Report 1007 – Wanking 101

robin | 05.26.2010 | Reports - sissySexuality

This sissy is new inside the House of Sissify and she is thrilled to be aproved for sissified masturbation three times a week. Thankyou so very much . This sissy considers her sissified masturbating to be an intamate celabration of feminity and she is privlaged to be ordered to do it on her special days , Wednesdays , Fridays , and Saterdays . This sissy has been taking girl juice medicine every day fo years now and this schedule will be a challenge for her , however she is deturmened to complete the staffs assignments and she knows this will make her even more aware of her sissyness and her feminity . This sissy curtsied with a heart felt thankyou to the Staff .