sissy rock stars!

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sissy rock stars

Everyone knows that sissies are talented – not only at the usual sexual favors, but artistically. But did you know that Rock Stars are often girlish and sissy? While some are just doing hard drag for fun, others like David Bowie, Steven Tyler and Pete Doherty look quite skilled at their feminization!

Do you have any to share? Send them to the Staff for inclusion!

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2 years ago

This is a great inspiration for little princess alma!
she has thoughts to brand herself in the next video promotions as a kind of androgenic/feminine artist.

Thank you very much! and much love!

2 years ago

This is a fantastic collection, Madame Stewart! This sissy is very well-acquainted with the glam rock look, having played in a David Bowie tribute band, and an original psychedelic glam metal band (in platform boots, tight pants, sparkly tops, and lots of glitter) who had Iggy’s sax player (from the Stooges) guest on our first album. This collection could also include …

The Cramps – “All Women Are Bad” 12″ single
Captain Sensible (of the Damned) in a tutu or nurse outfit
David Bowie (with Klaus Nomi) “Boys Keep Swinging” on SNL

Madame Stewart
Reply to  lila
2 years ago

Added! Thank you honey! Keep them coming!