Retro Erotica!

Times may change, but trans fetish lives on!

The erotica of gender play, humiliation, bdsm, domination and fetish in literature and illustration has been with us forever. Madame likes to collect these old gems to share at the House.

Feminization Stories
dress for kicks

Dressing for Kicks

“You're a little too big for my clothes, but I have a cousin whose your size, and she gave me some things a while ago. Now get into your bra and panties.”
She Made Him Her Pretty Teenage Step-Sister

She Made Him Her Pretty Teenage Step-Sister

It had been a tough year for Norman. But things really took a turn when she transformed him into her sexy sissy step-sister!
Second Job

A Second Job

"If you'd told me earlier that I'd be going out with my girl friend wearing a dress, heels, make-up and a wig, I would have laughed at you, or punched you!"
madame nanette

A Visit to Madame Nanette’s

A neat window sign bore the inscription, Madame Nanette -- Figure Trainer. "This must be the right place."
He's Her Sister!

He’s Her Sister!

Sometimes it’s fun being twins, the way my sister, Joan, and I are, but other times it can lead to weird and embarrassing complications, as you will see.
maid to order

Maid to Order

Kathy and Janet are becoming bored with their everyday routine, so they decide to dress up in their kinkiest costumes. Only issue is they need a sissy maid!
housewife advice

Housewives Advice

Barbara just doesn’t understand why some women allow their husbands to get way with not helping in the home.
Trained to be a girl

Trained to Be a Girl

It was just to be a romantic, ordinary evening, but little did this horndog realize the spell of femininity Ava would have him under!
a maid is made!

A Maid is Made

"Damn, Damn, Damn," Jeff exclaimed as he threw the classified section of the morning paper on his bedroom floor. "To get a job today you gotta be a girl!"
panty punishment

Panty Punishment

Don just wanted to look at the pretty panties, not wear them. But now he had to be punished in them!
taming of husband

Taming of a Husband

In this vintage Ward story, Ethel and Her lover tame Yolanda's new husband!
passive peeper

The Passive Peeper

An illustrated cautionary tale of just desserts!
The TV Addict

The sissy addict

What is it about the lascivious little undergarments that women wear that torment a sissy addict so much?
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