We just love our sissy photo albums!

We love Our sissy photo gallery!

All the beautiful sissies, their Mistresses, their inspiration – their feminization progress! Over 15,000 images are arranged here – in many different galleries. From alison to zoebabes, from philippa to zyda– and all your sisters in between – be sure to make sure it’s your Special Day before you go touching yourself!

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Punishment, piercings and chastity, oh my!
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  1. Avatar of Lisag

    so difficult finding a Mistress who would want to feminize one as worthless as this sissy… looks sadly down.. yet s.he would be so devoted to the Mistress who took pity on this sissy and feminized he.r

  2. Annette cd

    Would like to find dom woman to crossdress, sissify, feminize me, and train me to please her male friends. May I get some help with this?

  3. Gloria

    Hi Mistress, I am in a relationship with the love of my life but cant get him to treat me as the little sissy slut that I am. How can I get him to change and treat me the way I want. Gloria

  4. maggied

    I come here in envy of all the brave young men who have the courage to accept themselves for who and what they all and enroll. Though I have been coming here for years I have yet to find the courage to submit my application. I lie to myself telling myself justifying the fact that I am a dyed-in-the-wool coward making excuses for not registering. I tell myslelf I’m being prudent that my wife or family would never understand or that I can’t affort for my wife to see the charges come through on our monthly billing. Yet I sneak around buying clothes and makeup, wearing polish under my socks, sneaking out to clubs and bars. The only real question is why don’t I trust my wife and family enough to think that we can’t handle this together. It is stressful and thoughts of feminity flood my thoughts day in and out to the point that I secretly see a gender therapist on a cash only basis. Any advice?

  5. Cindy

    I am a long time sissy that has not come out to anyone. I so want others to know and would love for the girls at work to treat me as one of the girls.

  6. Cunning_Carla

    I just joined. I’d never heard of this place. A new friend at flickr wanted me to send her a “brainwash” video I was talking about in a “feminization fantasies” group, and I discovered her email address was …… I had to google that and here I am.
    Giddily yours,

  7. Jennie

    I am standing on the outside of the house looking in through the window and it looks wonderful – can’t wait to join the sissys on the inside!

  8. Michael Wagner

    This is kind of hard to say, but I,ll just put it out there.
    In my life time I have had two husbands and one wife, the husbands have died,oops so is the Mistress,but there is nothing like laying in bed after just being fucked and feeling like a woman.
    soft, feminine,and well used,I am sure more than a few of you know what I mean.

  9. sweetapril

    i am new in your house; and its so exciting to see all these lovely sissies so weak and cute just me. My feelings are so aroused, i feel its my home for a long long time, thx, all to you,

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