Report 1042 – Spring from Head to Toe

Last Sunday this sissy was invited to a birthday party at her local pub. (S)he wished to make an effort with his/her appearance and saw this as a perfect opportunity to do the assignment. (S)he was going to purchase a hat which would need to go with her pretty floral tea-dress. There was however a problem. Where in Manchester could (s)he possibly purchase a cheap hat? (S)he didnÍt wish to spend too much on a hat which she would rarely wear. The previous weekend (s)he had tried the obvious places, charity shops, but couldnÍt find any (s)he wanted. So (s)he used her common sense and networked with the real girls (s)he knew. At least two mentioned Peacocks so that is where sissy will start. Right in the middle of the biggest shopping centre in the third biggest City in England.
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