Report 1041 – The good sissies guide!

christina | 09.30.2010 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissie always prepare her undies a week ahead to insure she always is dressed according to The House rules and not letting some reason come up (like after wanking) not to behave like a good sissie should. So today, monday, she has layed out on her bed 20 panties, 9 white, 8 pink, 2 red and 1 black. In the same colour-order next to the panties come the girdles, 2 white open bottom and 2 pink pantygirdles and 1 white. 3 pink garterbelts and 1 red. 4 white bras and 2 red. 5 lace tops, all white and 3 pink petticoats. Next to this 5 pair of nylons, all beige and two pantyhouse which she uses on top of her stockings if the weather gets cooler.