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Sales Training

Sales Training

Gary Michaels had been very successful in heating system sales during his first five years with his company, however the past two years had been very disappointing. So disappointing, in fact, that he had been called on the carpet and told to begin producing or else find another job. Gary really liked his job and felt he had really been working quite hard, but that his “luck” had just not been there. He did all the required prospecting to find out who was thinking about buying a new heating system, but he just couldn’t seem to close any sales. “Maybe I’m in the wrong business”, he thought, but he knew that he had been successful and wasn’t ready to throw in the towel yet. Gary was sometimes too concerned about the sale, and not concerned enough about servicing the customer after the sale. “Perhaps I will have to be more concerned about after sale service so I can get more references”, he thought. “If the customer requires some extra attention for me to get the sale, I’m just going to have to do it”!

With that in mind, Gary had begun to get more activity and had actually quoted several heating systems, any one of which would make his quota and get him back in good standing with his boss. However, he had not actually closed any sales and time was running out. Gary had heard that Jones Realty, owners of a large apartment complex, was in the process of buying a new heating systems for one of their buildings, and were ready to make a decision within two weeks. Gary knew he was a bit late in coming in for the sale, but he was determined to try.

Gary called and made and appointment with Miss Jones, the manager of the complex. When he arrived at the model apartment, he was met by an beautiful woman who introduced herself as Elaine Jones. He was invited to sit down. Gary sat down, took out his briefcase while secretly admiring her sensuous figure.

“Well, Gary, we are ready to make a decision on our new heating system within two weeks. You are a bit late, but let’s hear what you have to offer”, Elaine stated. As Gary began his presentation he felt Elaine’s eyes drilling through him with a piercing look. Gary began to feel a bit uncomfortable as this lovely woman scrutinized him, but he continued his presentation.

When he had finished, Elaine said “your presentation sounds good, Gary, but we are looking for more than just purchasing a heating system. We want to feel as though the salesperson that sells us the system comes with it and will give us good service. How do I know that you will give us that service”? Gary answered Elaine, assuring her that the service and installation would be more than satisfactory. “Well, Gary”, Elaine continued, “we just have to have the feeling that our salesperson is personally interested in making sure we are pleased”.

Elaine had a slight smile on her face, with her last comment. “Okay”, thought Gary, “She want’s something extra, I guess I’ll have to find out what she wants and do it”.

Gary continued saying, “Elaine, I can assure you my interest in personally satisfying my customers is paramount. Whatever assurances or any other actions you need from me I will be glad to provide”. “Well, Gary,”, said Elaine, I am delighted to hear you say that”, said Elaine. “In fact there is something you can do to assure me of your good intentions. Meet me back here at Five, and we’ll have cocktails and discuss it further”. “Great”, replied Gary, “see you then”. Elaine then rose and escorted Gary out.

For the rest of the day, Gary continued his work, but he was somewhat excited at the possibility of not only closing a big deal, but also having cocktails with a beautiful woman. Gary returned at five. As he entered Elaine’s apartment, Elaine asked Gary to mix drinks while she went to change into “something more comfortable”.

Gary began to get even more excited, but just about dropped the drinks on the floor when Elaine walked back into the room. She was dressed in a pink lacy corset and sexy black stockings. The corset lifted her beautiful breasts up, almost like offering them on a plate. Gary gulped and Elaine stared at him with an amused smile. “Do you like what you see”, she asked. Gary stammered, taken aback by Elaine’s beauty and very erotic attire. “Remember, Gary, I told you it was very important that our salesperson is responsive to our needs”, said Elaine.

“I have some needs that require your assistance”, she purred, “why don’t you go hop into the shower”. Gary didn’t need any coaxing as her ran for the shower.

As he stepped out and dried himself, Elaine walked into the bath. “I’m sorry I don’t have a proper robe for you Gary, but here you can wear one of my peignoirs”. “Oh, no, I don’t need a robe”, said Gary, but Elaine insisted..”Gary, I would love to see you in this..I think it would be kind of sexy! And I would love to be able to tell my partner that your heating system is just right for us!” Gary thought, “What the hell, if she want’s me to wear it, I’ll wear it!” With that, Gary put on the black sheer peignoir that Elaine offered him. Elaine looked at him with an amused expression.

“Oh Gary, that is just Sooo cute! Here, let’s compete the outfit, I’m getting turned on!” With that, Elaine Helped Gary don a red satin corset, frilly panties, sheer black stockings and 4 inch high heel shoes. “Wow, I am getting really hot looking at you, Gary” said Elaine, “Fetch our drinks from the desk”.

As Gary walked back from the desk with the drinks, a flashbulb went off in his face. “Oh I just want to have a picture of you, Gary, you look so cute in that getup” cooed Elaine. Gary went to grab the camera from her but she grabbed his arm. “But Gary, I thought you were going to make sure that you personally pleased me. Do you think I might have to look elsewhere for my heating system?” Gary stopped. “Whatever it takes to get the order”, he thought. He smiled at Elaine. “That’s better, Gary, in fact I would love you to pose for me” giggled Elaine. A bit humiliated by now, Gary did as she asked, posing as a “pinup” girl might do, while Elaine snapped away with the camera.

When Elaine had finished her photo session, she put the camera down. She then went up to Gary, put her arms around him and said, “Please me now, darling, I want you to worship my body.” While Gary worshipped Elaine’s body, his cock grew harder and harder. Finally Elaine orgasmed. Elaine then proceeded to caress Gary’s cock licking and kissing it, and finally sucking on until Gary exploded in Elaine’s mouth.

While Gary recovered from Elaine’s exquisite blow job, Elaine said ” As you can see, we are nice people to do business with.I would like you to come back tomorrow night. We can continue our business discussion as well as continuing where we left off tonight”.

The next night, Gary returned to find Elaine dressed in a formal cocktail dress. “Good evening Gary, I have thought a lot about your proposal for the new heating system. Your system is quite competitive but so is your competitor’s. I guess the big difference between your proposal and you competitors is that I feel more comfortable with thesalesperson.”

Gary was somewhat taken aback, considering the events of the previous evening. “Gee, Elaine”, said Gary, “I am really surprised that you feel that way. What have I done to erode your confidence in me?” “You haven’t really done anything wrong, Gary”, said Elaine, “It’s just that your competitor is a woman. Somehow, I feel much more comfortable dealing with a woman. But, after last night, maybe we can compromise. You did look quite fetching, and perhaps you can give me the illusion that I am dealing with a female sales person.”

“Oh no!”, Thought Gary, “How much do I have to do to get this order!” As thoughts raced through his head, Gary finally decided he would humor this very demanding lady. “Elaine, I will do anything to give you confidence in me”, he said. “Wonderful!” exclaimed Elaine, “Let’s dress you up so we can continue discussing business”! Then she ordered him to sit down. While Gary was sitting, Elaine made-up Gary’s face to look as feminine as possible. Gary protested, but Elaine kept reminding him that the order depended on him doing as he was told. After making him up, she dressed him in lingerie, heels and then made him parade around for her while again, snapping photos of him. Finally, Elaine finished dressing him in a very feminine party dress and petticoats. Elaine completed the transformation by placing a long chestnut-brown with on Gary’s head. “Oh, Gary!”, she cooed, you look so pretty. Now I feel so much more comfortable discussing business with you!”

Gary and Elaine went over the proposal, discussing the equipment needs, installation and pricing. Gary felt a bit ridiculous sitting there in the frilly party dress, but thought “What the hell, whatever it takes to get this order….”. Elaine then finished the discussion by saying, “Gary, everything looks just fine, with one exception. Your proposal is perfect, the pricing is very competitive, but I just want to make sure that you will continue to provide service to us after the sale is completed. Wait here a minute and I’ll be right back”.

Shortly thereafter, Elaine returned. When Gary saw her, his face registered amazement. She had changed into in a leather, wasp-waisted corset, black sheer stockings, 5″ high heels and was holding a whip in her hand. “Well, Gary, to prove you can really provide the extra service we need, I want you to remove your dress and petticoat. She then had him kneel before her and worship her feet, legs and thighs.

Elaine then dressed Gary in a sexy french maid’s uniform. The uniform was black satin, with a very short but very full skirt. Under the skirt were white petticoats, which made the skirt stand out. To complete the effect, Elaine tied a white lacy apron and placed a white frilly cap on Gary’s chestnut wig. Elaine then ordered him to prance around for her. Gary was overcome with humiliation and embarrassment as Elaine giggled and took more photographs of him. “You are so cute,” giggled Elaine, “In fact, you look so sweet, that from now on your name is CANDY and you are to call me MISTRESS Elaine”! Elaine then continued her domination of Gary, ordering him to serve her drinks, kiss her feet and worship her high heels.

“Well Candy,” she exclaimed, “I am having so much fun with you that I think I shall give you the contract. However, the I can’t do that until my business partner meets you.” Elaine continued, “My partner, like myself, likes very submissive young ladies.I am going to tie you up in a kneeling position, to emphasize your submission to us. Then you will be introduced”. Elaine then bound Gary in a kneeling position, completely immobile and helpless. She then gave him a kiss on the cheek saying “Oh, Candy, my pretty little sissy, I just know my partner is going to just love you!” Just then, Gary heard the sound of a car door closing.

“That must be my partner now, Candy. You just wait here while I go open the door”. “Wait here, thought Gary, what the hell else am I supposed to do tied up like this. Damn, this is too much, but I need the order and perhaps Elaine’s partner is as beautiful as she is”. Gary heard the sound of footsteps approaching. As he looked up, he was horrified!

Standing there with Elaine, was a man! He was about 6′ tall, had light brown hair and hazel eyes, and was extremely well built. He had an amused expression on his face. “Candy”, said Elaine, “I’d like you to meet John, my partner”!

Gary struggled to get out of his bindings, but to no avail.”Well, well”, said John, “I love your new maid, Elaine. Do you think she can provide the ‘personal’ services we really need?” “Oh, I am sure she can, John, why don’t you see for yourself”, cooed Elaine. John walked over and stood in front of Gary. He placed his hand under Gary’s chin and gently tilted Gary’s face up so he was forced to look directly into Johns eyes. “Elaine tell’s me that you will do whatever you are asked to do. That’s critical to us for any salesperson we deal with.”

Elaine then walked over to John and began to remove his shirt, she slowly helped him remove his jeans and finally John was standing naked in front of the helplessly bound Gary. Elaine then began to slowly run her hands over John’s body, caressing him.It didn’t take long before John had a raging erection.

“Do you like my little french maid, John?” said Elaine. “Oh yes, Elaine”, replied John,”She has such a sweet name-Candy- in fact I have a big stick of candy for her to suck on!” John then began rubbing Garys face with his huge cock, then placed it against Gary’s lips. “Open your mouth, Candy, I have a nice candy cane for you”. Elaine giggled,”oh yes Candy, and It has a nice cream filling for you as well”.

As Gary protested and tried to avoid John’s huge cock, Elaine stood behind him and held his head to he couldn’t move away. John squeezed Gary’s cheeks forcing his mouth open. He thrust his cock into Gary’s mouth and began slowly moving his cock in and out of Gary’s mouth. “Suck his cock, Candy,” ordered Elaine, “suck it until he cums all over your face and lips.” Elaine then reached over and started caressing John’s balls as John fucked Gary’s mouth faster and faster. Soon John was moaning and writhing as Gary sucked. Just as his cock was ready to explode, John suddenly pulled his cock out of Gary’s mouth. Elaine grabbed John’s cock and began pumping it. “Keep you mouth open, Candy” exclaimed Elaine. Suddenly John’s cock erupted. Elaine trained the exploding cock, depositing hot sperm all over Gary’s sissified face. Finally she placed John’s Cock back in Gary’s mouth and continued pumping it until John came again, spewing hot sperm against the back of Gary’s throat and filling his mouth until the hot load dribbled out of Gary’s lips. Elaine grabbed her camera and began snapping pictures of John’s cock buried in Gary’s mouth.

“Oh, Candy,” exclaimed John, “you’re a pretty good cock-sucker, but I think you’re ‘gonna have to have more practice”. Gary protested, saying that enough was enough. “But, Candy!”, said Elaine, we are going to sign the contract right now. Besides, I do have some interesting photographs of you that your boss, and perhaps your secretary might like to see”.

“As a matter of fact, Candy” Elaine continued, “you will now be working part time, on weekends and evenings as our personal maid. You will serve us and our business associates. You will do whatever we want you to do, whenever we want you to do it!” “Elaine,” said John, “I would like her here next Saturday night. I am hosting a small get-together, and I think Candy can serve cocktails and ‘whatever’ else our guests desire”.

Gary, tears of humiliation rolling down his cheeks realized that although he had achieved a sales victory, he had suffered a personal defeat. He had become totally subjugated.

The End

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