Viruses, Worms & Cooties… Oh My!

oh no!

It has come to our attention the internet is being proliferated with more viruses and worms this than ever! Due to the amount of girlish gossip that happens between sissies, your Staff felt it necessary to contact you with ways to protect yourself and others.


How can a vulnerable girl like you protect herself?

  1. Say goodbye to Bill – Quit using Microsoft products, and switch to Linux or Apple, as most viruses appear to be written for Microsoft platforms.
  2. Use a safer client – Switch to an email program other than Microsoft Outlook, as 99% of worms appear to use this email program and address books to proliferate! There are many other options available, with our favorite being Google Mail.
  3. Watch what you open!– Never open attachments that could possibly be executable files! Files ending with .scr, .pif, .com, .exe, .js, etc all can contain scripts that can infect your system. Set your email client to not automatically open executable files.
  4. Did you send this? – Many viruses can replicate themselves and spread through e-mail.Often they appear to be sent by friends, or <gasp> even your Staff! If unsure of what the email might be about, contact the sender to confirm that they intentionally sent the attachment to you.
  5. Anti-Virus Software – Install an anti-virus software program, such as those produced by McAfee, or Norton on your computer, and set it to scan your computer regularly for funny business and check automatically for updates to protect against new viruses. But these programs aren’t enough sweetie; there’s often a lag between when a virus hits and when protection or a fix for the virus becomes available.
  6. Firewalls
    – If you have broadband Internet access, such as DSL or a cable modem, most experts recommend installing a firewall program. Firewalls let you select which programs on your PC can access the Internet. Why? A malicious intruder might want to use programs on your computer to do nasty things with others. Here’s how they work.
  7. Keep a good Backup – Yes, you’ve heard it before… but when was the last time you made a complete copy of all your data and software in case the unthinkable happens? With just a little bit of effort, you too can foil any attempt to do funny business in your computer!

If you have any questions, or need further assistance protecting your panty clad bottom, feel free to write your Staff.

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