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angelina jolle tattoo

It’s been claimed that school Latin is enjoying a revival thanks to the tattoos of celebrities. So isn’t it about time you got one.

Singer Madonna and actress Angelina Jolie both have theirs so why shouldn’t an attention seeking sissy slut like you have one too? Just imagine strutting your stuff with a visible declaration to the world of your sissy status permanently etched on your fair skin.


angelina jolle tattooIf opting for some Latin scripture like Joli be careful to choose your wording carefully. Avoid at all costs, spelling your Superiors name wrong or choosing a typically macho tat when yours should ultimately scream femininity.

Stuck for some sissy Latin suggestions how about…

  • ego cultus meus era, which means, I worship my Mistress
  • Meus sissy butt est in pardus, which means, My sissy butt is in panties
  • ego combibo gallo, which means, I suck cock
  • EGO belong ut domus of sissify, which means, I belong to the House of Sissify.


If you spent too much time with your sissy girlfriends rather than studying languages at school your Latin won’t be as good as your feminine studies. If so check out this English to Latin translator before committing your chosen words forever to indelible ink.

Send us a photo of your tattooed ass for our gallery or let us know of some suitably sissy suggestions.

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i just wanted to express my gratitude for accepting me in Your sissy training and hope i can learn how to be a better sissy for my Wife.

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