Book of Sluts II

The Book of Sluts chronicles the House of Sissify’s emasculation and feminization of our willing (and some not so willing) students, and the placement services We offer to the homes of Superiors the world over.


Book of Sluts – Chapter Two

Book of Sluts - Chapter 3 Book of Sluts - Chapter 3 (page 1) Book of Sluts - Chapter 3 (page 2) Book of Sluts - Chapter 3 (page 3) Book of Sluts - Chapter 3 (page 4) Book of Sluts - Chapter 3 (page 5) Book of Sluts - Chapter 3 (page 6) Book of Sluts - Chapter 3 (page 7)
Book of Sluts – Chapter One

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Once again I would like to deeply thank all the Staff of Sissify for just being there for me and others like me. As I am more or less confined to my house (physical problems), and this service is one of my… Read more “justina”

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It’s a really a lovely story and it shows the process of feminization and sissification in all its charming development.

sissy charlotte

How lovely 🙂 Thank you Mistresses & thank you House of Sissify!

princess sissy

wow-eeee. beautiful in all respects. most of us girls are on a path of feminization and each of us have many stops along the way, but it is a path and we can all enjoy the journey.


OMG….this is so true! A delightfully agonizing progression….and if you think you are in control (as many men like to believe), you’re only fooling yourself! Just admit to yourself that you are a sissy and enjoy the journey in femininity and service! You will be happy and finally find the inner peace you’ve been missing ?!


terrina just loves stories of men being captured forced into becoming a sissy, little did terrina know he.r mind was being transformed every time s.he read them. Once terrina entered the House of Sissify by he.r own curiousity, s.he was enslaved forever and never realized it until it was to late. Madam Stewart never forced terrina, but lead terrina by feeding he.r mind/transformed it with thoughts that were pleasing, terrina’s thoughts became he.r hearts desire and he.r hearts desire fed he.r soul. One day terrina realized it wasn’t a game anymore, terrina’s soul has been sissified s.he has come to… Read more »

sissy pammie

Oh Mistress, pammie an artful humorous comic that describes the House perfectly! Had pammie seen this on day one s.he would have had a warning of the complete sissification s.he has under gone in 5 short months. Not that in would have done any good…

brandie love

Wish my transformation was this quick! Jealous!


The story and the artwork is amazing. Wonderful. Thank you. I must read more.


This was a fun story, and sissy loves the art style. she loves Veronica Vinyl so much. This girl hopes to be one day forced into ultra feminine clothing and girlified, fully submitted to her Superior. she would be so entranced that she would never go back to any other life.

maid sandy

Loved the name of the boat.