Report 1061 – Wanking 101

princess audrey maid
Thank You, Mistresses for allowing this sissy-girl to masturbate her sissy-clit.Due to obligations to her Immediate Superior, this sissy-girl was away from the computer, and email, on the first day the House Superiors offered her an opportunity to rub her sissy-clit. her loss, but she is genuinely appreciative of having the opportunity.On the second day, she made sure she shaved herself, top to bottom, and she felt silky smooth all over. There is something special about being silky smooth. she went to bed before her Immediate Superior, wearhing a pink tee camisole and a pair of pink plaid pajama bottoms - very, very cute and very, very, very sissy. This sissy-girl always feels so "right" in that outfit.
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princess alexandria

This House and Madame Stewarts guidance has provided the framework for her self awareness and her acceptance and delight in being herself in the world!