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The Panty Slave

I never considered myself an aggressive woman, but in the past few months I’ve discovered the joys of feminine domination by training my boyfriend to be my own personal slave! Tony is the most servile, most submissive man I never seen. No order is too difficult; no whim too small for him to carry out immediately. He hangs on my every word, eager to obey my every command. He is my utter slave and he loves every second of it!

You see, Tony has a serious panty fetish: his lust for them seems to know no limit. How desperately he craves perversion with my soiled panties! More than anything else he loves to sniff and lick my secretions out of them. It gets him so excited… you should see it! Tony will endure any humiliation; submit to any degradation as long as he gets to sniff and lick my panties at the end of it.

Sometimes, I raise my skirt and let him gaze longingly at my panties. Staring longingly at the object of his sick obsessions, I know Tony will do anything to earn the privilege of sniffing his Mistress’ panties. I command him to gently remove my panties: I know when he gets them down about my knees he will get his first whiff of my womanhood, and it will excite him terribly.

As soon as Tony slides my panties down around my ankles, I stand in front of him. Then, I snap my fingers and Tony has permission to service his Mistress orally. To do that, he lies down on the floor, ready to be used as a stool. While I’m facesitting him, he sucks and laps eagerly at my excited pussy as he slowly brings me to a sexual frenzy with his loving mouth. I continue to straddle Tony’s face as I use him for a human stool. I roughly grind my cunt into his face and try to smother him with it. It gives him the impression on what it means to be a pair of his Mistress’ panties!

Tony wildly sucks and laps at my drooling slit until I’m teetering on the edge of bliss. He always seems to know instinctively when I’m about to let loose, and he takes his finger, totally saturated with my juices, and slides it sharply into my asshole. Then he gently circles the inside of my sphincter and I explode in a delicious climax! My body goes limp with exhaustion from such intense pleasure. After that, I turn around and command Tony to clean my asshole. He eagerly slips his tongue between my buttocks and darts it in and out of me. He licks my puckering asshole until I can hear his tongue squeaking between the perfectly cleaned cheeks.

Once Tony’s oral servitude is finished, he once again kneels at my feet, awaiting my orders. I reach over to the table and pick up the panties I’d worn to work today. Then, I wickedly dangle them in his face, allowing the faintly damp crotch to drape over his flaring nostrils so he can get a good whiff. “Does Tony want to lick Mistress’ panties? Well, do you?” “Oh yesss Mistressssss,” he hisses. “Please Mistress, let me have your pretty panties! Please let me lick them! Please Mistress, I’ll do anything! Let me lick the precious panties Mistress! Please let me!”

Impulsive girl that I am, I change panties anytime I feel the urge. I simply take them off and toss them across the room. Without a word Tony is off like a shot after them, practically drooling. He retrieves them and goes into my room to fetch me a fresh pair. Then, Tony will go to the laundry room to deposit my worn panties into the hamper. I admonish him not to sniff them, but I know he will.

When I come back at home on the evening, at the end of a working day, I like to be worshipped by Tony. I order him to stay in front of me; then Tony falls to his knees and holds my worn panties stretched out before his face. He’s practically drooling as he holds the moist crotch to his face and takes a long, loving sniff of my womanhood. Then, Tony takes my panties and pulls them over his head, with the crotch directly over his flaring nostrils. “Mmmmm, panties… panties… mmmmm, pannnntieeees…pannnnteeeeeees!” Even the word excites him as he repeats it like a mantra.

I have a huge assortment of hand-washable cotton and silk outfits that I would never own if I had to wash them myself. But they’re cool and comfortable during the summer, and my slave washes them for me anyway, so why not? He lovingly hand-washes my lingerie. My panties are in a separate pile on the floor to give him extra motivation. Tony lovingly launders my panties; sometimes he uses his tongue. He washes my pantieas and also slips, petticoats, camis, teddies and all my unmentionables. He is practically drooling as he fondles each lacy, delicate item with great delight.

He holds them to his face and smells the perfume of his beloved Mistress. He lets out a deep sigh. Ah, such devotion! He kneels before the huge pile of worn panties on the floor. Then, I pick a pair of my panties off the pile and dangle them in his face. I ask him sneeringly, “Does Tony want to wash Mistress’ panties?” “Yes, please Mistress,” he whimpers. Faced with the object of his sick desires he is totally consumed by his passion for panties! He’s so pathetic looking as he kneels there.

He needs my panties, and he’ll do anything to get them. He kneels, eager to hear my command. “Please Mistress,” he whines. “I’ve been a devoted little slave for you. I’ve cleaned your apartment, done all your laundry, cooked your dinner and serviced your beautiful orifices. Please Mistress, I beg you! Let me lick your panties! Please Mistress! Please…”


Then I take my soiled panties and place them over his face. Tony licks up all my excretions with equal delight. Pussy juices, piss, shit streaks, even period stains are lovingly lapped up with enthusiasm and delight. The filthier they are the better he likes them! I can see the outline of his tongue begin lapping the panties just the way I’ve taught him. Tony begins licking my panties at the center of the crotch and slowly works his tongue in a circular motion towards the edges.

He is so excited and enthusiastic! He’s so hot, totally lost in his sick fetish for my panties. They are the center of his sexual universe.

Charlotte and Risa are having tea with me today. Charlotte is a professional dominatrix who was very helpful to me in training Tony. Whenever I have guests I enjoy showing how I have absolute power over my slave. I stand before my guests and Tony kneels before me. “Lick my shoes slave,” I hiss at him and he eagerly begins lapping at the toe of my black patent pumps. Then when I get bored with that I turn around and order, “now slave, my ass needs licking. Get to work!” Tony quickly pulls down my panties. He buries his face between my buttocks and begins darting his tongue in and out of my little pink hole. Kimberly laughs, “So obedient, Claudia. I wish I could control my husband like that!”

“Wait,” I smile. “You haven’t seen anything yet!” Then I dangle a nice damp pair of panties in Tony’s face as he kneels whimpering before me. “Does Tony want to lick Mistress’ filthy panties. Speak up slut, tell my friends how much you want it!” “Oh yes Mistress,” he blubbers. Tony knows this is his cue to recite. “Yes Mistress, I want to lick your panties clean. I want to lap your delicious vaginal secretions and suck your luscious piss out of them. I want to lick every last bit of your lovely shit streaks and period stains out of them Mistress! I know I am just a little slave, but I beg Mistress to bestow the sublime privilege of laundering her panties with my face!”

Charlotte claps her hands and says, “come here, Tony.” Tony comes before Charlotte and prostrates himself low to the ground. Then he says: “yes, Mistress Charlotte, how may I serve you?” “Tony, you may attend me now. Would you like that?” “Oh yes, Mistress Charlotte. It is always enjoyable to serve you any way you like, Mistress.” “Very well then, you may proceed.” Charlotte sits forward and spreads her knees apart. Then she says to Kimberly and Risa, “watch this.” Tony kneels down between Charlotte’s knees and reaches up her skirt. Charlotte picks herself up while Tony slides her panties off. “Pay attention to me and not the panties, you slut,” she warns. Tony slides her panties past her ankles and lovingly places them to one side.

Then without another word Tony puts his head under Charlotte’s skirt and buries it in her pussy. We can hear the slurping noises of his eager tongue while he begins pleasuring her. The other two women look on in shock and I cannot suppress a giggle. “See,” says Charlotte. “Who needs vibrators when you have a slave to give you head?” Kimberly is still a little shocked but Risa lights up at the prospect. “Charlotte, will he do anything he’s told? Will he lick my ass if I order him to?” “Honey,” quips Charlotte, “he’ll lick your ass and eat your shit too if he’s ordered to! He has no choice in the matter… he’s a slave!” Charlotte acts very calm and nonchalant as Tony continues sucking her pussy. I know she’s enjoying it, however, because beads of sweat are beginning to appear at her temples.

“Very amusing,” says Risa. Then, she continues: “Excuse me, I have to pee.” Tony gets up off his knees and heads for the bathroom, where he kneels beside the toilet. This is a regular part of Tony’s duties. Whenever I have company all the toilet paper is put away, as Tony her standing orders to attend to them with his tongue. He kneels between their legs and stares intently as the guest relieves herself on the bowl. Then, he will lick them between their legs until they’re clean.

This is Tony…my panty slave!

The End

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