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There I was, flipping through photos of the girls on FaceTube. Looking for that perfect face that might just make Our next Princess on Parade – when I ran into Poppy Cox at Style Me Quirky. A London UK dressing service and photography studio.

Style Me Quirky Style Me Quirky I was so excited about the quirkiness of this photo I had seen, I reached out to Poppy and he started telling Me about all the “damn exploitation happening to the community“, thinking that I, Ms. Stewart – the well known Madame of the House of Sissify was in fact one of the newbie websites copying Our content and offering the world to girls, often to just sell them some phone sex time. <sigh> “Oh. Do tell more” I thought as I played along enough for him to indulge me with all of his thoughts. It was an earful, but it was brutally honest and frank, and I must say – an opinion on the internet state of affairs shared by Myself and the Staff of the House! He was an advocate to Our girls and community!  I could never have learned the sincerity of Poppy without this mishap, however embarrassing it was.

After his dressing down – I politely stated.. “I think you have Me and the House confused with some other website… We’ve been online since 1997….”

Oh My God. Next email fired back so fast!

He gushed! After a bunch of apologies and laughs, realizing he too was a member of the House of Sissify, We hit it off and were giddy with how Our intention and calling were aligned. The House of Sissify trains sissies. Style Me Quirky dresses and photograph sissies. Brilliant!

Style Me Quirky is a transformation studio in London that takes you for a walk on the wild side of crossdressing. And it shows by their photo sets! The antithesis of standard dressing services, Style Me Quirky appeals to your inner diva big-time. And whats more, they LOVE sissies and sissy babies! Get comfy in your frilliest frock and read on about their fantasy makeover photo shoots!

Poppy Cox

Poppy Cox

Set up and run by trans founder Pops (AKA Popcox or Poppy Cox) and his team, Style Me Quirky create makeovers that are special, exciting, unusual. Who wants to go to all the effort of dressing up to feel ordinary? Not Our girls!

If you want to be the plain-Jane girl next door, Style Me Quirky probably isn’t for you. But if you want to be a glamour girl show-stopper it may just be time to start saving for your ticket to London!

Poppy tells us, “When I first started up I pushed the sissy look as its one of many personal favourite looks and recognised it was a popular style among the community. I did a few really cute fun shoots with some sissy girls in the early days and had an adorable sissy baby girl along, I still love those photos as I think she looks so cute and innocent! I sourced and collected more sissy dresses over time and now I have a pretty big sissy collection of sissy clothes ready to be flounced around in!”

How perfect for your submission for Princess on Parade! And you know how We love beautiful photos of you!

“It’s wonderful the House of Sissify got in touch, I genuinely hope we find a few sissies who want the cutest, frilliest adorable makeovers imaginable. From sissy girls to sissy baby girls and beyond, Style Me Quirky warmly welcomes you all with balloons and teddy bears waiting! “


Life is short. Live a life more Quirky.

Easter Dress Style Me Quirky are a truly bespoke dressing service and are unique in their in-depth consultation and personal service from the moment you book. No turning up, having a makeover and just picking some random clothes to try on; they take your measurements and work with you to build your own picture board of styles and looks you’ve always dreamed of. From there they painstakingly pick and source outfits especially for you from their own expansive stock of outfits as well as purchases, hires and loans from various shops, contacts and costumiers they work with. By the time you arrive you have your own rail of carefully and creatively styled outfits especially to suit your tastes and of course your body shape and size.

The professional makeovers are different every time – no ‘one look suits all’ and are especially developed around your style board bringing your dream looks to life while being complimentary to your face shape.

Style Me Quirky pride themselves in their distinct photography style and service too. A fully professional photo shoot with Pops or one of his several professional photographers, its not the same old sofa in every shot or a plain background, they use props, build sets and even take you out on location for that special added excitement and drama. Not only do you get the perfect shots, you get Pops’ overflowing enthusiasm and wealth of experience modelling to help you with your deportment and posing so you can go from wooden scarecrow to cover girl poses in minutes!

Putting the unique personal service to one side, the thing that really makes Style Me Quirky stand out is just how much Pops and his team care and enjoy their work giving you the time of your life dressed en femme. Its not just a job to Pops, he genuinely believes you deserve better and he’s created something to make you feel as special on the outside as your do on the inside.

And that my dear is why you should get your photo shoot done in London.  Seriously.



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This site is so cool. All of the lovely photos are inspirational to this sissy’s development. The personal stories help this sissy to believe that anything is possible.

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