A Maid is Made

a maid is made!
“Damn, Damn, Damn,” Jeff exclaimed as he threw the classified section of the morning paper on his bedroom floor. “To get a job today you gotta be a broad!”

Jeff Peatrie was an unemployed actor and had been out of work, any kind of work, for three months. He usually worked in Broadway musicals, but the musicians had been on strike for a long time, so that avenue had been cut offto him. Worse than that, the job situation for males in Manhattan was virtually non-existent.

“Secretaries, department store help, household cooks –that’s what they want. Maids … maids … that might be an idea. My girl friends tell me that I’m too pretty for their tastes, and there was the show that I developed that high, falsetto voice,” Jeff mused with his chin thoughtfully in his hand. “Falsies, a dress, a wig … make-up will be no problem with my show-biz training.”

Three hours later Jeff returned with an armload of packages. He went into the bedroom and lay them down on the bed, thinking as he removed a pair of opera-length white kid gloves from a slender box, “I hated to spend the money for these, but my arms are just too masculine. I’d be spotted in a second.”

He opened the packages and spread the contents on the bed. There was an extremely large white lace bra, and an equally large pair of falsies to fill it, an exquisite white leather corset to squeeze in his mid-section and thrust out his bottomcheeks, a skimpy pair of white nylon panties, a

black satin maid’s uniform with a frilly white cap and apron. Sheer black nylons and skyscraper-heeled black patent leather sling-back pumps completed the array that he spread out on his bed.

Jeff had been repulsed at the idea of dressing up in female clothing. But as he handled the silky garments, felt their wondrously smooth texture, his penis began to swell in his trousers as he thought about having these garments next to his skin.

“The corset’s going to be the toughest, I’d better start with that,” he mused as he stripped quickly, startled to see his penis ramrod-stiff and swaying ponderously to and fro in front of him. “Oh, you like the idea, do you, Buster?” he laughed.

Fortunately the corset was multi-boned, so it stood up by itself as Jeff wrapped it around his waist. Lacing proved very difficult. He just couldn’t find the eyelets with the rawhide lace. He solved this by standing with his back to a mirror. It was difficult to exert the proper amount of pressure with his arms awkwardly behind his back, but Jeff was strong and somehow he managed it, little chilis coursing up and down his spine at the wonderful sensation of the fine leather on his bare flesh.

With the greatest difficulty he managed a bow at the top, and then he stepped back from the mirror to survey the result.

“My God, if it wasn’t for old Buster wagging back and forth with approval, I’d take you for a girl already,” he grinned, for the squeezing qualities of the corset had given him an hour-glass shape. He knew that the addition of falsies and bra would make him sensational.

There was one package that he hadn’t opened, and he took this into the bathroom. He took out a short, black wig, and some make-up paraphernalia. Looking in the bathroom mirror, he painted his lips richly, going over his own outline and creating a Cupid’s bow effect. Expertly he added some light blue eye shadow, then brushed mascara on his lashes. Finally he rubbed some rouge into his cheeks briskly. When he added the close-fitting wig, Jeff Peatrie had been transformed into a ravishing woman.

“If I can keep from getting a hard on, I’U never be spotted,” he chuckled as he returned to the bedroom and began the difficult task of tugging on the long white kid gloves.

He had noticed how women work each finger individually into a glove before tugging the remaining portion over their arms, so he copied them and it worked beautifully. Then it was the pair of white nylon panties’ turn. Immediately he realized that he should have bought a larger pair. These were not designed to contain the bulk of a man’s genitals, especially those in the swollen state of Jeff’s. It was an impossible task. He let them snap shut over his testicles, and he chuckled at the erotic effect of his rigid manhood swaying over his panty-clad testicles.

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