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crown-princessEven the best trained sissies know they need help. This is how they get it.

By meeting tuition, We know you’re serious about your training. Face it girls, those not willing to work hard are just wannabees and wankers. Of course, that’s not you!

Your subscription includes access to all parts of the House – Chatrooms, Training Assignments, Stories, Erotica, Personals and the possibility for placement in the Home of your dream Superior!

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Then $9.95 per month
A monthly subscription to the House is an excellent start for Our girls that want the most flexibility, or have cultivated the least commitment. Perfect for the lookylou or tranny chaser!
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Six Months


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The perfect six month plan for our girls that know they need training, and know it takes effort and commitment.
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Just listen to what your sisters & Superiors say!

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