Stories of Superiors exercising complete complete control over the will of sissy's like you. We know you dream of complete obedience and subjection to Authority as opposed to your individual freedom. Don't you honey?
sissy cuckold dreams

sissy cuckold dreams

I’m glad to hear you want to be a sissy cuckold. I always knew you were really a cuckold at heart ...
Mothers Rules

Punished By Mother’s Rules

Bad boy Jody made a very pretty looking girl. As Judy she would be a always be a good girl in ...
Afternoon with Mother

An Afternoon with Mother

Mother wanted no more boys. She made sure that the last one never even had boy name. As her breasts developed, ...


I made my first really intimate girlfriend just before my last year in High School, the summer I was nearly seventeen ...
just another sissy husband

Just Another Sissy Husband

Wife, sister, mother and stepdaughter worked their forced sissy transformation on Justin relentlessly. New friend sissy tracey could help, but justine ...
Easter Dress

Emily’s Easter Dress

"emily honey, my ladies' group is meeting this afternoon and I want you to be there. A few of the other ...

The Luncheon

It wasn't until she had her first Real Man that she truly became part of the girls club ...
punishment for sissy

Punishment for a sissy

Do sissies get spanked? They most certainly do. Not necessarily for being naughty, wicked or evil. Often for merely being sissies ...
The Panty Slave

The Panty Slave

I never considered myself an aggressive woman, but I’ve discovered the joys of dominating my boyfriend and turned him into my ...
Research Institute

The Research Institute

New methods in male control through ruthless masturbation ...
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For the first time in sandy’s life she feels at home, accepted and arrived.

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