Ms. Finch

A NOTE FROM MS. STEWART – I found this story published on the net, on some silly “people in distress” discussion group.  Since it used the trademarked name of the House of Sissify, our search engine automatically found it, and of course, I had it deleted within 60 seconds of its original posting.  I thought the girls here might find it amusing.  Of course, it’s completely fictitious.  Or is it?  You decide, honey.

It was a Wednesday night, two months after I’d joined The House of Sissify when I got the call that changed my life.

“Hello, is this Steve Johnson?”

“Yes, this is Steve Johnson. Who is calling, please?”

“Are you alone, Mr. Johnson?”

“Yes, I’m quite alone. Who is this?”

“Well Mr. Johnson – or shall I call you “Mina”? – this is Ms. Arianna with The House of Sissify. We have been evaluating your participation in House affairs, and have decided that it is time for your participation to increase dramatically”

“Wh… What are you talking about,” I stuttered, stunned at being called by my femme name in real life.

“Don’t play dumb with me, Mina. We have known virtually everything about you since you logged on the first time. It does takes a certain amount of computer skill to run an operation as big as the House, you know.”

“Wh…What do you want?”

“Well Mina, we know that you’ve gotten great pleasure from the House, reading our stories, wanking to the Wank-o-matic slide show, and chatting in our SissyChat rooms, so, to really pay your dues, you must start providing the content that the House uses to keep its members. We have a new chat channel for “admirers,” – basically men who want to use sissies – and you’re to spend your evenings, from 6:00 to midnight hot-chatting them. You’ll be monitored, so you better make them very happy. But that’s the easy part, and just the beginning of how you’ll serve the House of Sissify. This Saturday, and for the next two Saturdays you will bring $5,000 to an address I will email to you. There, you will start intensive sissy training under My personal supervision.”

“Five thousand dollars! I can’t afford five thousand dollars even once, much less two times! The chatting is one thing…But ten thousand dollars is – ”

“Mina! Don’t you dare lie to me! We know everything about you, your age, that you are single, without children, and that you work from home as an accountant. We also know your bank and credit card balances to the penny. You WILL come, and you WILL bring the money!”

I took a deep breath as I considered all the implied threats. To know what they said they knew, they must have hacked my computer, including my accounting and banking programs. I had to also assume that they’d cracked my address book as well.  If they had my address book, they could send out a note exposing my interests to everyone I know. If they had my financial information they could loot my accounts, but I could prove it wasn’t me, and I’d only be out $50.00. I thought about whether I could weather their attack, and whether I could just chalk it all up to identity theft by a bitter ex-girlfriend. I decided that I could, as I’d been very careful. There are no embarrassing pictures of me anywhere, and no recordings of my voice in any embarrassing situation.  So I called her bluff. “No, I won’t. This is identity theft & blackmail, I blustered.

She laughed, seemingly glad that I’d refused.

“Oh, I love the hard ones! It certainly IS blackmail, but it’s not theft! On the contrary, we’ve made you many gifts!  For one thing, we’ve already given you a new identity. Since we hacked your system, we’ve done all sorts of things in your name, like opening e-mail accounts, exchanging data with hackers, pirating software, music, and pictures-particularly pictures of ‘teens.’ One call to the police, and you’ll be in jail for kiddie-porn. If you don’t believe me, log into this web site, & check your email activity. And don’t bother trying to change things, it’s all locked.”

I followed her instructions and felt the blood drain out of my face – there was enough evidence to put me in jail for life! I knew I had to stall for time, to talk to a computer- savvy friend, or go to the FBI.

“Oh, and if you’re thinking of the FBI, don’t – all that stuff you’re looking at was paid for through your bank account – we hacked your bill-pay software, and disguised the payments, but the paper trail leads to you, and only to you, Mina!”

My head slumped as I realized how hard this frame would be to break. “Alright,” I told her, “I’ll do as you say.”

“Of course you will, Mina, of course you will. I’ll see you on Saturday!”

After Ms. Arianna hung up, I sat and pondered my fate. I left a message for my hacker friend, but he traveled frequently, and I knew it might be weeks before I heard from him. Working at home, at least I could work as I wished, so I blew off the day, poured myself a drink, and prepared myself for an evening satisfying male lust on my computer. To be honest, I knew how to do the hot-chat thing since, as many sissies have secretly done, I’d gone on internet chat rooms as a girl, and gotten men off with chat.

As Ms. Arianna said, I received instructions about my Saturday training, and I followed them with a sick feeling in my stomach. Still, I followed them, and I showed up at the address I was given – an isolated house outside of town as instructed. My knock was answered by a tall, attractive woman wearing nothing fancy, just a blouse and blue jeans.

“Ah, Mina, you’re on time.-that’s a good sign. Come in, we have a lot to do. Do you have my money?” I handed her an envelope with $5,000 in it – she didn’t count it, she just tossed it into a drawer.

“Today’s lessons are in basic femininity. When you leave here today, you’ll have a hairless body, plucked eyebrows, pierced ears, full knowledge of makeup, and a lot more.  Good thing you work from home honey!”

Ms. Arianna was as good as her word, and then some. She must have been a beautician at one point, since I was transformed faster than I’d have believed possible. In less than an hour my body was waxed, my eyebrows were plucked, my ears were double-pierced, and I was sitting in a pink dressing gown, being instructed in how to apply make-up. My face had been shaved carefully, and was a smooth practice canvas. At the same time as I was being instructed in makeup arts, I was also being voice-trained, to speak in a more feminine way. To make sure I put my all into it, Ms. Arianna had placed the electrodes of a TENS unit on my testicles, and could shock me with the touch of a button.

The training went on for hours. After a few assisted makeup and nail polish applications, I was left alone to practice, while I had to repeat phrases from a tape recorder in a feminine voice. The phrases were all flirtatious, and all aimed at men, such as “oh, yes baby, put it in me,” and “Oh honey I love your hot kisses.”

I had to match my makeup “look” to a series of pictures of women, in daytime, evening, nightclub, and “hooker” styles. After each application, I called Ms. Arianna to inspect my work. After a few TENS jolts, I was more motivated than I could ever remember being in college. By 3:00 PM I could apply my makeup and nail polish perfectly, every time, and my femme voice had settled firmly in place. Ms. Arianna was pleased.

“Well Mina, that’s enough for today – besides, you have some shopping to do to prepare for tonight.” She handed me a piece of paper where she’d listed all the cosmetics I’d used, in my colors, a list of women’s lingerie in my sizes, specifications for several pair of high-heels (and where I could get them in my size), and the three types of wigs I was to buy (blonde, brunette, and redhead). The last item on the list made me gasp – I was to buy a webcam, the kind that tracks you, and has a built-in directional microphone.

“That’s right, Mina, starting tonight and every night at 6:00 pm, you’ll spend the evenings and weekend days doing voice and video hot chat for admirers, through a separate web site run by The House. Further, you’re to run any errands requiring a male appearance in the morning, and spend all other times en femme from head to toe. I will check your camera feed at random times. If I am not happy with your appearance, your next session will be quite…shocking. Do you understand, Mina?” In my new femme voice, I told her that I understood.

“Oh! One last thing, Mina – pull up your gown and bend over the table.” I heard some rummaging around behind me, then felt something cold being swabbed on my rear. “I’m giving you two shots, one will block your male hormones, while the other is a strong brew of female hormones. I’ll call prescriptions into your pharmacy, including some hair-regrowth drugs, and you’ll take them as instructed, on camera. You’re not to cut your hair or nails. I’ve also listed a diet book there, that you’re to obtain and follow religiously, eating all your meals in front of the camera. Finally, I have listed a set of videotaped workouts designed for women that you’re to do en femme. Now, you can change into your male clothes for your shopping and be on your way.”

I was still in shock as I stripped of my makeup, and dressed for my shopping trip. My rear end stung from the injections. Hormones! I’d been chemically castrated! My eyes flowed with tears as I headed to my car. Only four days earlier I had a pretty good life – tonight, I’d become a chemically-neutered video fuck-toy for strange men. I sobbed on my steering wheel for 20 minutes before I could see clearly enough to drive.

The week was a horror. With the time for workouts and makeup, I had to get up at the crack of dawn, and run my errands as a male. I was already pretty thin, but the exercise tapes were for “core” exercises that I hadn’t ever done, and my body ached.  Then, when I did my regular accounting work, always knowing I was on camera, so I couldn’t call anyone to help me get out of this jam.  My computer had been hacked, so I couldn’t rely on email, and I began to think that my hacker friend probably didn’t get my first note.  I even had to eat meals in front of the camera, and follow the diet, which was nearly vegan, and in small portions at that! The hormone pills kept making me nauseous, and my emotions were a disaster. I’d break out in tears for no apparent reason, in the middle of an accounting job.  It took me an hour to get ready when I got home from my errands, putting on the various lingerie ensembles I’d been ordered to buy, and spending all day and night in 4” heels was agony. And the evenings, oh God, the evenings were a nightmare. Man after man would come onto my computer screen after 6:00 PM, and every one wanted to get off to one fantasy scenario or another. I would sit there, in the lingerie and makeup I’d been told to wear, and coo and flirt, and tease until the men shot their wad, all the while hearing my sissy voice tell them how desperate I was to eat their cum, to suck their cock, to feel them in my bottom, anything they wanted to hear.  The men stopped coming online at midnight, so I could clean up, and cry myself to sleep. I’d heard no word from my hacker friend, and another Saturday was on the way.

On Thursday, I got a note from Ms. Arianna instructing me to stop at a shop that specialized in costumes, where I was to pick up the costumes Ms. Arianna had ordered for me – a French maid, a school girl, a naughty nurse, and a hooker’s costume were waiting for me.  When Saturday arrived, I showed up, once again, at 9:00 AM at Ms. Arianna’s house, with all my costumes, my cosmetics, and my wigs.

“Welcome back, Mina! I hope you enjoyed your week!  You earned us good money as a video sex operator. Ms. Stewart was quite pleased.  Now, this week’s training is going to be about playing out special scenes, in your pretty costumes.  I’m going to play the man, and put on a nice big strap-on, while you play the girl, and get me to fuck you until I come.  I’ll be filming today’s training, and the pictures and video will go on a special “gold members” area of the admirer website where you’ve been doing your video whore routine. Let’s start with your French Maid’s costume, they’re always very popular. Go put it on, with evening makeup, and your brunette wig.”

I did as I was told, and for the next two hours, I learned to mince around as a French maid, with my little feather duster, speaking in a false French accept, with “oui monsieur,” and “right away monsieur,” and “Oh monsieur, you are so beeg and so strong!”  Ms. Arianna had seated herself, and would pretend to read a magazine while I moved around her, and I would try to get her attention, bending over in front of her to expose my panties and my pretty crinoline under-skirts, or bringing her a cup of tea, or a glass of wine, or, sometimes, knocking things off of the table, and exclaiming “zoot alors! Mina is such a silly slut!”  If I played my role well, Ms. Arianna would pull me into her lap, fondle me roughly, pulling my nipples out of the top of my uniform, and then pushing me to my knees, where I had to suck her strap-on.  She made me learn to suck it passively, or aggressively, and everything in between. I learned to take it down my throat when kneeling, or with my head back over a table, the testicles on the strap on touching my forehead as the big rubber cock slammed home.  After a half-hour of that, Ms. Arianna took my virginity, bending me over a table, and, after lubing me and loosening my bottom with her fingers, pushing a large, life-like strap-on into my ass.  The pain wasn’t bad, but oh, the humiliation was, and I cried like a baby as she fucked me like a slut.

The same scenarios played out with the school girl costume, and the nurse costume, and when 6:00PM came around, I was dressed in the hooker costume, and had learned to strut like a hooker, smoke long cigarettes like a hooker, ask for money like a hooker, and suck and fuck just like a hooker would.

“Well Mina, you’ve been a very quick learner. I bet you’re wondering what’s in store for you.  Well, It’s like this, honey.  When a girl joins the House of Sissify, she’s evaluated for her potential to serve the House.  In most cases, where our members are married and have children, we just take their membership dues and leave them alone – we don’t like to break up families, and we’re very concerned about children having a good household.  The same for our members who are too old to have significant earning potential, or who can’t really be blackmailed easily. But in your case, with no family, a good income, and work from home, well, you were a perfect candidate for deeper service.  The House runs several operations around the world. You’ve already seen our admirer site, where some of the girls spend their evenings getting the men off. What you haven’t seen are the House of Sissify outcall and in-call prostitution services that we run around the world.  We also have dance clubs, for girls who are particularly young and pretty, and sometimes, we sell girls who meet certain characteristics to rich admirers in the Middle East, and in Asia. But it’s really just business, Mina.  The only question is, how can you best serve the House? As a dancer? As a whore? As some Sultan’s sex-slave?  The good news is, your saved from the worst fates because you make a good living, and you have a job that you can do from home, during the daytime, when the sex-trade is pretty slow anyway.  So, we’ve decided that you can keep your day job, with a few changes. You’ll move into a condo owned by the House, and you’ll turn over all of your daytime income to us.  In the evenings and on weekends, we’ll start routing men to you, and you’ll serve them in your various uniforms, as they request.  When your tits get too big for you to be a male during the day, we’ll change your paper history to let you become a female accountant by day, and whore on nights and weekend.”

Just then, I heard a knock at the door, and two tall black men entered.

“These are my friends, James and Louis.  They’re policemen, who are going to spend tonight teaching you the difference between serving my dildo, and milking cum out of real cocks with your mouth and bottom.  Of course, if you refuse, well, you’re already dressed like a whore, and they’ll take you to prison right now. It’s Friday, so you won’t see bail until Monday, and you’ll spend that time in the main “tank” at the prison.  I imagine you won’t be bored, looking like you do. But if that happens, you won’t be much use to us, as you’ll wind up all diseased and maimed, so we’d just dump all the evidence we have on you to the cops, and write you off as a loss, beyond the $10,000 you already gave us. Now, show James how a whore attracts a john.

What could I do? Though I had no urge to be with men, and found the thought very revolting, the only choices were jail, disease, and probably death, or a new life as a whore for the House of Sissify.  I strutted over to James, and scratched gently at his chest with my long, painted fingernails.

“Hey baby, how about a date?”

It’s been six months now, that I’m an accountant by day, and a whore by night. I can’t pass as male anymore, not only because of the hormones, but because I was ordered to get permanent makeup tattooed on.  The only reason I can even post this message is because my last john fell asleep, and left his laptop computer turned on in a part of the apartment that the House can’t see on camera.  If anyone out there can help me, please, report this all to the police, and have them save me. My address is [DELETED].

The End

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1 year ago

Golly!!!! Great story. The House certainly gets great authors!

sissy charlotte
1 year ago

This sissy hopes one day to be part of the same program as mina. It is only right that all of us girls serve the House in the best way we can.

sissy katey
1 year ago

What an amazing story. Totally, totally; wickedly arousing. Sissy katey presumes she is not alone in having dreamt of this forever. Superbly written, phhhhww sissy is very hot and flustered now!! Lucky Mina x

Reply to  sissy katey
1 year ago

The life of riley, sissy-speaking. Loved the story

1 year ago

That is exactly what this sissy has dreamt about entire life. If only s.he could make h.erself worthy.

1 year ago

What was this silly girl doing trying to escape her fate? Especially after Ms. Arianna went through all that trouble to give her the life she deserves?

Cute story! Thank you!

2 years ago

(curtsy) Thank you Madame Stewart for presenting such a fascinating story. Trapped and transformed. This sissy could learn to like that.

2 years ago

Dear Madame Stewart, many thanks for including the story here. You were right, that we sissies would enjoy it.
Wonderful. Thank You.

ava goodyear
2 years ago

Thank you Ms. Stewart.

This “story” was enlightening, entertaining and exciting……..ponders.

Yours Respectfully,


bianca marie
2 years ago

Love it. Became excited and hard.

bored veronica
2 years ago

Oh. How i wish this was me. Servicing all those cocks with my ass and mouth. i’d do it for free.