Mirror Mirror On The Wall

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Accepting your sissy self and showing everyone your lowly status is an integral part of your feminization – So don’t rely on fairy stories to meet your Superior, get your camera out and strike a pose.

Don’t just be a wannabe break out your make-up, slip into panties and hose then dazzle us all with your radiant sissy beauty. It’s never been easier with digital cameras and cell phones with nifty little cameras. Your hardest decision will be what to wear.

Am I the fairest of them all?

Worry not my sissies – Don’t break out into a sweat of indecision quickly read through the Behaviour Modification Assignment – Perfect Portraits and pick up those essential tips to ensure you look your best, smile and don’t just stand stiff and erect  like a shop dummy.

Enter our house proud maid pictured left. What a delightful honey she is, not only is she displaying a suitable amount of flesh and a beautiful sissy dress she is also doing what every Superior desperately wants… the domestics.

But most importantly she has managed to show you unbelievers that it is possible to take a beautiful purposeful, sissy photo without revealing your identity if you really don’t want to.

So no more excuses you slackers! And we know who you are… get off your panties, get your domestic duties done and above all send us your digital photos.

Who knows you may be lucky enough to be snapped up by a House proud Mistress who wants more than her mirrors polished.

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i would just like to thank all the wonderful Women who have created this site. This little sissy has found a place to feel pretty, safe and secure. i look forward to learning more and more about becoming a Woman.



  1. She is beautiful, though why hide such a lovely face. Its not taking the picture that requires the courage it’s admitting to yourself who you are thats hard. I know I’ve been there.

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