 Steps to Sissy ‘Porn Star’ Heaven

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When you’ve got to practice safe sex with your Mistress or domineering Superior and a condom is a must, learn to be a proper sissy cocksucker and slip it on with your mouth.

If you do it right, they’ll demand you do it this way every time as nothing is more humbling and  submissive than ‘rolling your own’ so for those girls who’ve wondered how it’s done… here’s a quick ‘Sissify’ guide.

Purse those lips sissies!

Step 1
Unwrap the condom and pop it in your sweet mouth, behind your pearly white teeth, with the reservoir tip pointing down your throat.

Press your tongue against the tip.

Step 2
Lubricate your Superiors cock or Mistresses strap-on and guide it into your mouth, or if lying down, lower your head over their appendage.



Step 3
Using your sissy tongue, press against the head of their cock, so that the condom covers it. Then while you keep the condom in place with your tongue, pull your teeth back, letting the ring fall out of your mouth. Then with your freshly painted pink lips, roll the condom up their shaft, keeping the teeth apart.

And of course the job can be finished by hand or the mouth again if necessary.

As with all our in depth behaviour modification assignments, designed to make you the girl of your dreams this procedure does require patience and practice. So don’t despair if, at first you don’t succeed. Practice, practice, practice and if your Mistress or Superior can’t afford the time, try using a nice firm banana. Which incidentally makes an interesting and humiliating theatrical show or party trick in-front of work colleagues or friends, especially if your wear something really slutty like a tight leather skirt, boob tube, fishnets and 5”heels just like a real porn star.

For more information explore our huge library of sissy information in the house or for some immediate variety – Drop hints as to what flavours you love and if you’ve been a very good sissy they may just buy you your flavoured condom of choice so you can enjoy a tasty treat before they get stuck in to YOU as the main course.

Ready to start your training?

Submit your application today!



i would like to take a minute of your time to thank you for your Sissify web site. Closet queens like myself have a real meeting place for information, meeting other sissies and accurate information as it pertains to sissydom.… Read more “enrietta”

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