You poor thing. We know it’s hard knowing the world doesn’t respect your sissy nature, but to be humiliated by a Superior?

Not part of my resume!

Panties Were Not A Part Of My Resume!

Panties were not a part of Marty's resume - but he took the teaching job at the Taffeta school of Proper Manners against his better judgement!
The Spidanatrix

The Spidanatrix

The Spidanatrix had an inner beauty that shined so bright, that it blinded men into making errors in judgment.
Queer Halloween

Queer Halloween

"I suppose it was wicked of me, what I did to him. But he did so deserve it. It was such fun setting him up, and I was so furious that I didn't care!"
nancy fancy pants!

Nancy Fancy Pants

"I am a sissy, and I want to be a girl"
Hosiery Club

The Hosiery Club

Tonight Tim was going to get his wish - to join the Ladies club!
True Love

True Love

"You've been unfaithful to me? With other men?" i said it, and immediately could have bitten off my tongue. But i was baffled! "Why?"


I thought nothing unusual about Her idea of using my accumulated vacation for an extended slavery period of one month...
Maid to be Good

Maid to Be Good

Layabout Michael had done nothing to support his partner Cathy. To top it off, what will she do when she discovers his infidelity with a neighbor?

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You have an excellent site. It is the most professional adult site I have visited. Most sites come off sort of sleazy (pardon the pun) because they promise something they don’t really deliver. Your whole system seems honest and straight… Read more “maggie”

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